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Comments on song "Laut Gayaa Gam Kaa Zamaanaa"
kalakar67 on April 14, 2010
A lovely song indeed. You can also see the video of this song on my channel.
V. Siddhartha on August 09, 2010
Soothing and sweet like a precious lullaby. Thanks, Ajay.
Suresh Mansinghani on September 22, 2010
Thanks so much
mastkalandr on September 22, 2010
@sureshmans ..You are welcome dear friend.. Thanks for sharing a real rare
velgean fernando on January 29, 2011
A great tune by Vis-Ram ! During the `1950s this song was a chart buster in
Binacca geetmala. The north Indian music directors were spell bound by the
composition. Only OP Nayyar appreciated this in open !
9431885 MK on February 05, 2011
Mr28121940 on April 08, 2011
Please rectify the pronounciation - it is 'ZAMANA' not jamana. It marrs the
beauty of the poet's composition and singers melodious effort. Thanks for
uploading this song.
mastkalandr on April 23, 2011
@Mr28121940 Thanks for feedback..title of the song has been edited.. Thanks
once again for sharing real rare GEM
Ramesh Shukla on June 04, 2011
Excellent ! Ajay ji . Thanks.
apparaoarani on June 25, 2011
The Male Actor with Anjali Devi is Rama Sharma, not NTR, - Arani Apparao-Hyderabad,A.P.
Om Kalra on July 12, 2011
One of my forgotten song. Thanks
mastkalandr on July 12, 2011
@opkalra ..You are most welcome friend. .
mastkalandr on July 12, 2011
@apparaoarani ..Thanks dear friend Arani Apparao !! for sharing and
valuable feedback..
KishorKR on September 21, 2011
Great song. One of the most melodious ever. Exemplary & highly commendable,
considering the competition that Viswanathan & Ramamurthy must have had to
face in Hindi film music of the 50's.
mastkalandr on September 21, 2011
@KishorKR ..Thanks for sharing a timeless classic melody by gr8 VIS -RAM
Pashambay Baloch on December 10, 2011
@ashokiyermadras Thanx for valuable information.
Nakil Tj on May 29, 2012
top duet of hemantda and lataji...very very sweeeeet
mastkalandr on May 29, 2012
Well said.. Thanks for sharing this rare gem.
Chethu Sharma on December 29, 2012
What a lovely song !! Unfortunately the black and white print is so old and
the viewing is not pleasant. If only someone can come up with a pleasant
print (Color will be nice) we can enjoy better.
mastkalandr on December 29, 2012
Thanks for sharing this vintage melody from golden era of Indian cinema...
Har Par on January 01, 2013
RD BURMAN eat your heart out...also better than ar raman
heavyatheart on March 25, 2013
haha..right on.too much fame for that fake music lifter RDB...his dad
was much much better.
Surender Bhutani on April 17, 2013
A beautiful lyric penned by Rajinder Krishan. One of the finest duets of
Hemant and Lata. Dr Surender Bhutani Warsaw (Poland)
mastkalandr on April 17, 2013
Indeed! a very sad news, He was a veteran music composer and a Proficient
violinist ...RIP
mastkalandr on April 17, 2013
Truly said.., Thanks Doc for sharing the best of Hemant Da- Lata -
Rajjinder Krishan and Vish-Ram, Ramaurthy one of the music duo of this
composition has passed away today , on Wednesday following brief
akarshik on April 17, 2013
Fantastic revival of this beautiful video clip my friend.
gopal sinha on April 17, 2013
A fine composition,nicely sung by lata and hemant..there is plenty of
talents in south..
Mani Menon on April 18, 2013
I'm listening to this exquisite duet after long decades! Thank you so much,
mastlandrji! But my happiness is clouded with sorrow. Ramamoorthy breathed
his yesterday! Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy were the Shankar-Jaikishan of Tamil
and Telugu movies. It was such a sad thing that they split long ago.
mastkalandr on April 18, 2013
Welcome, Thanks for sharing.
mastkalandr on April 18, 2013
Truly said..
mastkalandr on April 18, 2013
Welcome , Thanks .
Mani Menon on April 18, 2013
The pleasure is entirely mine, dost! By the way, are you familiar with old
Tamil movie songs?
Surender Bhutani on April 19, 2013
There was something that happened to me on 17 April .I felt like listening
to this song after ages.Then I read the demise of Ramaurthy which was
confirmed by Mastkalandr 's mail. Is it true Madan Mohan also contributed
few songs for this film?
mastkalandr on April 19, 2013
Indeed! a wonderful experience. You have some supernatural power like six
sense.., Thanks for sharing.
Chethu Sharma on June 26, 2013
You may call it melody in romance or romance in melody. What a song ? I
have no enough words for Lataji and Hemanthji. I am really longing for one
thing. That is for a good quality video ( preferably in color or at least a
good latest print ) Can some one upload? I shall be much thankful.
akarshik on December 11, 2013
So beautiful duet revival brother.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on March 14, 2014
What a divine sweet composition. Used to hear from AIR & SLBC. Still
refreshing the soul & mind, listening again & again.
Sara S.J on November 27, 2014
Aaj sachmuch khushi lahrati hai kyunki aaj yahan Thanksgiving ka pawan parv
hai jo dharm ke bandhan se mukt hai .Thanksgiving ke mauke par aapke is
geet ne dil ko khushi se bhar diya. Is pyare geet ki link dene ke liye
Dhanyavad Mk ji.Ummeed hai ki salgirah badhiya mani hogi. Stay blessed MK
Chethu Sharma on May 14, 2015
Still there is no new print of this song in You Tube. In fact I have been
longing to see the new print ( or even color if possible) for more than a
year now. Can see my comments below.
Vasudev Shirahatti on December 08, 2015
One of the most haunting duets I used to listen occasionally on the Kabhi
jawano Geet of radio Ceylon quite some years back. Thanks MKji for
resurrecting this lovely duet on the u tube.
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