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Comments on song "Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dhir Dhare, Wo Nirmohi Moh Na Jane Jinka Moh Kare"
dsouza18 on February 18, 2009
wow!! wow!! gem after gem. what a sentimental ghazal , love to hear these
gems over and over and enjoyed listening to this great gem , what lyrics
!!! superb !! u r doing a great job with ur uploads!!!thxs
rumahale on February 18, 2009
I firmly believe that lyrics do play an important role in any movie. Credit
to Sahir Ludhianvi. Hope you have viewed another video from this movie -
"Sansaarse bhaage phirteho' on Meena Kumari. Regards.
nandu1f on February 28, 2009
Yes, masterful lyrics. This is one of the four songs from a CD I bunrt that
I listen intently for the music director's choice of instruments, melody
and lyrics while I am driving long distance. The other three are...
Mittise' khelte' ho baar2 kis liye (Lata, Patita); Mere' man ke' diye'
(Lata, Parakh), Diya to' jala sub raat re' balam, par tum laut na aaye'
(CHAtma, Dhake' ki Malmal).
rumahale on March 03, 2009
Welcome. The songs mentioned are good. I had no occasion to listen to C H
Atma song mentioned above.
musafir39 on March 16, 2009
Mohamed Rafi once confessed to Naushad that nowadays the songs are born in
throat and not in heart. Ramchandra , I admire your kindness to reply
individually to all comentaries and to add complete information about each
movie and lyrics. God bless you.
rumahale on March 17, 2009
Thanks for the comments. I have listened to those comments as narrated by
Naushad available on Dr. Bukhari's site. It is all heart throbbing. The
pleasures of deep involvement are immense.
mohamedparvez on April 02, 2009
dear kjaan ji thanx for this classic song H D version song by our beloved RAFISAAB take care
moula53 on April 02, 2009
Thks bro for this upload + HD version.Great work.Thks all
asim306 on April 04, 2009
this is super power song-
One and Only- MOHD RAFI-
One Sun, One Moon, One Earth, One God, And One MOHD RAFI-

thanx 4 share
gulmarg981 on October 28, 2009
Extraordinary class of singing, penning ad lyrics. simply beyond any level of classic singing. Far far surpassed quality of maestros..TRIOS
Today's so called musicians and singers should learn keenly and deliver at least 25% of these GREATS if they want good music and songs to be alive...
kratosmara on November 09, 2009
One of the good lyrics, well composed and who can sung other than Rafi?
Rashmin56 on November 25, 2009
"..Koi Na Sang Mare.."

Wow! What a beautiful way to state the fundamental truth of our lonely existence, all the 'attachments' notwithstanding!
abroshahid on December 18, 2009
Can you correct the video's aspect ratio plz.? This is gem of a song.
SeetharamanPK on March 17, 2010
Great Song. Kjaan Ji. One small request. How do you upload on to You Tube, whether songs or snippets or movies? Pl help.
KhurramDBG on March 22, 2010
i have no words to say anything about Rafi. His talent is beyond any appreciation. His skills are beyond any description. His voice brings such mesmerising effect coming straight from heaven pinching directly the listener's heart. and this song is #1 song among all the Indian songs.
iamthe007 on May 30, 2010
such superb lyrics ...such great singing ..great quality of the video...fabulous..
poo2choo on May 31, 2010
Can someone please translate the first stanza for me? Just roughly. I love this song but don't understand it very well. Thanks!
poo2choo on June 01, 2010
@kjaan Wow! Beautiful... I knew this meant something more than what I understood but that's amazing. Thank you so much!
myyou321 on July 01, 2010
HIghest Rated comments by Khurram and Asim..Well what can i say about your comments.those were so unique and came straight from your heart...Amazing guys!

And as far as this song and rafi sb. is concerned, Khurram and Asim already had given their great views. but all I can say about Mohammad Rafi: Legend is a small word to say incompare to your personlity and the kind of human being you were..You are more than a legend and more than a music of any era.
My prayers are for you always
1955shashi on July 09, 2010
Thanks kjaan for this beautiful number. His songs are a timeless treasure. Rafi was not only a magical genius, but also a wonderful human being. I was most fortunate to meet this legend during my college days. Even at the height of fame, he was such a humble, warm & charming person. We dearly miss Rafi saab !
panjdrya on July 15, 2010
kya baat raffi sahib ji aap ko bahut miss karte h
MohitPawnday on July 24, 2010
it was voted as the best hindi film song in a outllook poll in 2006
rinky200218 on August 07, 2010
There is no match for Rafi Sahab. But even Shair Ludhiyanvi sahab's lyrics are amazing. So deep, so truly speaking to the human mind. The mind knows that longing for someone is not benefiting it but it still does that. Sahir sahab has just written it down in the most beautiful words. Of course Roshan sahab's music is of its own class.

