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Comments on song "Khwaab Ban Kar Koi Aayega"
Rajendra Sishodia on August 29, 2009
nice song!!
ohmascular on September 18, 2009
I knew there was a song picturised on Parveen and Hema...I have Razia Sultan on dvd but the song isn't there. Wonder why they cut it? A very beautiful song indeed! And wonderfully picturised...they both look stunning.
Thanks for the song!
ranisweet2008 on October 16, 2009
my name is razia cool
shamimb on October 22, 2009
I remember seeing this in the theatre when I was a teenage girl and feeling disturbed by the undertones of this song (especially the implied kiss) -- I grew up and have lived in New York City just about my whole life and THAT was bold - even by NYC standards!
mautand on December 19, 2009
after this song, both the actresses were so hot that they after shooting
left and rented a room in a motel and ahm ahm... LOL!!!
rainymist101 on January 04, 2010
parveen babi was very beautiful
Ahsan Mughal on March 01, 2010
two thumbs up
Devilishgaal on March 08, 2010
my name is also razia coollllll
in2ennui on March 10, 2010
I like the humor of the unspoken conversation between the two boat rowers...
sophia432 on May 22, 2010
@thescorpionking2020 ..Lol... I didn't know Hema malini did
anything like this!!
sophia432 on May 22, 2010
@CountGarlic True! hehhehe
Nasim rana on May 29, 2010
@Devilishgaal but u can be razia sultana
Nasim rana on May 29, 2010
@sophia432 she is parveen boby
Afgprinzess on June 01, 2010
@Devilishgaal hey my name is Razia kool is that lol
sophia432 on June 03, 2010
@rnasim73 yes with Hema malini
Swan656 on June 04, 2010
I just love this song and my VCD does not have it.
raslam90 on July 06, 2010
who does Parveen Babi play in the movie
shabnam islam on July 11, 2010
@thescorpionking2020 what there trying to show is tht in those warrior days
the women where deprived so they make do with anything tht came to there
KHOBIII on September 01, 2010
wow, how time changes meaning for actions..i am 30, when i was 15 this kind of friendship was normal among girls, but today it's seen as homo-erotic behavior.i am not sure if u guys r getting it ...this girl friend talks about a man's touch, the other feels shy with the fantasy .
bayn awan on September 08, 2010
It’s a lovely song. Nothing funny is happening in this song. They are just
best friends. It’s sickening how everything looked at with dirty eyes nowa
rickbindra on September 25, 2010
enthralling beauty of parveen babi, if kamal amrohi would had taken her for Razia's role, would had been the satisfying experience for him and the producers. But this song is a beauty.
rickbindra on September 25, 2010
enthralling beauty of parveen babi, if kamal amrohi would had taken her for Razia's role, would had been the satisfying experience for him and the producers. But this song is a beauty.

MyNimbu on September 28, 2010
this song show's the real royality of king's daughter good song
lisa g on October 06, 2010
In this movie its a friend re -assuring her he will return. nothing else
scotchpine100 on December 31, 2010
parveen babi was sooo beautiful , but had a very sad end!!!
nyc1113 on February 10, 2011
@ANTIJPUG S what do u think this is ??? I have never seen two women act like this ???
malika585 on February 10, 2011
so full of innuendos.
malika585 on February 10, 2011
@CountGarlic well said!
Musically Inclined on February 21, 2011
the lady in the blue doesnt look like Parveen Babi..isn't that Zeenat
Amaan! she looks nothing like Parveen.
sindhnir on April 02, 2011
MultiSuhrab on April 08, 2011
OMG! what a voice and what 2 Angels. God bless Praveen Babi
Swan656 on April 09, 2011
@in2ennui Yes, U Said It!
BilliKhanum on April 11, 2011
@MultiSuhrab Listen banana boat calm down and learn some English because
clearly you haven't understood what i've written. Sheesh.
MultiSuhrab on April 12, 2011
@BilliKhanum Answer a question, are you a female?
Jumbybird on May 11, 2011
@ohmascular I know, when I saw the movie first, on tv, the song was in...
on the DVD the song was cut...
qbak22 on May 31, 2011
ofcourse if her name says Khanum it is obviously a female. Khan = Masculine. Khanum is feminine. just for future reference.
RealMusicKing on July 05, 2011
Khaiyyam copying his own "apne aap raaton mein" from Shankar Hussein. What a talentless man?
Yono Womo on July 27, 2011
The boat girls are so beautiful. They are sisters I guess, maybe twins.
Looking very similar. Such a chaste beauty. They must not be older than 18
at the filming of this song I guess.
Yono Womo on July 27, 2011
Hema was not a good choice for Razia. Does not look a bit like a Turkic
beauty. Zeenat would have been better; even Babi was fine for the role.
TheJumpcutters on September 03, 2011
@CountGarlic My thoughts exactly!!!! :P
Lakshmi G on September 07, 2011
Weird picturization! No wonder the film didn't do well -- at least two good
songs wasted.
Qaseem Abbasi on November 20, 2011
can you please share the high quality rip of this song in wide format? was
searching for this...deleted from dvd
Dezi Alien on January 07, 2012
@CountGarlic LOL, gotcha!
Dezi Alien on January 07, 2012
great quality upload, could someone please post the entire movie in this
ankitha bhat on September 29, 2012
parveen was the beauty angel of this movie,i dont like hema malini fits for
razia sulthan's role,it wud be more suited for parveen babi for razia's
role ,she was gorgeous with her glamrous looks
Shriya Raj on November 17, 2012
parveen what a beauty, babi was really a glam icon i like her very much
than hema!!!!
edwardshimble on January 18, 2013
does anyone else find this homo-erotic?
edwardshimble on January 18, 2013
coz you think that's not normal...
may1787 on February 11, 2013
U r Absolutely correct mmine think exactly like yours... :)
sheri rajpoot on April 05, 2013
full of feelings poetry.
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