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Comments on song "Main Rang Sharbato Ka (Reprise)"
Rabin Das on September 16, 2013
Sunny x on September 25, 2013
Atif is sooo much better3
nadeem jabir on September 28, 2013
He can be another atif for sure..
Kb mallah on September 29, 2013
100 times Better than Aatif..this is genuine singing not lyk fake atif who
needs 100 softwares to finalize the song.
saurabh sharma on September 29, 2013
Arijit is good in his own way ..i like his voice
Indrani Ramgopal on October 01, 2013
gaat???not ghat and that is ok?
Annie Bansala on October 02, 2013
ppl stop comparing!! and enjoy the track.. :)
Syed Saif on October 02, 2013
awesome singer
Luv Selina on October 03, 2013
Nice one!!!!! Almost like atif ...maybe better
Amit Bhardwaj on October 05, 2013
wow..nice one..
Sam Singwani on October 08, 2013
Superb and better than atif and
Nazmin Shaikh Siddiqi on October 09, 2013
Atif aslam so nice Arijit no no no atif i love
Nazmin Shaikh Siddiqi on October 09, 2013
Atif aslam u r rock super tuper hit singer goodb u
rehan ismail on October 09, 2013
Atif Aslam is rock and superstar
rehan ismail on October 09, 2013
Atif aslam has uniqe voice but arjit is normal singer.
Immortal Mirza on October 09, 2013
atif is NO 1 choice.. but this guy is also outclass.
pulkit rajvanshi on October 11, 2013
dosto arijit and aatif dono hi bhut high class singer hai...inka
comparision mat kare...both are great...
angrzbr on October 13, 2013
I think Atif sung this song better than Arijit. Arijit cannot pronounce
word "KAAA". Just like he has some difficulty to pronounce that word. Also
he somehow copy Atif, listen his old song and then listen Ashqi 2 song. You
will find the difference. People always speak against Atif and also copy
his style which he has natural and God gifted. No doubt, Arijit is also a
good singer.But Atif is rock. Sorry if my comments hurt someone, but its my
angrzbr on October 13, 2013
Listen old song of Arijit and see his original voice (I again say, no doubt
Arijit is a good singer) /watch?v=aBf8pax-A5M
R best on October 14, 2013
no doubt arijit is far better than atif this "kaa" wrd which is
the result of ovr creativity of the music director made this song
wath htaw on October 14, 2013
arijit rocks!!!! again
Rishabh Kumar on October 16, 2013
You are nothing Arjit. At!f s!r Iz At!f s!r You can't sing like Him...
At!f s!r Just awesome Singer In this world. So dude At!F s!r ki copy
karna chhor de...!! ;)
Rishabh Kumar on October 16, 2013
You are Right dude... i am satisfied wid you...
Imran Ali on October 18, 2013
has your mom told you this...
sautrik ganguly on October 18, 2013
the song sung by arijit was much better than atif
sudarshi Chakravarty on October 18, 2013
atif is lot bettr
sautrik ganguly on October 19, 2013
arijit is the best
KaRaN KhOt on October 20, 2013
actually arijit is awesome but ATIF is GODLIKE!!! its just like
SACHIN-SEHWAG pair of INdian Cricket!! :) :)
Tushar D on October 28, 2013
ya exactly but here arjit is sachin n atif is whoever u wanna consider
Amit Kapoor on November 01, 2013
Please have a look on my version @
anish mathew on November 01, 2013
People who say atif is better have no knowledge of music wat so ever...
Amaan Sajid on November 05, 2013
i prefer atif on this one...though arijit is awsome too..:)
neilovar shekdar on November 27, 2013
You have a wonderful sense .. God gives you health>>جميل جميل جميل
priya singh on November 28, 2013
Arijit u rock! Jus lv u!
priya singh on November 28, 2013
Arijit u rock! Jus lv u!
zeeshan qureshi on December 13, 2013
hav wrked wit both d singer but Atif Rocks man
zeeshan qureshi on December 13, 2013
Atif can Sing Any song in any languages Even he had sang 1 old Melody only
wit giter just chekit...its better than orignal one
Shana Bebe on December 22, 2013
Nice voice 4 Arijit n Atif should thanx India 2 let him sing ...:-)
M. Hassan on January 02, 2014
Kaaaaa, killed this version. arijit i will always be your fan but i guess
you heard atif aslam before singing this :)
Saad A on January 04, 2014
His voice is great .. But what ruined this song is that he is trying to
sing like Atif Aslam!
Vikas Vashisth on February 12, 2014
atif has more manly voice !
Arundhati Datta on March 16, 2014
atifs was effortless and has grove so more enjoyble
Fanof musicfootballcricketwwe on March 29, 2014
this is not at all lyk Atif...dont understand the hate/comparison ..this is
a reprise version...Arijit is very smooth n effortless and singing it
softly .Atif has sung it loud and on a very high pitch ...
SHIHAS UMAR on May 15, 2014
Why u people r fighting each other.? Just remember one thing that these two
singing legends arjith & atif are our nations talented singers. Both of
them have their own singing style. There is no use of such an argument like
atif is the best or arjith is far better than atif like that.
Do enjoy the song and appreciate their effort.
Waqar Zaidi on May 20, 2014
Atif and udit these two singer have unique voices. any one will attempt
their song will ruin it because original has its own karizma. with out
prejudices commented 
ZM82098 on May 21, 2014
Atif Aslam LOL, Arjit is a Gazillion times better than him.
BADMAASH on June 18, 2014
arijit is just awesome...
mahmudul haque Mortuja on June 28, 2014
Arijit Sing is totally outstanding.
umar mansoor on July 07, 2014
atif is best 
Hassan Hudda on July 19, 2014
One if my fav number
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