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Comments on song "Mausam Mastana Rasta Anjana"
BentBond007 on February 05, 2010
my god, what a memory this movie brings to me,i watched it when i was 8 y/o
and am 32 now and still listening to its songs, great movie, outstanding
cast, thanks for putting it up!
mrsnovakdjokovic on May 27, 2010
I love old romantic hindi songs. They are just too cute.
JustMeAtYT on July 04, 2010
Ha ha... Bechara Pantel, wasting lots of energy (between 2:45 - 2:50)
vincevega0 on July 05, 2010
Pause at 02:14 , my dream comes true. Yummmy.
vincevega0 on July 05, 2010
@anniex18 It is a man. :)
Sally4000 on August 30, 2010
can anyone please give me the translation of few first lines of this song.
I know what it means but I want it in english.Thanks
maneesha mattas on September 01, 2010
wonderful movie wid wonderful song very true..jaane kab kis
modh pe ban jaye koi afsana..youhoo
lalpari2007 on September 26, 2010
look at all the guys , they dying to meet these girls , so sweete... nice song
alta vista on October 15, 2010
classic,i liked this song before i see it ,really you cannot imagine watching this movie without seeing this song.ONE OF THE BEST ROLES OF AMITABH.
Neptune1211 on October 16, 2010
'Mausam mastana.., rasta anjaana., jaane kiss modh pe mil jaaye koi anajaan...,,'
The weather is nice, its long road, long journey, who knows maybe we will get to / into something interesting.,

The translation doesnt really do justice to the original song.
Vinit Kumar on November 08, 2010
@Neptune1211 Translation is ""The weather is nice/awsome, the path is
unfamiliar/unknown,, who knows when and around which corner we find some
unknown guy (her soulmate) and our love story start""
machina25 on November 13, 2010
How is Mac Mohan able to move a boulder weighing tons by himself?
bsahmad on May 15, 2011
Where are all these beauty queens of 'satte pe satta' nowadays???
saanjs on July 05, 2011
Isi gaane ke baad se Shakti Kapoor bigad gaya LOL
desiguy55 on August 06, 2011
@bsahmad mostly married with children.
Mujtaba Khan on August 24, 2011
shakti kapoor k liye ye gana to jannat hai :D
deveshsatna86 on December 21, 2011
Aaj mausam mast hai aur kuch yar ek choti si drive par hain ye song mere un yaron ke liye..
KillinDaWelfareMCs on January 18, 2012
ai ya ya..i would do the chick in the leapord print so hard.
KillinDaWelfareMCs on January 18, 2012
why were they all fat and ugly in the 70's. except for the thin one in the leopard print?
Porusable on January 26, 2012
wonder what these ladies must be loking like today in 2012, ( dont try you will feel sick )
desiguy55 on March 03, 2012
@KillinDaWelfareMCs leapord swimsuit was Miss India in the 70's or early 80
Consciencedeville on April 14, 2012
Rough work
The Blue One - Aasha Sachdeva
The Leopard - Prema Narayana
Yes all of them were either models, actresses or beauty pageant winners. Yes from the sensibilities of the 70's and 80's all of them were bombs.
All of ours Mommas and Aunties use to idolise and enact them in fashion and style statement. All of ours Dads and Uncles fantasised of them at one point of time or the other.
So hence it would be incorrect to compare or assess them from today's sensibility of fashion or trend.
desiguy55 on April 20, 2012
almost right, watched this when it first came out. i and other thought most
of these were fatties' skinny leapord skin was my fav. perhaps ppl in india
thought the fatties were beautiful.
tina dass on May 02, 2012
i so love this song..
Thej Wagle on July 17, 2012
R D B Superb when he copies my idol Shankar-Jaikishan, like this song.

Original : Andaz tera mastana, maange dilka nazrana, zara sochke batlana, hojaye na tu deewana from film DIL APNA AUR PREET PARAYI (1960).
RangersFighter on October 12, 2012
please accept my video response :)
Riyazulla Khan on January 20, 2013
very nice tone ...
rckiran on January 26, 2013
Doesn't really sound like andaz mera mastana song from 1960
movie.only mastana word is used...
Carlos Alberto Mendoza Gonzales on March 21, 2013
I remember my mother watched that when I was a child. Greetings from Peru.
Arun Kumar Jain on April 24, 2013
yu r a chitter
Arun Kumar Jain on April 24, 2013
yu r using as miss use / c,u
Narinder Singh on May 11, 2013
The head bobbing between 0:49 and 0:51 makes me laugh.
mastercool39 on June 11, 2013
amitabh is not in this song but you still feel his presence in it.(never
die song)
prince danny on July 01, 2013
these girls are more beautiful and faminine then most of leading actresses
of present days.
indodesi on July 06, 2013
Peru -- a wonderful land with great history and spirituality (a lot like
India). Glad that you enjoy this Indian song. Greetings from an Indian
RangersFighter on July 14, 2013
hahah not even a single thumb up :P
Amox on January 02, 2014
shakti kapoor ko to dekho haha
ANOOP on February 18, 2014
nice words and great composition !!!
SUDIPTO BOSE on January 21, 2015
fabulous four girls from satte pe satta,cult song accompanying.todays
generation never knew what music should sound like.
Palki Mehra Kashyap on February 11, 2015
What happen at last?
Sonalika Jadhav on April 15, 2015
good composition.nice song.
Jayant Kumar on April 20, 2015
good romantic song. No comparison to RD BURMAN & HIS TEAM. all time hit--
Kumar Iyer on May 10, 2015
chaan kuli ki main kuli ki jai!
Ashok Rathod on September 22, 2015
ameen ullah on September 23, 2015
woooow super song i like this song
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