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Comments on song "Main Shaayar To Nahin, Magar Ai Hasin"
prasadpv12 on October 03, 2010
saurabh Patil on November 20, 2010
This songs music was directed by laxmikant pyarelal and not by jaikishan ..
prasadpv12 on January 02, 2011
Arian Moon on February 13, 2011
agar shayar nahi ho!to phir kiya ho!?? ye ladhki shayar nahi hai tum to ho
JenJen6931 on March 18, 2011
This in number 1 HIT movies back then, my Mom took me to see this when I
was a little girl. This couple, Rishi & Dimple were married for real &
still stay married till now.
suzannezuty on April 29, 2011
love this song =]
Qhayyam Uddin on May 17, 2011
very nice song...
kambinggolek on May 28, 2011
Haduhh.. Best gile lagu nih.. Tangkap lentok beb
kambinggolek on May 28, 2011
Best gile...
MyAssii on June 11, 2011
@Turan3100 which languange u talking
nisarmv69 on June 16, 2011
good song thaks for the uploding realy good quality
nisarmv69 on June 16, 2011
hert touching song realy good i cant sleep without this song
Sanjay Bhat on June 26, 2011
Excuse me the music is by Laxmikant-Pyarelal
alimammed baxisov on July 06, 2011
bu filme baxmaqdan doymaq olmur mahni ise super hind filmlerin terbiyesil
ile boyumusuk
Sree Narayanan Thampi on July 22, 2011
wonderful song from bobby
Mango Achter on August 18, 2011
i love dis song
Mango Achter on August 26, 2011
now they stopped putting love storys they just put funny stuff but i miss
the love storys so badly
Candida Entri- Demong on September 08, 2011
really love this song and whenever i heard this song, its like somebody
took out my heart and rishi kapoor is so cute.
Syahmi Amin on October 14, 2011
Syahmi Amin on October 14, 2011
macmafti1 on November 24, 2011
All time favourite
rana advertising on December 06, 2011
a nice song i like it
SAMIRKA85 on December 17, 2011
Really great songs. it reminds me my childhood((. I want to see this film
in Russian. Greetings from AZERBAIJAN.
Fahda Melissa on December 31, 2011
my grandmom saw this movie 4 times in cinema..
elis ata on January 01, 2012
bobbi cocuklugumuzun filmi.AZERBAYCAN
Irwin Dragunov on January 02, 2012
how can people dislike this song?
Fahda Melissa on January 06, 2012
@murga387 haha..
SAMIRKA85 on January 06, 2012
@bazlur Yes, I know that Raj Kapoor was popular in Soviet Union, by
implication also in Azerbaijan. Even Raj Kapoor visited to Azerbaijan in
60's or 70's.
Mohammad Usman on January 07, 2012
@jonhank619 no i am listening to it in 2012.
SAMIRKA85 on January 07, 2012
@bazlur Hi. My name is Samira, not Samir). That's good you liked Baku. But
I have never been in east. My childhood wish was to be in India, especially
to meet with Chakraborti)). But my wish never came true. But I will be
there one day. P.S. Sorry for my english.
bazlur on January 07, 2012
@SAMIRKA85 sorry for gender mistake and you are welcome
SAMIRKA85 on January 07, 2012
@bazlur Thank you so much.
Prem G on January 09, 2012
rishi is was always will be superb...
Uma Suvit D'Litez on January 09, 2012
This song was a household tune in Malaysia. I was not even born at that
time. But due to my parent's repeated enjoyment of this song, now I still
enjoy the tune after so many years. Reminds me of my late father and my
childhood days. Beautiful music. Mesmerizing.
julian correa on January 16, 2012
thank you :)
julian correa on January 16, 2012
i just watched players" movie wat has become of bollywood .. i sincere hope
we can learn from our beautiful past ..
ikmal yop on January 17, 2012
@suresh091076 Hei, you're a Malaysian? In 1974, when I was in Standard 5, I
skipped school to watch this movie 4 times in a week! That was shown at the
Grand cinema in Ipoh.You can't do that now anymore! There's no more cinema
to sneak into now.The present cinemas were to up to date. Wish time would
turn back
Karthik Pothina on January 23, 2012
her dance took away the classiness in the song. it was unnecessary.
ajstyle63 on January 24, 2012
Sochata hun agar main dua maangata Haath apane uthaakar main kya maangata
Sochata hun agar main dua maangata Haath apane uthaakar main kya maangata
Jab se tujh se muhabbat main karane laga Tab se jaise ibaadat main karane
laga Main qaafir to nahin Main qaafir to nahin ????????????????
Firoz Khan on January 28, 2012
Songs is Ever Green and Gr8 .
Nikhil Khanna on January 28, 2012
Caroline Duliat on February 08, 2012
:P cuteeee
Akshay Shukla on February 13, 2012
Rishi Kapoor is looking like sheldon cooper from big bang theory.. :p
idealise on February 14, 2012
This Movie Had Such Nice Songs
Vishal Nayak S on February 24, 2012
divine lyrics..i love tis song...
Starr16Starr on February 25, 2012
I love this song, love this movie, love old bollywood period, even though I
wasn't around yet then.
Mansoor Mukhtar Shah on February 27, 2012
very good choice
mohd hanaf on March 05, 2012
One of the hindi greatest song of all time
William Smith on March 06, 2012
This song still has so much freshness to it even after so many years!!...
Roger Williams on March 07, 2012
Music score was by Lakshmi Kanth Pyaare Lal and nor Jaikishan
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