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Comments on song "Kushiya Hi Kushiya Ho Daaman Me Jiske"
Irfan Rehman on July 04, 2009
lovely song to listen but not to see.. classic
Guru Singh on August 20, 2009
very nice song that i was looking for a long time
Makkers1 on November 06, 2009
If I was in the crowd, I'd be laughing through embarrasment.
MrRagbag on February 14, 2010
You have to understand that this is a different era so fashions and styles
will be different, there is nothing to laugh at. After some years the kids
of that time will find todays songs laughable
Makkers1 on February 14, 2010
They were laughable then, they are laughable now and will always be
laughable; as your comments are laughable. I laugh again, loudly.
MrRagbag on February 14, 2010
@Makkers1 This film was a huge hit in its time despite new and unknown
actors. But I made the mistake of assuming that you are adult, but you are
obviously a teenager incapable of mature discussion. I dont wish to discuss
any further, goodbye and have a nice day.
Makkers1 on February 15, 2010
People have always said I look younger than my real age. Oh how I laugh
again at your comments, but as you won't discuss any further (I bet you
will) I would like to make further points that will make others laugh when
reading this. The acting in this video must be noted for its hilarity, that
dance is worthy of an all-time comedy, the crowd must've been looking at
something else if they kept a straight face through all this. I couldn't,
so in (our) time honoured tradition, I laugh again.
jaygcin on February 17, 2010
@Makkers1 Sir, I think that MrRagbag is correct. The film (and the music,
too) was really a great success in those days. It is a mistake to judge a
performance from yesteryears by later standards. Michael Jackson's
"Thriller" fails to impress many of the younger generation now, though it
remains the popularmost music video ever. Amitabh Bachchan's "Deewar" will
probably be a flop if released today (HE said so). Only classics stand the
test of time, but unfortunately, there are very few of them.
Arindam Sengupta on December 13, 2011
@MrRagbag: quite true - except that today's songs are already laughable ;->
avi321nash007 on September 21, 2012
sweet song.after listening the song we will forget all tensions .dance with the song and forget everything.
Rehana Perveen on February 27, 2014
sooooo nice
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