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Comments on song "Mahataab Teraa Chehara Kis Khwab Me Dekha Tha"
Ravi Sathe on April 20, 2011
@ Mahagedara: Have you uploaded "Jhanan jhanjhanake apni payal" sung by
Lataji from this movie?
Rmehtacpa on April 27, 2011
The BEST part of the song is starting @1.13 where under SJ's masterly
direction, the tune on Sarangi interlude ending, leads Lata to sing.
Kyun Ghiri Ghata.. and as she has excelled to the top ending @1.31. Same
is repeated @2.10 but the first stanza is too good of playback.
hira1ft on August 01, 2011
Big tributes to classic Indian cinema, of course including actors, acteresses, musicians,isingers and songwriters.
But its unfortunate to deny the undeniable contribution of Urdu poetry, and scripts.I read again and again Hindi film, it can be Indian film but whats Hindi?Hindi is a language which had no future without it.plz open your eyes and cannot hide the sun behind your finger.
raqib56 on September 08, 2011
how right you are !! Urdu language is indeed matchless !!
buttegowda on October 08, 2011
long live Shankar-Jaikishan
Ravinder Murthy on November 06, 2011
Let's not bring the barriers of language here. just listen and enjoy. A
beautiful upload indeed. Please keep the excellent work of reviving the
Golden Song era.
Devendra Bairathi on November 07, 2011
What a Voice in Low Pitch..Mukesh,,U..r..Forever..&..Composing...By
God...Shankar-Jaikishan..really Great Music Director.
Kishan0452 on November 12, 2011
Simpy beautiful melody!! No words to describe sweetness.
Kishan0452 on November 12, 2011
Simply beautiful... - Sorry for correction.
Rmehtacpa on November 25, 2011
@hira1ft ABSOLUTLEY - Hindi is nothing without URDU. Agreed fully.
shammoshixu on March 14, 2012
waooo...this song for meee.
my name also MEHTAB
Johnson Polepaka on April 13, 2012
The language used in movies and outside is mixture of Hindi and Urdu which
is called Hidustani,but songs are dominated by more Urdu words than
Sanskritized Hindi.
TheSursri on May 02, 2012
Another beautiful Mukesh song
coma6929 on May 22, 2012
Dear mahagedara, great taste.Thank you
mussorie53 on June 28, 2012
My heartfelt thanks for uploading this wonder..maan look at sj's violins
and really took the song to another plane all together.thanks
a lot my friend
ASHOKE SHOME on July 07, 2012
This is one of the Greatest songs by - Mukesh.Wonderful music direction by-
Shankar- Jaikishan, Wonderful Voice of the Great- Mukesh. Extremely Good
Picturisation on- The Great- Raj Kpoor. Many Thanks for uploading.
Devendra Misra on July 08, 2012
Very lovely song .Raj Kapoor's presence makes the song more memorable
Mohan Harnur on October 06, 2012
one of the most melodius melancholy of Mukeshji, eventhough he sings barely
two/three lines,such melidous music by SJ
Mohan Harnur on October 06, 2012
mahagedara u r mahan sir, i have been listening to this song since 40/50 yrs
rajesh kalla on November 17, 2012
lovely song ... always to hear
Khalid Mahmud on December 04, 2012
Amongst Mukesh best duet with amazing lyrics nd composition
Khalid Mahmud on December 04, 2012
Final allap by Lata in this loveful melody is marvellous nd i want to listen this repeatedly
Ebrahim mohammed on January 26, 2013
Ebrahim one of the best songs
Abdullazziz Ansari on February 21, 2013
One of the most melodius melancholies of Mukesh, Song - Mehtab Tera Chehra,
Aik Khawab main dekha tha. Singer - Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar Lyrics -
Shailendra Music - Shankar Jaikishan Actors - Raj Kapoor, Nanda, Padmini,
Keshto Mukherjee and Leela Chitnis Movie - Aashiq (1962) Director -
Hrishikesh Mukherjee Producer - V.K.Dubey
Renukaprasad Tumkurbasappa on March 05, 2013
shaliendra, the great lyrics writer blended with the music of shanker
jaikishen and with voice of mukeshji and latalaji- a great treat for music
lovers like me. In my childhood I was fond of this song use to listen often
and often and still in love with this song. Thanks for uploading
mastkalandr on March 06, 2013
Friend ! You are most welcome , Thanks for sharing this timeless melody
with your yesteryears golden memories...
Mani Menon on March 06, 2013
'Aashiq' had fared very well at the box office. It's unforgettable
beautiful songs played a major part in its success. The story too was quite
an unusual one. I must confess I haven't seen 'Aashiq'. Though Nanda plays
Raj Kapoor's wife, it was bewitching Padmini who had a very meaty role.
Indu Puri on March 31, 2013
ooooooo My Godddddd! kya lajwab psnd hai aapki ! waah! bahut psnd hai yh
gana mujhe. violin ki aawaz bheetr se cheer deti hai jaise aur ykeen manoge
ki ise sunti hun to main fuut fuutkr ro deti hun. jane kyon.
Hari Sharma on May 03, 2013
Another masterpiece from Masteros of indian music Shanker.Jaikishen nice
upload Yuan thanks
Dwarikanath Tripathy on October 07, 2013
Starring-Raj kapoor, Padmini's melodious song sang by Mukesji Lataji feel
so sweet thanks to up-loader.
mastkalandr on October 08, 2013
You are welcome,
mastkalandr on October 08, 2013
Thanks for sharing my favorite melody.
Reeta Bhatnagar on October 09, 2013
kalandr sahib wow the song is great n like to listen good song songs like
thismukesh is my fav singer
Maharaj Wangu on July 06, 2014
I was student when i first listened it to, now I am retired person But I
never forgot the melody of this song
kadwe nandkumar on July 11, 2014
so ..all songs.were of high standards..great SHANKAR
Suresh Chandra Maru on October 05, 2014
very very lovely song
Lalita Mokashi on June 12, 2015
What a pleasure, even to date the classic music, lyrics, raajsahab,
presentation unsurpassed! !!
Rmehtacpa on August 04, 2015
Finest part of the song is from @1:05 to 1:34 where SJ extracted the best
from each and every instrument in his amazing orchestra and Lata's emotions
in rendition reached the top of entire song in this stanza... Kyun
gheeri ghata..
P.K. ANILKUMAR ( HINDI MELODY BYTES ) on September 12, 2015
zinagi ko tu geet banaa dil ke saaz pe jhum ke gaa
is jahaan ko tu pyaar sikhaa
mahetaab tera chehraa, kis khwaab mein dekhaa tha
aye-husne-jahaan batalaa, tu koun mein koun hun
khwaabo mein mile aksar, ek raah chale milkar
phir bhi hai yehi behatar, mat puchh mein koun hun
Reeta Bhatnagar on October 17, 2015
awesome number
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