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Comments on song "Mai Ban Ke Chidiya Ban Ke Ban Ban Bolu Re"
a5r5j5u5n5 on October 28, 2007
who are the singers of the song?
sk on November 11, 2007
The singers are the same actors in the song- Devika Rani and Ashok Kumar -
both singing with their own voices
znn786 on January 22, 2008
Can you post Dheere Dheere from Kismet, old movie with Ashok Kumar?
Chengiskhan on February 08, 2008
I remember seeing the movie in 1936! That's how old I am !!!!
shamserehind on March 09, 2008
Go bongs... I don't mean to be regionalistic here. It's just that very
few people know or even want to acknowledge the early contributions of the
Bengalis to the Indian & Hindi film industry. All we hear about is Shri
Dadasaheb Phalke and the likes. The other reason being that I am related to
"Devika Rani". I hope my comments are not interpreted as divisive. I am a
proud bengali, but I am also a proud Indian first. Jai hind.
rupasravya on March 22, 2008
Devika Rani 's Place of Birth was WALTAIR ,Now included in Visakhapatnam (A.P.) -30th March-1908 : and Expired at Banglore on 8 March 1994 - Arani-Apparao- Waltair R.S.
Shalin Bhatt on June 22, 2008
flon5flon, it's probably because of the time period, the 1930s, which is
one of the keywords here.
madhumass on July 16, 2008
Goodness!! A YOUNG Asok Kumar! He was a great actor but certainly not the
"romantic hero" type. He seems to be more shy than the heroine here!
Dilip Kapasi on August 19, 2008
Do you have any more of Devika Rani? I long for her songs. There is a song
of her, Udi Hava Me Jaati Hey..
JoyDevivre on August 23, 2008
Saraswati Devi - aka Khurshid Homji. The first female music director in
Hindi films.
Musique4ever on August 27, 2008
Please check out the AMAZING uploads by the user Samjhave. He has uploaded
Udi Hava Me too :-)
Dilip Kapasi on August 27, 2008
could not find it somwhow! please lead me to it.
araniapparao on May 09, 2009
Devika Rani Born on 30th March 1908 at VISAKHA PATNAM ( A.P.) ( earlier called as Waltair ) .Her father is Col. L.N.Chaudhury. She lived up to 8th March 1994- Arani Apparao ( Hyd-A.P.)
chanto7 on September 19, 2009
Surprise!i saw Ashok kumar singing for thje first time and Kishore his
younger brother was a great singer but not good at acting whereas Ashok
Kumar was was famous for his acting and ersonality.
anilu2ub on January 30, 2010
thank you for making this available here. i miss this era. :)
martyrindia on February 10, 2010
In 1936, Devika Rani eloped with her lover actor Najam-ul-Hussain. Himanshu
Rai somehow managed to bring her back but her paramour did not .The studio
head Himanshu Rai called upon his laboratory assistant Ashok Kumar as Hero
and thus began a six-decade-long acting career for that action.Devika Rani
is also accredited for having acted in the longest kissing scene in the
movie world with her husband Himanshu Rai in Karma (1933). It was 4 minutes
long and very controversial.
Digvijay Trivedi on February 23, 2010
masterpiece. thanks for uploading
dubbooman on March 31, 2010
thanks for the valuable information
orientlover1 on November 21, 2010
Ashok Kumar was hired by Bombay Talkies for Rs. 75 p.m. Gradually it was raised to Rs. 150 and then to Rs. 250 p.m. When he received Rs. 250 for the first time, he was so excited he could not sleep at night for fear that someone might rob him. He hid the money under his bedding and next morning deposited it in a post office. The same Ashok Kumar was getting Rs. 100, 000 for a single movie by mid-1940's (excerpts from an article in Ganje Farishte (Bald Angels) by Saadat Hassan Manto.)
gyfre84 on February 11, 2011
@Musique4ever Where can I find this movie?I even wish to watch
Jhoola(1941).But unfortunately now-a-days these movies are one of the
toughest jobs
matwala1000 on March 14, 2011
I love this movie and its songs. I remember the tiltle music. what a great
music! Also the dialouges among KASTURI and PRATAB.
sdoc2050 on July 21, 2011
1936!! wow... !!
Dilip Gupte on May 07, 2012
The first love song of Hindi film music. It remained popular for about 40
years. Both Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani were bad singer still music
director Saraswati Devi composed the tune keeping in mind their range. The
song has only one stanza still mzing.
balram shiwakoti on October 08, 2014
I like it sooooooooo much
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