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Comments on song "Kala Re Saiya Kala Re, Tan Kala Re, Mann Kala Re"
hyderabadboy20 on July 19, 2012
cult song!
where is my bottle?
hyderabadboy20 on July 19, 2012
3:37 best part!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kditty27 on July 21, 2012
beautiful! she does some brilliant work!
ajnedable on August 08, 2012
There is VEVO for bollywood now?
lostpung on August 11, 2012
awesome song
Chitra Shinde on August 13, 2012
something really different...& brilliant..
Rahul Mulchandani on August 14, 2012
Deep and Melodious. Recommended song for repeat mode!
HimanshuDoi on August 16, 2012
Rekha Bharadwaj could have sung this song. Fantastic composition though.
Aamir Shaikh on August 19, 2012
6 people dislikes who don't understand Hindi .
praveen Kumar on August 21, 2012
1.86lakh Cr ki coal bazaari.
abdul kapadia on August 22, 2012
yeh gana sun kee bageer charas orr ganjee kee chad jaati
ASHUTOSH SINGH on August 27, 2012
Song is dedicated from Soni to manu.he he he he
ASHUTOSH SINGH on August 27, 2012
At a point I'll agree but such awsome music and beautiful and soothing and
velvet touch voice is so relaxing together...a sharp voice would make it ear cracker.that's why I don't like lata ji's songs
too much
Tommy Hill on August 30, 2012
Watch 'Kaala Rey.. (Joker Version) l Gangs of Wasseypur 2'
Shahid Ali on September 01, 2012
Suits perfectly on politicians involved in Coal Scam.
chandan chauhan on September 01, 2012
a different ,refreshing song
charmingdevil84 on September 08, 2012
gaand phaad base line man
ali albloushi on September 11, 2012
the best film in 2012
shk161 on September 22, 2012
Only a hardcore Music Lover Can understand the meaning of the lyrics.
Everything is Black <3 Hit Like if you understand the deep message of love.
Ali Hasan on October 03, 2012
love for a dark skin is very wild indeed
zapperrapper1 on October 04, 2012
the best film since black and white era
TheSinnical on October 06, 2012
seriosly! if not this they should sent paansingh tomar!!
shk161 on October 11, 2012
Should be in TOP comments.
Simon Rup on October 13, 2012
I would like to marry Sneha Khanwalkar, please tell me the procedure!
Vikas V on October 23, 2012
is your implication towards se*ual double meanings??
Vikas V on October 23, 2012
Love huma!!!
Shravan Singh on November 04, 2012
Gangs of Wasseypur minus music by sneha khanwalkar is nothing. Songs like
this made the movie much much more purposefull,endurable & ofcourse
enjoyable .Hats off .
mohit choudhary on November 10, 2012
The bass which kicks in after half a minute! <3
avhishek thapa on December 04, 2012
love the bass part
Paritosh Pandey on December 09, 2012
Mohit Mittal on December 11, 2012
There is a strange addiction to song..
ankitj2 on December 25, 2012
My Hindi is not very good. Could you explain the lyrics pleasE?
khanshakirraufkhan on December 25, 2012
I love this movie but can body told me how could pathan live in India.
ankitj2 on February 08, 2013
Thanks dude
skymonkeyGTFO on February 09, 2013
yes and all the time he didnt want to become a gangster :D
Amod Indap on February 14, 2013
Fevi-kol kol kol...
Abey chal nikal on February 26, 2013
i dnt knw y our maximum try to show western culture in their movies , when
we have much much to show about our ourself , and also they copy from
hollywood movies ! itni sharam se achha hai , apne baare mein dikhao aur
saari duniya ko bataao !
rajk sankhyan on February 27, 2013
sneha khanwalker and these story line of BOTH parts of GANGS is just
amazing ..
alienoyester on March 01, 2013
i agree.. hands down awesome.
ek_tha_KC on March 07, 2013
well, watch the movie 'city of god' ... it was because of this movie that
the whole idea of gangs of wasseypur came up..
MAR ZDA on March 28, 2013
can someone tab the bass line
Atindriyo Chakrabarty on April 11, 2013
I would beg to differ because City of God wasn't a musical. Multiplicity of
genres makes this movie stand out. Very few foreign directors can actually
imagine of musical out of this plot.
Anirudh on May 15, 2013
Has anyone else noticed that the background music is similar to the one in
max payne 2?
Neeraj Shah on May 28, 2013
Yep, the best thing abt the movie is every song is suited & customized to
match the situation
atktdc4 on June 21, 2013
the slow mo act in this song is amazing.
Pratik Patra on July 02, 2013
They have seen something like this: City of God!
Anurag Sharan on July 07, 2013
Anurag Sharan on July 07, 2013
totally agree with u...this movie is in a class of its
own...incomparable!!!DEFINITELY GONNA BE A CULT CLASSIC!!!
bhoumik4 on July 12, 2013
ugh, this song is the worst:(
Gurpreet Mavi on July 19, 2013
behari sale..
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