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Comments on song "Manzar Manzar......."
indian900 on February 17, 2008
I LOVE this song!
It also more clear than the other videos posted.
maddy20032001 on February 23, 2008
i love this song. Great dance.
maddy20032001 on February 23, 2008
And Tushhar Kapoor is so "beautiful". lol...He has hottest eyes. No wonder he is gay..
msaqlain on February 28, 2008
it looked u were serious there..but den i get it
indian900 on March 01, 2008
This song it totally AWSOME and the video is more clear then other videos.
kajrani on March 06, 2008
I love this song, and the choreography rocks!! I love this vid, it's so clear!!! Thanks!!!
kajrani on March 06, 2008
Sigh...are all the good looking guys gay???
kajrani on March 06, 2008
What's up with Ayesha's clothes?? She's at a discothequey place, why the long skirt??? Anywhere else, it would have looked cute, but not here!!
machinic on March 08, 2008
great work mate love the song thanks for the video
maddy20032001 on March 08, 2008
actually , some of the background dancers (guys) are also very cute. Did you observe those cute guys in the background girls? There is one guy in particular who draws my attention every time. Cute pies..
maddy20032001 on March 08, 2008
At 1:21 seconds, there is one guy in the extreme left in the background who is totally gorgeous and totally a hero material.
f786 on March 09, 2008
I kno!!! I was so confused when I saw that hideous outfit!
kirandeep911 on March 17, 2008
i think it wasnt that funny and the killer was totally not involved in the story
razza94 on March 18, 2008
das da whole point ppl hu aint dey seem
bradybabyy919 on March 21, 2008
i agree with the idea that the main girl's dress should be shorter, but she doesn't like to wear revealing clothes, it was in an interview.
bradybabyy919 on March 21, 2008
it's cause she refuses to wear revealing clothes. but i don't like the outfit what-so-ever.
shinyflower10 on March 25, 2008
Love thiz song and da movie it was funny
nilo143 on March 26, 2008
the best soong ever love ya all<3
q4s1d on April 04, 2008
omg disis 1 funi n sik film man dis film rokz
manan1016 on April 16, 2008
raghav sachar did a brilliant job with this song.
divi957 on April 16, 2008
i lov dis song mostly how tusshar kapoor dance n hes hot 2
Soni36 on April 18, 2008
thxx soo much li this song
canucksjazz27 on April 22, 2008
best song of the best songs ever
lilmisscheeky20 on April 25, 2008
i luv dis song i lik da beat i luv da film sunday
maddy20032001 on April 29, 2008
one of the best dance songs ever will be made..
xShopaholicxswe3tx on April 29, 2008
best song eva great vid. (: but too bad it isnt that clear . besides that it was really nice (=
prettyindianmili on May 02, 2008
luv this song its really gud! the guyz' voice is sik
swethasweetie10 on May 02, 2008
that guy looks like the guy from Aksar.
Svw27B1 on May 07, 2008
swethasweetie10 You Mean This Guy Like's '' Emraan Hasmi'' From AKsar;)
trin771 on May 10, 2008
ooooooooohhhhhhhh my favorite song
trin771 on May 10, 2008
where can i get the lyrics
killafreek101 on May 25, 2008
songs good but the dancing isnt
fahadh4 on May 26, 2008
this is the song of the year for me and the best song tushar you rock
334xanjo on June 21, 2008
i love the song and tushar is the best
thepunisher786 on June 21, 2008
sweet song!! and whoever tushar is :D
ramka001 on June 29, 2008
The gal looks good there BLD From Aaron
sk8chic16 on July 06, 2008
yea n i hate tushar (if thats how u spell his name)hes lame! the only movie i liked wit him in it was golmaal
sk8chic16 on July 06, 2008
nice song (lol this is like my 3rd comment on this song!)
Babygurl1097 on July 13, 2008
I agree
it does kinda sound the same...
abhijoe95 on July 14, 2008
thnx a lottt for ur appreciation of my comment babygurl097
lazygal101 on July 23, 2008
can you upload the movie home delivery(hindi movie)?
AbbyPDV on August 06, 2008
Miss Takia is looking like a fat chubby
xXBollywoodRoxXx on August 07, 2008
dis song is COOL:P ♥ it!!!
prachipink on August 13, 2008
i no the song
lyeics so wikid
and the actorss are all really gd
there coustumess are wiked
prachipink on August 13, 2008
na it not all the same at all raghav is a awsome singer and he deserve more suport off people
it okay tht ur opinion but this is my opinion
abhijoe95 on August 15, 2008
i accept ur opinion whole-heartedely,thnx for ur opinion!!
tammygurl94 on August 27, 2008
She still looks beautiful!
tammygurl94 on August 27, 2008
I like this song except when that friggin DJ talks its so effin annoying
tammygurl94 on August 27, 2008
And this song is only 3 mins i wish it was like 5 or something
shivani20surati on October 19, 2008
This song is the only thing on my mind!
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