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Comments on song "Mila To Marega"
Zain Uddin on October 26, 2010
best movie ever
bigmac19751234 on October 31, 2010
Very True..This movie is movie of 2010
Shashi-10KiloAmps on October 31, 2010
best movie.karan johar shud kill himsself
bigheadedm on November 17, 2010
without doubt one of the best movies this year
Subrat Tripathy on December 12, 2010
kill suriya
Abhijeet Singh on December 12, 2010
Ye hai Mera India.. Our Isko Ko Kahte Hai Movie. Best Indiam REallyty
Movie In India
Srinivas Kari on December 17, 2010
@aaabbbhhhsss you have nailed it my friend
Chakdegirl on December 17, 2010
Bukka Reddy aka Abhimanyu Singh is superrrrbbbb
Srinivas Kari on January 21, 2011
suri was amazing..vivek is on another level...
BabyFaceAlTu on January 25, 2011
@shashi10ka LMAO !!!!
Srinivas Kari on March 01, 2011
mind blowing
sags1520 on March 04, 2011
oberoi gave an amazing performance..even the real paritala ravindra would be scared of pratap ravi.
LilQuotez/Lorameep on April 05, 2011
The music throughout this whole movie is so awesome & gives that extra
thrill and power to the movie.
TrueINDIANize on April 20, 2011
vat u saying.karan apni jagah achi movies banata hai.
nanakwara2 on April 20, 2011
rakht chetra 2 bekar hai ramu
abhimishmishra1 on April 26, 2011
vivek is back with the bang well done vivek
dani23024 on July 04, 2011
bst flm by RGV ...i like vivek oberoi in ths movie!!!
Santanu Choudhury on July 12, 2011
sruya rockz
Santanu Choudhury on July 12, 2011
@nanakwara2 rakht chetra is a real story
nanakwara2 on July 14, 2011
bt part 2 is very filmy type...the real scene is in part1 A REAL GANGSTER LIFE..
Indiaexpress on August 02, 2011
why did ashish vidyarthi accepted such a worthless role i dont understand?
dukheydil on August 22, 2011
BUKKA REDDY , best villain in bollywood.
abcdefghijj3d7j7d3j on September 11, 2011
am not relle a great fan of action movies..but this movie was epic!!
ssjOjas on December 26, 2011
2:16 epic blood
Vijay Kumar on February 08, 2012
One of the best movies that I have seen!!
Ratna Deep Simhadri on April 08, 2012
Hit Like If U think Its Epic From 01:03 to 01:45
San Keerth on May 04, 2012
u have no idea of paritala ravindra... the events in film are nothing when
compared to wt happened over that decade in ananthapur... the MLA b4
paritala ravi, calledup RGV in an interview n said he stood for 3days
tiedup at a junction shouting for help... there is another brother to that
bukka reddy..
San Keerth on May 04, 2012
who liked one girl n went to her house at mid night n said her parents to
stay outside for some time... next day he goes again for some months...
paritala ravi in an interview said about the situation at those times...
his brother was killed in middle of a mela in front nearly 20 police ppl
and some 300 crowd... by the night the police came to him with an arrest
warrant on him as he killed his own brother when he just arrived from hyd
for the funeral..
Jkpresentz on May 13, 2012
i swear this song deserve an oscar.. Best voilence song eva
Vinayak S on June 11, 2012
In all fairness to Karan Johar, he still has a few hundred years to be
reborn and make movies that could even come close to the cinematic genius
of RGV.
kopuma on August 20, 2012
It suits Karachi
paranoiacgirls on February 08, 2013
one of the best, really...
rajkishore patro on May 27, 2013
RGV we love you.
vinurom on July 18, 2013
It really happened man, search for "Paritala Ravi Murder" in youtube, Vivek
oberoyi portrayed Paritala ravi of Andhra. Each and every sequences in this
movie was taken from the real incident happened in Anantapur district of
Andhra. Even after the release of this movie,the real bloodshed is
continuing, the Character Surya(Suryabhan Reddy) was killed by Paritala
ravi's Son. It may become the 3rd part,don't know.
Karan Bhardwaj on July 19, 2013
plus paritala ravi was killed in a car bomb blast.he wasnt a
bit weird.
Gessler IDF on July 19, 2013
Ravi WAS shot. The car bomb attack happened earlier, but he survived it.
Just as in the movie.
Gessler IDF on July 19, 2013
Yes he was shot but not by Suri, but by one called Moddu Sreenu (Julakanti
Srinivas Reddy), and a few other cronies. They lobbed smoke bombs into the
crowd and escaped in the confusion. Most of the thugs that actually shot
Ravi are now dead. They were killed while in remand or while serving
sentence. Suri was recently killed.
Karan Bhardwaj on July 20, 2013
kindly go and google it..he was killed in a car bomb after which he was
brutally shot numerous times to confirm that whether he was killed or
not.get you facts correct
Karan Bhardwaj on July 20, 2013
quote from wiki.."Paritala Ravindra, was killed in a crude bomb attack
in Anantapur town on 24 January 2005. The assailants, lying in wait, hurled
bombs at him as soon as he came out of the TDP office in the town after
attending a meeting. He died on the spot, while several others, including
his gunmen and private security guards were injured. Paritala Ravindra's
supporters alleged the hand of his Congress rivals behind the murder.[3]"
Gessler IDF on July 20, 2013
No he did not die because of the bombs. Wikipedia is wrong at that point.
It is true the assailants hurled crude bombs (which were actually
smoke-dispensing bombs packed with a small amount of explosive in them in
order to spread the smoke out quickly). The bombs were really not lethal
enough to kill anyone on the spot. The bombs were to throw the crowd into
chaos while the assailants pulled out guns and shot him (infact they spent
the prior 6-7 hrs practicing with guns at a hillock nearby).
Gessler IDF on July 20, 2013 of Ravi's bodyguards was also killed due to gunshot. The
Congress govt. gave Ravi 60-65 yr old bodyguards, with guns that don't
work. Infact Ravi and his men were better capable of defending themselves
than those "bodyguards" govt. gave them!!
Gessler IDF on July 20, 2013
Dude, I am a member of TDP and I have friends who were known to Ravi. There
was no confusion that he was shot first, the bombs came out later, in order
to facilitate the gang's escape amid the chaos.
vinurom on July 25, 2013
Actually Wiki gives wrong info in this matter, the assailants just threw
tiny bombs to create a violent situation and to remove the gunmen of
Ravi,One of the assailant Moddu Seenu alias sreenivasa reddy later
surrendered & claimed that he actually shot Paritala Ravi,(Ajaz Khan as
moddu seenu in the movie),Postmortem report and the images of his dead body
shows the same thing.
Karan Bhardwaj on July 25, 2013
he actually shot him many times after he was already dead to confirm his
death..that im sure of 100%
Diksha Naidu on November 20, 2014
Awesome very aggressive song
Lavanya lavu on December 15, 2014
superbbbbb! surya's body & singer awesome
Vikash Kumar on December 01, 2015
I have seen the movie.
Vikash Kumar on December 01, 2015
I have seen the movie. I think it's the best movie of 2010
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