Where have those days gone when music spoke to the heart.
siddharth8power on August 12, 2010
KOi nahi gaa sakta Rafi Sahab ki Tarah. Idol to bahot sare hote hai logo k. kisi ka kishore to kisi ka sonu ya udit ya kumar ya lata ya aasha ya aur koi,,,,,,,,,,Lekin Bhagavaan ya khuda Sirf Ek hai Hindi Sangeet me..Wo Hai rafi Sahab. Jo log mante hai woh unhe bhagavaan mante hai...baki sab singers ko jo mante hai unhe sirf idol tak hi gin sakte hai...Miss U All World Rafi Sahab..
rajnair2005 on September 16, 2010
Well said.Very true Rafi sahab was god of one can match his voice and singing ability. i dont understand why people compare Rafi sahab to other singer when they are not even close to Rafi sahab.Manna dey himself admitted that Rafi is ultimate no one can match him. Can u believe this: Himesh reshamiya insulting Asha ji in sa re ga ma saying contestants should not sing old songs..n he told ashaji that your advise is of no use to the contestants..
mishalalibhutta on September 16, 2010
Not at all surprised how good this song is.Its the usual for rafi sahbs calibre
tasveeeren on September 23, 2010
Rafi Saheb ki jitni taarif karo kam hai...
slyester33 on October 08, 2010
KJaan can you explain what the song means? I'm punjabi and my hindi is weak thanks for the help!
slyester33 on October 08, 2010
Oh i just saw the english lyrics nevermind thank you!!!!!!
rkjanamanchi on December 06, 2010
Soft tune done by Roshan and sung even softly and melodiously by Md. Rafi.I Was looking for this song. Thanks for posting. Roshan was certainly one of my favorite Music director. I like this song.Wonderful lyrics.
Kiritkoala89 on December 09, 2010
Wah! :) HD video that too.. Great upload...
dnathrahul on January 22, 2011
@kjaan: very beautiful translation of the song in English...good job.. :-)
manchhe74 on February 01, 2011
what do you mean "click on the description box for translation..? How can I get the translation for this song?

Krish Sharma on February 12, 2011
great lyrics & music ,decorated with voice of Shri Rafi
kamathbabu on March 23, 2011
Hats off to the one who beautifully translated in English. The Original is a superb spiritual poem. will remain Ever green for the years, nay, ages to come. I am so much mesmerised by this song, whenever I hit You Tube, I hear thing song at least once.., if not more..
joshuadiesel on March 30, 2011
wow credit to the uploader thanks man great quality an amazing song so uplifting will remain great for eternity
bijusahay on April 10, 2011
voted the best song of all times by a panel of eminent musicians Do i have to say more?
99farooque on April 10, 2011
the great song written by an Urdu poet i.e Sahir ludhiyanvi, in Hindi, very
good classical voice of rafi sahaab, very thanks to uploading.
saismrti on April 19, 2011
What can one say about Mohd. Rafi? A genius born only for music. Such geniuses come with a mission and pass away once their mission is achieved. Rafi Saab did more than 50% of the acting for the actors through his excellent expression (what we call Bhava in classical music). As Shammi Kapoor said in one interview, acting to a Rafi song was a challenge to actors. This song is a heavenly song; we can listen to it again and again..but the actor has done a poor job. I saw this with many Rafi songs.
RETROSPECTACTOR on April 25, 2011
Words of eternal truth in combination with heavenly voice of Rafi Saa'b give a sublime touch to this song soothes your ears and kisses ur soul
khaledy1935 on May 10, 2011
the magic created by the great trio,sahir,rafi and roshan,leaves you in peace great souls in your heavenly abode!many thanks for the pleasure you gave thru this song.
rumahale on September 12, 2011
@luvsargam Thanks for rich appreciation.
vinod mehru on October 12, 2011
jitni baar bhi suno hardam naya sa hi lagata hai, yeh geet hi itna sundar
banaya gaya hai speechless hoon, roshan saheb/majrooh saheb ke saath saath
rafi saheb ko bhi salaam
rumahale on October 12, 2011
@vmehru Thanks for liking and rich appreciation. I think the lyrics were by
Sahir Ludhianvi.
rumahale on November 08, 2011
@99farooque Thanks for appreciation.
rumahale on January 12, 2012
@krishhoonmain Absolutely. Thanks.
rumahale on May 15, 2012
Nice comments covering all aspects. It is so true. Thanks for rich
Rohin Dhar on July 11, 2012
Music for the soul
rumahale on July 12, 2012
Absolutely. Thanks for touching comments.
sohail merchant on July 16, 2012
comparing rafi saahab with somebody is like showing a lamp to a sun
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