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Comments on song "Meraa Dil Ye Pukaare Aa Jaa"
Fabian Doulton on January 09, 2010
Excellent like it was supposed to be !!!
nazrul islam on September 14, 2010
good song..thanks
pokan on February 12, 2011
LATA, her name is music, sweetmusic, as only lata can give.
sabir786ism on February 18, 2011
its an one of my every green songs which we cant get outside thanks for it great golden songs
Meet Nri on March 17, 2011
really nri its diffrnt classical beat
Raju Manojkumar on May 31, 2011
realy heart toching song
Rapani Slamet on June 03, 2011
I love it, the olds
shradhapati singh on July 24, 2011
beautiful haunting song easily recalled during rains when the pang of
sepration is more accutely felt
Kmahabir on July 27, 2011
Truly nostalgic. Brings back many childhood memories. I can hear my
mother's voice resonating in my years when I hear this evergreen classic!!
MrVikaso on August 09, 2011
i love it. ich liebe alter lieder ..
Rizwan paks on August 09, 2011
Night Eyes_11 on August 24, 2011
Back in 1967 when my husband was posted in Washington, DC ... this was my
first record I purchased from the movie NAGIN. And I still have this record
... close to my heart. Beautiful memories!
narindersdhanjal on November 03, 2011
hey big shout going out to all Lata fans!
She's the greatest!
kbkushalutube on November 21, 2011
तालियाँ !
Ayesha Ghayas on January 28, 2012
i love this song ghayas fakhar
Tap Patel on February 18, 2012
don't know why no more songs like these anymore
vivaLAhinduism on March 11, 2012
@pateltap7 because sadly the new bollywood has gone to crap. I wish all
this was still here, sadly unlike many of you, I never got to witness this
great era.
saneworldinsaneman on March 18, 2012
No words ! Speechless - Those were days when greed didn't exist, death to Imperialism which came in and hijacjed our culture !
mrtariqjumani786 on March 19, 2012
Pirpai Malang on April 16, 2012
So true my dear nice to know that someone else think like me. yes that was
a better world .
Avr Rao on May 25, 2012
Yes, people continue to listen to such songs for ever, long after you and I
exist, friend. That's why these are called as immortal songs, pregnant with
meaning and melodious in tune. We need to be grateful to those who composed
and published such songs.
Muhammad Hasa'an on May 28, 2012
Very good song
Lawrence Noronha on July 14, 2012
My father used to sing the refrain of this song around the house.
PANDURANGA RAJ on July 26, 2012
All songs R suprb.
MusicMan2065 on August 10, 2012
Listening to it in 2012, and will be listening to it in 2052. :)
Ali Ahmad on August 11, 2012
great great song
syed abdul Razack on September 13, 2012
Hemant da has given such a heart touching music i heard in school days and
i can still i can know what is the next bit of music after the lines very
nice song of nagin
Zil Hasnain Kazmi on September 14, 2012
What a great song! C.Ramchandra´s composition is immortal. He was the
inventor of “Been” He was a great composer. At the end when violin and been
both conclude this phenomenal immortal melody I then increase the level of
Echo, the sound effect becomes tremendous and makes me feel as though
orchestra of 200 people are busy in capturing people’s heart. (14.09.2012)
TheKhyser on October 19, 2012
Dear Mr. Kazmi - The song was composed by Hemant Kumar and not C.Ramchndra.
Rony Ahammad on November 09, 2012
superhit song of lota ji
yellowwildorchids on November 28, 2012
A beautiful song. i love this song. lataji's voice is soooooooo sweet.
awwesome. Vyjayantimala is luking beeeaauuutiful.
bharatmerijaan on February 24, 2013
in 2013 :)... these old songs can never be old... our gerations would keep
them listening and will keep these gems alive till the time life exist :)
saroj kumar on March 20, 2013
I like this
saroj kumar on March 20, 2013
I like this
Mayah le on April 06, 2013
Nupur Chatterjee on April 11, 2013
amar ebong amar mayer valo lagar gaan.
Nupur Chatterjee on April 11, 2013
amar ebong amar mayer valo lagar gaan.
Krsna Mohita on April 14, 2013
we'll listen to these songs in the next births as well, coz they're immortal
htgajjar on May 04, 2013
Black and White films and their songs had that magical charm which I do not
find in colored films.
bah bahut sundar
Arman gul on May 23, 2013
old is gold
AppaRao Venkata Vinjamuri on June 18, 2013
Spellbound song of Nagin...What a Dard... aandhiyaan vo chali, aashiyaa lut
gayaa, lut gayaa aandhiyaan vo chali, aashiyaa lut gayaa pyaar kaa
muskuraataa jahaa lut gayaa, lut gayaa ek chhoti si jhalak mere mitane
talak o chaand o chaand mere dikhalaa jaa
dharam lalwani on July 12, 2013
Santosh Srivastava on August 04, 2013
One of my Favorite songs.
mathurprashant on August 04, 2013
its 2013 :-)
vitthal shinde on August 20, 2013
Simply melodious song composed by Hemant Kumar and sung by Lata Mangeshkar
! Felt that this song (almost 60 years old) is much much better than todays
songs. Can todays Music Directors will be able to create such melodious
song ? Don't think so ! V.S.Shinde,Pune
Bel Neddowson on August 27, 2013
That's remind me of my childhood when I used to go with my father and watch
Indian movies in Algeria, though no Algerian ... so we are... could
understand. The softness of the songs and the struggle between good and bad
was enough for us. These are linguistically universal. That's what make
Indian movies great and eternal.
Devender singh on August 28, 2013
one of best song of lata THE QUEEN OF MELODY .
manwarmoghal on August 31, 2013
Kalyanjee of KALYANJI ANANDJI played clay violin as snake charmers' been in
this flick.
Masud rony on September 11, 2013
melody queen started her musical empair by this moovie nagin! this is on of
the ever green song at me by lataji!
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