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Comments on song "Kamabakt Ishq Hai Jo Saaraa Jahaan Hai Vo"
nastyanastyanastya on December 16, 2009
so hot kinda turn me on...hihi *-*
happyrade on February 05, 2010
sukhwinder singh is gr8 singer!!!!!!
ahmadali12353 on February 06, 2010
yar comments so theek diya karo like that this song make out of grief>>>>>
xsarahz on May 09, 2010
definately one of the best songs in bollywood!
Kashish4Eijaz on June 01, 2010
one of the best songs in bollywood with the best beat eva!!
Ayykashh Chand on August 05, 2010
hot urmilla best dance
Manoj Pant on September 07, 2010
sukhwinder ji, tussi great ho paaji, i think you have one of the best
vocals in indian music industry
Manoj Pant on September 07, 2010
aasha ji aako bhi salaam kya awaaj hai
ashfique rahman on September 15, 2010
One of the best song and best choriography!I loved the movie too...
73mtg on October 19, 2010
excellent choerography. the rope scene is intricate and beautiful. though
fardeen needs some dancing lessons.
100000000003k on October 19, 2010
just awsome song...of course one of the vry best beat songs of bollywood..
faas1991 on December 23, 2010
nice dance by urmila..fardeen and urmila look gud
faas1991 on December 23, 2010
nice dance by urmila..fardeen and urmila look gud tgthr
Shubin Alam on December 29, 2010
Singers of this song is Sukhwinder Singh and Asha Bhosle?
Britnatic on February 26, 2011
Back then I was so impressed by the idea of its choreography.. Now I
realize that it has been stolen from Madonna's human nature video :P
Anyways amazing song and choreography
Harikrishna JANI on April 09, 2011
@MOONABRARYOUNAS well the female singer is one of the best singers ever.
fromindia2008 on May 10, 2011
Superb song ... superb choreography !!!!!!
mi496757 on May 17, 2011
Kambakth Ishq hai jo... Ishq, ishq, ishq. sigh...
macsonmanbhat on May 31, 2011
shot in vasai fort
macsonmanbhat on May 31, 2011
shot in vasai fort ... i was there the whole time
zikriya25 on June 21, 2011
Salam, Hi Urmila, You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I wish that
you read my message. I love you Urmila, the beautiful girl. Please marry me.
naw28878787 on June 26, 2011
I know they copied the second part of the video where they are dressed in
black from Madonna,,, is the beat and the rest of the choreography copied
as well?
Wednesday Addams on June 29, 2011
It's not copying Madonna. It's called being inspired by Madonna.
rsg82 on July 02, 2011
MrShaktirock on July 22, 2011
They didn't only copied the video but the tune of the song is also copied!
Check this out: Eireann (Afro Celt Sound System)! I also think that I've
heard the music also in a Hurry Anand song!
RushTheSilver on October 06, 2011
It's a pity that so many of the dance moves were copied frame to frame from Madonna's Human Nature video, because this song is so much better!
TheCandybell on November 20, 2011
shresthaeric on January 12, 2012
What's with the latex tights?
Farooq Soomro on January 26, 2012
Thumbs up if u still listen in 2012
Alex Nicole on January 28, 2012
They have got to be the best dancers ever for being actors..especially the
girl...she danced AMAZING!
saadukejaadu on February 05, 2012
So hot, want more Urmila in 2012!
MAC Beauty Zone on February 05, 2012
they make the perfect pairing!
MAC Beauty Zone on February 05, 2012
saadukejaadu on February 20, 2012
I miss Urmila in movies!
iqra shaikh on February 22, 2012
now that's dance!
FightinginHockey on May 11, 2012
1:45-2:57 Madonna "Human Nature" 1994 5 years earlier
100mark1993 on May 12, 2012
thumbs up if u r listening to this in 2012
mano billi on July 28, 2012
mera aik friend tha woh bhe ye he kehta tha.ywh waqi main gaadi main full
volume main chalane wala song he.i love it.jab yeh song aya tha un dinon
main karachi main taqreeban har gaadi main full volume main laga hota
tha.great song aaj bhee
Tony Navaid Rashid on July 29, 2012
Amazing song in asha bhonsle's voice, her voice in unmatched even at this
age. A slap on the face of all the young singers.
Wednesday Addams on August 14, 2012
Best song, but worse dancer ever --> Fardeen Khan
Lulu Biku on September 12, 2012
Hai ishq mai mitna aisa,koi naya janam ho jaisa...woh!
Wednesday Addams on November 10, 2012
Good ear. It seems that the song by Afro Celt was released in 1999 and Pyar
Tune Kya Kiya in 2001. So, I guess that makes it easy to figure out who
ripped off whom.
esohe1nigerianbabe on November 29, 2012
great song.
Faiz Sabir on December 01, 2012
I agree with you. its right up there :)
ranalawa on January 05, 2013
Urmila my love forever... for my next life she is my love .. I don;t know
why But i Love her very much..
Rhyes2012 on February 21, 2013
Copied From: Eireann (Afro Celt Sound System)!! Sandeep Chowta was accused
of using an unoriginal beat, which he defended by saying that he took his
beat from a public website. But what about the TUNE that he lifted from
this song?
Ahsan Sunny on April 22, 2013
mind blowing sukhwinder singh
anounaki on May 04, 2013
listening aftr so long time.. i remember every1 used to dance on this song
on any events back then
Sonia z on July 30, 2013
My First stage dance performance at school was with this song. so it wil
always be special for me :)
rai ZOR on August 28, 2013
Sukhwinder Singh
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