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Comments on song "Maan Mera Ahsaan Are Nadaan Ke Maine"
Shahid Ahmed on September 03, 2008
Yousuf sahaab is the best and first ever super star of indian film
industry. --Shahid
tahmina16 on November 23, 2008
yes ur so right Dilip Kumar is an amzaing actor for some reason, i think if this great film was made again, i believe Shahrukh khan would suit that role.if they did make, am not sure whether it will be a good as this one. my all time favorite is Aan.
phonevis on December 22, 2008
sunjay dutt's mom is ugly/. i mean her eyes are.
Lawrence Noronha on December 25, 2008
Whenever I think of Nadira I think of this song. I love the couple of extra
minutes of preamble that you've put in.
aarifboy on May 28, 2009
It's not Sunjay Dutt's mom(Nargis).In fact it's Nadra remember ok
MsBollywood95 on July 12, 2009
Damn, her eyes are crazy!!! Scaryyy!!
Look how handsome Dilip Kumar is! He's always good looking in every movie. :)
Great song man. :) Classic
ranabhola on October 17, 2009
he is soooooooooooo handsome
piya200 on November 22, 2009
wonderful song for sure.but the girl show alot of attitude...but Dilip
jee loves her and expresses that throught his song...sweet and romantic
aarifboy on November 29, 2009
Song writer Shakeelbadyuni is Mirza Ghalib of Indian Film Industry.Only
Ghalib could have written better songs than him
zubairtahseen on March 23, 2010
this songs takes me back to my childhood days. I used to listen to this song again and again. very sweet song
laalad on April 26, 2010
quelle joie de ré-écouter cette belle chanson extraite du fil mangala fille
des Indes projetée dans la salle de cinéma Eriad de kénitra courant
1958-1959 . a cette époque j avais 8 ans aujourd hui j en ai 60. Dommage!
DesiVideoNetwork on April 27, 2010
wow..really beautiful old the lyrics.:)
musictray1 on April 27, 2010 this song.:)
JazzyKat2009 on May 10, 2010
Very nice. Loved it.
Fooqee on June 24, 2010
just notice that there are hardly 2 to 3 musical intruments been played in
the song i think its fabolous that Rafi saab sang it WITHOUT MUSIC this is
wot u call a true and born artist
hhrraaify on July 22, 2010
this song iz cllasical beauty... i love ths song.
Raju Manojkumar on September 05, 2010
love this song
MegaHazara1 on September 08, 2010
wow old is gold.and daleep kumar is awesome.
Farawayy10 on September 11, 2010
Lagu 2 Hindi Lama memang oke...Old is Gold.
gobaby30 on September 17, 2010
dilip kumar is real handsome!!
gobaby30 on September 17, 2010
by the way quality is awsome!
nowsherwan azam on September 22, 2010
if someone has this film please upload it
247Rajababu on September 22, 2010
must have seen this movie 30 times,,,,love the old one
martyrindia on October 01, 2010
why not Nadira ? she is offsome!
aaka khan on October 20, 2010
Please some1 upload this movie to youtube
zzaaiidd10 on October 23, 2010
sung by the great legend rafi sahab really funtabulous
Rajat Batra on October 29, 2010
great song ,this is what you call LYRICS.
NewEye2World on December 25, 2010
@ariyent Shahrukh is nothing in front of him.
Khalid Umer on February 04, 2011
it 1952 , how can u compare ,shahrukh just copy dilip
Rakesh Kumar on June 16, 2011
such a beautiful lyrics. i love this song to listen
Avi Daniel on July 26, 2011
who is shahrukh before this great legends
sachin gangapurkar on August 10, 2011
this film shoot in indore.
TheYumken on December 14, 2011
No comparison. Nobody could reach to his level. He is Mahanayak of rest of the media made Mahanayaks.
namiaf on February 13, 2012
dilip kumar was so handsome!
Shahid Ahmed on February 13, 2012
What a combination Mohd Rafi's Voice and DilipKumar's charisma.
MrRubbishness on March 16, 2012
@nipunshukla SRK's employees.
Aifababy on March 28, 2012
1 ov my fav x
the petite on April 19, 2012
my Name is Ehsaan and i love this song : )
chocolatecuckoo on April 22, 2012
hes nothing except a tb patient
chocolatecuckoo on April 22, 2012
i love rafi
chocolatecuckoo on April 24, 2012
love u rafi
sanayousaf36 on July 05, 2012
Alaaaaa songs so impressive
Vinod Bhatia on July 30, 2012
It is believed that actually Nargis was picked for this role in the
begining but because of her strong affair with Raj Kapoor he did not want
her to act in this movie because Dilip Kumar was there to be opposite her.
Hence Nadira was picked for this role.This movie no doubt was a big success
but if Nargis had been there this movie would have been a Magnum-Opus.With
Nargis in the movie this movie would have been 'Sone pe Suhagaa' and this
movie had been at the very top even till today.
Malik Khan on October 16, 2012
Dilip Shab is real legend
JazzyKat2009 on October 18, 2012
ugly girl, handsome man
TUFAIL HEERA on November 29, 2012
SUPER HIT SONG OF ALL TIMES !!! There is extraordinary beautiful
conversation between two Superstars. It was mind blowing superb acting
performance of Madam Nadira. Certainly she was great Artist and very Pretty
Lady of film world. I appreciated your efforts regarding posting of awesome
and fabulous song. Further it was very good and marvelous piece of music
gem. The Lyrics of this song is also very Lovely and outstanding. Thank you
so much for only one of its kind and excellent RARE upload.
Liaqat Ali on December 10, 2012
dilp kumar happy brithday from bilal ail
Kamlesh Chauhan on December 11, 2012
I agree with You.
Aspaq Khan on December 21, 2012
hats off to you guys if you are listening this song in 2012 and 2013
Aspaq Khan on December 21, 2012
the most handsome person in bollywood history i love you yusuf saab
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