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Comments on song "Main Duniyaa Bhulaa Dungaa, Teri Chaahat Men"
dixit on March 26, 2008
lovely song with beautiful lyrics..want to dedicate this song to my husband ninu..i love him a lot..and can sacrifice everything for him..
saranms1986 on May 12, 2008
'Nadeem_Shravan+Kumar Sanu' team rocks in every time...:)
QueenTytania on May 27, 2008
aahh, the good old days, when people didn't hop around dressed in next to nothing, when a look between two people meant everything, when songs were really beautiful. You can't say that about songs anymore...such a shame.
m4u4life on June 13, 2008
luv dis song bt cn any1 realy do dt dnt fink so
Gepofte on June 14, 2008
wow i used to listen to this song ages ago, love the lyrics, there are some who can realy do it . love u jaan
burhanur on July 11, 2008
Isn't this just the best song ever!! Just listen to the music and words and they'll blow you away!! Why are these artists not signed by anybody anymore?
santalea on July 14, 2008
the words does blow me away... i tink all the songs in this movie were fantastic... the meaning of each song is juz superb... i can watch this movie over and over again
theultimatecleaner on August 16, 2008
i think it's sadhna sargam
samadbaksh on August 28, 2008
aashiqui was and still is the best selling film soundtrack ever, the female singer is anuradha paudwal.
finan2004 on September 07, 2008
absolutely those were the days
sarviiiii on September 15, 2008
very nice movie and song i like his hair very nice handsome
sujan2301 on September 20, 2008
its sound close to my heart
sujan2301 on September 20, 2008
i think other name life is music,,,,and if you really forgot to live your life..plz listein to this song...and see love light is someone eyes..
mushi386 on October 03, 2008
Mein Duniya Bhula doon ga Teri Chahat Mein.Superb Voice by Kumar sanu n Anu radha
submissions72 on November 08, 2008
whats the name of the actress?
modegal on November 15, 2008
her name is anu agarwal. i think she has quit films
songsofsanjaydutt on December 01, 2008
orignally ajay devgan was first choice for the lead role in this movie but his dad veeru devgan wanted him to start in a action film phool aur kaante the next year in 1991, sanjubaba was also thought about for this role sanjay dutt would have been a really good choice though kumar sanus best album of his career
spurs1913 on December 12, 2008
the meaning of this song is so touching RESPECT
sunnykhan4010 on December 19, 2008
i love this song.. wat movie is it frm>>>>>>
videossurfing on December 23, 2008
its really touch once heart who believe in love...!@

isn't it...?
dcrothman on January 18, 2009
yes u r right...its touch my heart n i knw wat is love,n also im a success lover...hahahah
sanjamagha on January 24, 2009
seene se lag ja to me ho tera
gr8 song
rehmana5 on January 29, 2009
mein duniya bhoo la dhoo ga teri chahat mein
shasha299 on February 19, 2009
very nice song,mind blowing and very touching song for those whom in love...yaar ajeb sa waqat tha.
shasha299 on February 19, 2009
i think u are very lucky person,u love ur husband so much..god bless u both and have a long loving relation,,,
Anaskhaa on February 23, 2009
I just love this song.
Brings Backk soo manyyy memories :)
Thanks for uploadin :) ♥
111PrInCeSsSeEmA111 on February 23, 2009
WOW... amazingly beautiful...i was probably not even born when this movie came out...aaahhh i just love these classics. it just floods me of being a child so free and happy these classic movies are soo great.
DilakemAwara on March 07, 2009
me khud ko meta donga teri chahet me
scir91 on April 04, 2009
this is a nice song but the actor has a big forehead...
Dadyaal1kuri on April 15, 2009
Nice song so heart touching,Only people who are in luv or hav luvd wud understand this not liars and cheats.
Don786k on May 09, 2009
i know it's just a movie but god i hated that white guy in the movie lol who was trying to separate them

thanks 4 da gr88 quality dude
MrsFahimAhmad on May 13, 2009
wahooo sach khata hai sacha pyar asa hi hota hai per agar mil jaya tab
TheGujuGurl on May 23, 2009
its such a nice movie nd da songs r betta
gangstagirl16g on May 30, 2009
yeah she stopped making movies cuz of the accident
kumsum4ever on June 03, 2009
wow what a nice song
really heart thoching song
ZendagimohabbatHila on June 12, 2009
Main Duniya Bhoola Dunga,,,,,
nice song...
Bugatti169 on June 23, 2009
yep, the closest rivals , in my opinion, would be soundtrack of Phir Teri Kahani and Saajan. Kumar Sanu all the way!
Bugatti169 on June 23, 2009
i agree with you.. the only productive thing out of today;s hindi songs are that they make me laugh a lot !!! cos their lyrics are so crappy !! " Hai Love Mera Hit Hit soniye, Na Kar Aise Khit-Pit " lmao
ritchie69 on July 12, 2009
reminds of this hot chick I slept with
starsinger100 on July 16, 2009
where is now Rahul Ray and Anu ????? there is no news about them
MrAligs on July 17, 2009
great song I love this song. This song is specially those lover who hurt by the people.
Lionheartone on July 25, 2009
10 years ago wen i saw one of this guy movie with jeewi chala ..i thought he will be the legend.but where is now..?
1mzy on August 25, 2009
Mein khud ko mitha doonga!!! teri chahat mein!! very strong words used
Imrankniazi on September 02, 2009
Mat mita yaar khud ko :)

Jahaan mein gham aur bhi hain mohabbat ke ilaava!
mansur1989 on September 15, 2009
Movie Name: Aashiqui (1990)
Singer: Anuradha Paudwal, Kumar Sanu
Music Director: Nadeem-Shravan
Lyrics: Sameer
Year: 1990
Producer: Gulshan Kumar
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Actors: Anu Agrawal, Avtar Gill, Deepak Tijori, Rahul Roy, Reema Lagoo, Tom Alter
Theme: Love
papu773 on November 05, 2009
if u die for ur parents who tuk care of u i wud salute u

but for a gal i wudnt even spit on ya

sorrows in life hit u many times
but it dosent mean u jst give up

if u have power to love some one first make urself to bare sorrows which u wud face in future

1mzy on November 07, 2009
magar mohabbat wala gham sab se alag hota hai.
Imrankniazi on November 09, 2009
Aapko mubaarak ho... Rehne do, choodo bhi, jaane do yaar, hum na karenge pyaar :-)
abdulwaheedghori on November 13, 2009
*Kaon Kesi Ki Khatir De Ga Itni Sachi Qurbani**

*Baadal Sab Ki Piyas Bujha Kar Khud Piyasa Reh Jaata Hi*

Be Happy All Youtube Members.
1msammy on November 15, 2009
hum ne to appne app ko hi bhula diya hai app ki chahat mein.. toot gya hoon.. mar sa gya hoon bus ab dum nikalna baki hai.. miss you mobashara..
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