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Comments on song "Khilte Hain Gul Yahan Khilke Bikharne Ko - Lata"
jasbongy on January 14, 2010
Jemal ji thanks for this beautiful gem of Lata
ji.10************************ Thanks to help me in my next songs selection.
With respect. Sarla.
saajan sajni on January 15, 2010
A beauatiful song---------Thanks for sharing---
rayaan7 on March 18, 2010
Such a beautiful song Sung very emotionally by Lata mangeshkar.
Sinaan K on March 18, 2010
My all time favorite song ! Soul and heart touching indeed.
granville47 on March 18, 2010
What a sweet and soothing voice ! Rakhee looks so cute.
tylor747 on March 18, 2010
I love this song so very much,Awesome upload.
surrey0 on March 18, 2010
One of the best song sung emotionally by Lata mangeshkar on Rakhee.
pyar64 on March 18, 2010
Very good song and great music too,Fantastic upload.
ramboo75 on March 18, 2010
This is wonderful song,I love it , Thanks.
cherukuriumesh1 on May 31, 2010
Really amazing song sung by Lata jee
komberi on June 15, 2010
This song was copied into Tamil and it was a superhit!. Good stuff, Jai Hind.
ShashiLangham on July 22, 2010
I saw this movie as a child growing up in Kenya. I recently moved to
Cyprus which reminds me of my younger days in Kenya as it was 40 years
ago... Are you dreaming of your own place in the sun ...If so, I may have
the property for you from great value studios to villa you can influence
the design of. I can promise you fabulous sea views on this all year round
island of Love, Cyprus. To find out more call Shashi on 003579669738
Aisha Ibitoye on August 12, 2010
can sum please tell me wut the song is abt nigerian nd i loveeeeeee
indians movies/songs
nargis44 on August 16, 2010
The voice is mesmerizing ..reminds me of my sister ! She loves this song.
syrian71 on August 16, 2010
SD Burman with Lata mangeshkar made this song a very rare miracle.
70safeer on August 17, 2010
They don`t make songs like this anymore ! What a shame.
marker390 on August 17, 2010
Worth watching video ! Very melodies song .. sung very very well .Brings tears !! It does.
pitupraveen on August 19, 2010
hauntingly sweet voice...

amazing flautist:
2:21 , 2:39
Ibik on August 31, 2010
@niggirl Flowers bloom here only to wither away, hearts meet here only to
break, who knows tommorow? lets spend today, loving. My heart craves for
love, havent you any sweet words for me...?
JuliBom on September 07, 2010
I love this song. Both Lata M. and Kishore Kumar do it perfectly!
alemoh on September 08, 2010
Love Rakhee.. She was gorgeous!
onlyamanzad on September 11, 2010
Peace full time and adorable world and natural songs that lacks today.
onlyamanzad on September 13, 2010
@Shaam44 Thanks to You for Posting this priceless song.
withoutsin1 on September 28, 2010
@niggirl hi!..the song is about valuing the beautiful moments in life and using them to love and be loved...the first lines mean
"khilte hain gul yahan, milke bikhadne ko" = flowers bloom here only to be scattered
"milte hain dil yahan, milke bicchadne ko" = hearts meet here only to be separated
stanzas talk about (loosely) -
1. the beautiful season of love may not last so lets make the most of it
2. capturing the music of the lake and the hidden passion of the flowers
3. giving all for passion
Srinivas Siddarth on October 13, 2010
haunting melody and voice! thanks a lot,
raqib56 on October 23, 2010
jheelon ke honton par meghon ka raag he,
phoolon ke sinay mein thandi thandi aag he
neeraj ji kiya kehney he !!!

Burman dada ki jadoo wali dhun !!
fiza ahmed on March 04, 2011
@withoutsin1 thx
Manish Chauhan on March 28, 2011
kishore"s version is much more worth listening than lata"s .
