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Comments on song "Kushi Ki Aas Rahi"
kianwar on December 20, 2009
C.Ramchandra lifted this tune to compose song of film Sargam - koi kisi ka
dewana na bane/Lata.
Riaz Ali on September 19, 2011
The most famous and lovely song of Khan Mastana. Jis tarah Khan Mastana ne
yeh gana gaya hai os hi ke saath achha lagta hai.
Dharmesh Kumar on September 19, 2011
woww, great post, today morning I was listening this song on 78, only 2
minute looking incomplete,
Vidur Sury on September 19, 2011
One of Khan Ji's best songs. He does a splendid job on Kishore (Sahu) Ji
here. Khemchand Ji has used him very well. I hear the film's songs from
time to time and enjoy them a lot. Lovely film (thanks to our
Vintagemelodies Ji) with great music and the best performance was by Ramola
Ji. Thanks for sharing, great job.
Pashambay Baloch on September 19, 2011
Hafeez Khan Mastana a high calibre singer, music director and handsome
actor.He was prominent in pre partition era and had box office hit film
Zeenat in his credit.
jasbongy on September 19, 2011
'' Jalane Baithe Jo Dilki Tou Raushani Na Hui, '' ''Ye Dilka Zakham Bhi
Hotai Kitna Gahera Zakham,Jatan Hazar Kiye Dard Mein Kami Na Hui.''
Excellent, touching & soulful lyrics. Khan Mastana sings from his soul &
succeeds to touch listener's soul with his brilliant singing. Thanks
Basheer Ji for sharing this unheard, beautiful song. Thumbs Up. W.R.b Sarla.
kuckudk on September 20, 2011
Wah wah Khan Sahab kitna pyara gana hai, Na shor na sharaaba, bahut pur
sukoon geet hai, pehli baar suna hai love at first site ke mutabik dil ko
lubha gaya. achaanak sunte sunte jabbund ho gaya to laga ki bahut chhota
geet hai. Kya poora gana itna hi hai ya kuchh kat gaya hai.
Moid Hasan on September 21, 2011
Arzoo. also knowm as Allama Arzoo Lucknavi ,joined New Theatres im 1936,in
those days there were mostly Anglo Indian,Jews and parsi artist and their
pronunciation was very bad ,Arzoo's services were taken to correct the
language of theses artists and Arzoo did a lot for that cause.As a lyricist
whatever songs he wrote for New Theatres,bcame very popular..Mukti,Street
Singer,Abhagan,Dushman,Aandhi Jawani Ki ReetLagan Doctor ,Haar Jeet and
Nartaki ,were his famous films,He moved to Bombay in ct
Moid Hasan on September 21, 2011
Allama Arzoo moved to Bombay in 1942.,where he wrote songs and dialogues
for Lalaji,Yaad,Fashion,Jawani, Tasveer,Haar Jeet in 1942, Mehboo's(Real
name Ramzan Khan)Roti 1943, Sawan Ayare and many other hits.Thanks Bashir
Bhai rekindling halcyon days of youth when I used to listen to the songs of
these films on Radio Cylon.
Moid Hasan on September 21, 2011
A very fine and excellent work done by Bashir Bhai by uploading the song
from Sawan Ayare 1949,rendered Mohd Hafeez Khan(composer -cum-singer)also
known as Khan Mastana ,who has sung many beautiful songs including the one
in question.The photo clip is quite in synchronization with the lyrical
wordings .I want to discuss about three people who are involved in this
song 1-Kishore Sahu 2 Ramola 3 Arzoo Lucknavi .Due to limitation of space
it is quite difficult to cover all three figures.conti---.
reverseswing on May 20, 2012
Thanks a lot Khan Saheb by reminding us about Khan Mastana by this upload.
Once Khan Mastana and GM Durrani were popular singers before Mohammed Rafi
sent their cart reeling.
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