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Comments on song "Mhare Hiwda Me Nache Mor Tak Thaiya Thaiya"
Champ4junaid on April 06, 2008
salman rock
knownrelan on April 08, 2008
someone upload the whole movie..
knownrelan on April 08, 2008
someone upload the whole movie..
angel4eva2008 on April 09, 2008
damn salman looks hella hottttttt
67h1rvir on April 09, 2008
salman khan and saif look so cute
67h1rvir on April 09, 2008
haha lol thats funny ur rite but kareena is to ugly for saif dont u think plez reply
desigurl1008 on April 12, 2008
anyone know what a ''hiwada'' is? what language is it?
IKillU on April 16, 2008
who ever thinks salman khan is fit is so blind he dresses like a batty man
n his got fake hair
suhaanijaan on April 16, 2008
hey hiwada means dil
suhaanijaan on April 16, 2008
ya i dont think they look good 2gother ans saif is too old for kareena
desigurl1008 on April 21, 2008
is it hindi? or some other language?
bipsfan16 on April 23, 2008
I love this amazing song!!!
Dove_93 on April 25, 2008
all the gals r soooo beautiful..esp tabu in the black sari and sonali in
the white lehenga..the pastries that karishma were handing out look really
yummy..waaahhh i want 1!!!!
htrtma2 on May 06, 2008
aww salman khan and that girl were soo cute in this movie =] i wanna but
this movie now xD
htrtma2 on May 06, 2008
*buy* woops lol
alambha on May 18, 2008
tabu looks amazing in this movie.i like her and mohnish bahl best as a couple and also individually.this movie is truly beautiful.
Rochelle Dsouza on May 22, 2008
salman is amazing here
ALIYA32 on May 22, 2008
me encanta este video... es super guay de me guay!
MrSigma on May 23, 2008
Mass hypnosis of Indian viewers by Rajshree!
sammys789654123 on May 25, 2008
i luv this movie epsically rani's cousin
bollygirl2 on May 30, 2008
Salman n Sonali Bendre look so beautiful in this movie! They match so well
together...infact, everyone's looks great!
huma7586 on June 02, 2008
which one's rani's cousin?
kormath69 on June 05, 2008
Mohnish Bhel, rani and kajol's cousin
nybreak3r on June 10, 2008
name is hum saath saath hain
peachlily22 on June 14, 2008
the guy who plays Vivek :) the oldest brother who is Tabu's husband
mohsin khan on June 20, 2008
in this song karishma was lifted neelam karishma is strong i think she even
can lift tabu sonali also. pls show more like this karishma lifting some
kumarsjoshi on June 28, 2008
it is Behl and not bhel..and he is only kajol's cousin not rani' he
is nootan's son...and nootan is tanuja's elder sis.and tanuja is kajol's it has nothing to do with rani...
kormath69 on June 28, 2008
okay sir,

but i guess rani and kajol are paternal cousine... and kajol and mohnish are maternal cousines.. so i would say ' a cousin's cousine who is a cousin of cousine '
kumarsjoshi on June 28, 2008
ha ha...nice one..
missy2045 on July 01, 2008
Beautiful song love sonali and Salman
iena26 on July 11, 2008
pls upload this movie..i really wanna watch
dua44ever on July 14, 2008
saif and karishma together in this movie and now saif is dating her
akanksha kikani on July 15, 2008
wow!!! i love this song. n specialy sonali n salman in this song.. so
Aishya Arif Arif.Aishya on July 18, 2008
someone should opload the movie..
bolly1luver on July 23, 2008
it was uploaded but da account got suspended sadly!
Aishya Arif Arif.Aishya on July 23, 2008
oh someone should opload t again.
JustineeThao on July 26, 2008
Love this song!
although idk what they are say!ing!
sam khan on July 27, 2008
salman and sonali look soooooo cute togerthier
ananya7ananya on August 03, 2008
Fahmida123 on August 08, 2008
sonali bendre is soooooo beautiful.i wish she would come back to movies.
fijibabe190 on August 16, 2008
Salman is so HOTT..when he acts like a romantic!!
Farziy on August 21, 2008
can anyone tll me wer i can get zis film freely to watch or can any1 just
upload it for me?am dying to watch zis film.plzz let me know
Missconduct on August 26, 2008
Karishma Is so Energetic...just like usual. I love her so much. :D I wish
she does more movies..she is funny too. :D
Preeya Bhakta on August 28, 2008
sonali is really good in this movie!! she plays a really nice shy girl lol
she is soo pretty too!
Shrina Shah on September 04, 2008
Ali Malik on September 07, 2008
Tabu is such a fine actress.
bollygirl2 on September 15, 2008
Salman and Sonali look sooo amazing! Salman rocks in romantic roles more
than any other roles! LOVE HIM!
Aman Dayani on September 17, 2008
in this movie everybody is enjoying. why this kind of thing doesnt happen
in a real life. thanks for posting this nice song, this is aman dayani from
toronto canada.
kg3853 on September 19, 2008
salman and sonali pretty much make the best couple from all the couples ooo I lovee all this its soo sweet
flyingphantom1988 on September 20, 2008
compare this movie to modern day bollywood, its like the whole place has
been invaded by hookers
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