Chandra Singh on April 11, 2011
makes me rember when i was sixteen and i had a crush on a boy in my class
in last year of high school. it was 1971 when this movier came out
Chandra Singh on April 11, 2011
makes me rember when i was sixteen and i had a crush on a boy in my class
in last year of high school. it was 1971 when this movier came out. i also
had a crush on Shashi from the movie WAqt when i was 12
Chandra Singh on April 11, 2011
@nanusingh1 both are entrancing
sidnamshe1 on April 14, 2011
Beautiful song sung by Lataji and late Kishordada brings back lots and lots of memories of 70s.
kishen29 on April 14, 2011
My gosh!! This movie was made 40 years agooooo. But the songs are still so
nawabshaukat on May 01, 2011
Even S D BURMAN couldnt have believed that this song iz composed by him
absolutely divine and it cant be sung better than LATA GE hats off 2 her i
used 2 call these sort of melodies as BREAKING SONGS 93332604292
Sumita Sharma on May 06, 2011
Fresh as ever...not just 70s ...
jasbongy on June 15, 2011
AWESOME. VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL, SONG with extremely sweet lyrics & music.
Lata Ji's rendition is out of this World. To listen to her singing in her
sweet,Nectar Dripping voice is Blessings to all her loyal,die hard fans.
Rakhi looks gorgeous with her beauty, charm & facial expressions. Thumbs
Up. Thanks Jemal Bhai for your very fine taste in music. Bless you. With
respect. Sis. sarla.
nawabshaukat on July 30, 2011
Abslolutely DIVINE Song which is composed and recorded in HEAVENZ Hats off
2 its crew specially S D DADA 03332604292
alemoh on August 17, 2011
Rakhee was by far one of the most beautiful and talented actresses.
jpmind1234 on August 18, 2011
My hands dont hurt replaying this song infinite times
Rohit Kumar Verma on September 16, 2011
A very nice song. I never get tired to listen to this song. Very good
selection. The sound of strings of sitar are very touching. Thak you sir
for uploading this song. Rohit Kumar Verma- Sultanate Of Oman.
Chiman Jagani on October 14, 2011
Album: Sharmilee Year: 1971 Track: Khilte Hain Gul Yahan - Female Singer:
Lata Album Star Cast: ShashiKapoor Rakhee Track Star Cast: ShashiKapoor
Ganapati Hegde on October 16, 2011
Awesome !!! Thanks for uploading. You are doing a wonderful job.
rajnesh chaturvedi on October 26, 2011
I remind myself 25 yrs back after i liosten to this song
Welcometomylife2441 on October 30, 2011
man this guy must have been very famous back then i see him in every other
old indian movies! btw is he the father of Aishraya rai husband! just
Welcometomylife2441 on October 31, 2011
@Shaam44 oh so he is the father of Katrina and her sister? just assuming
since they all have the same last name!
ramzansaeedjanjua on November 23, 2011
very nice song!
sandeep pendharkar on December 06, 2011
SD Burman with Lata mangeshkar made this song a very rare miracle.I like
this but I like more the same song in Kishorda's live voice. The same is
uploaded on you tube.
super ply on December 21, 2011
melody beauty situation mistirius voice & classic poetry all together only
possible with indian film industry
krishnv on January 14, 2012
Sashi Kapoor was called the Paul Newman of India, the most handsome actor
ever potentially to have graced Indian screen. In his heydays Sashi Kapoor
also worked in Hollywood movies, married his love from England (Jennifer)
and later turned producer to good middle of the road movies, apart from
taking over the drama theater of his father Prithviraj. Sashi was kind of
like a superstar for a brief period of time in the early 70's and later
became a hit pair of AB when he was the super star.
krishnv on January 14, 2012
However earlier in his career in his struggling period, almost all the top
heriones refused to work with him, with the exception of Nanda. The song
above is during that early 70s period, with Sashi at his best and Rakhee on
her way to becoming a stalwart actress.
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