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Comments on song "Milte Hi Aankhen Dil Hua Diwana Kisi Ka"
shakamoon on September 18, 2008
what a nice song composed by naushad, thanks for sharing
Tariqpir11 on November 22, 2008
naushad is unparalleled. No one has been able to get closer to him. Masster of melody. Look how he explores "raagni" in Shamahaads voice
magraoleibe on March 20, 2009
muit-0o lokaa .a versa0o do mato seco aindaa muit0o mais apampaaaaa
humraaz786 on June 03, 2009
Talat the great.Nice number.Thanks.
ParagSamant on August 04, 2009
Just beautiful... Shamshad Begum's voice contrasts so beautifully with Talat's!
asattarkhan on August 05, 2009
thanks sunjay and yuan for your information.
yuanyuanyuanyin on August 05, 2009
You are most welcome, my friend.
That is the "spirit" we have been having among our friendly viewers like Sanjay. They help others.

The reason being that these best songs [of 50's to late 70's] are been watched by viewers with Golden Hearts!!!
TheMixedBredTomboy on September 11, 2009
Who ever loves Naushad , buy The Genius of Naushad. I love that cd And Shamshad Begum
MrSameer144 on December 15, 2009
nice song..sameer nizami
Mina Joshi on December 18, 2009
fantastic song.
ragrao6707 on March 17, 2010
This is a typical Naushad saab's music score. I love them. He was alive till recently. I like his lovely music...Raghu
evadoentoo on March 28, 2010
i used to like this song since my childhood( still in 20s) specially the words " haste hi na aajaye kahin aankhonme aasun" .. great lyrics.. guess its Shakeel Badayuni the lyricist
Hussain Al Sajwani on March 30, 2010
Dilip Kumar (the great) Talat Mahmood's silken voice and the great composer
who teamed them all "Naushad Ali". What a combination of melody, voice,
acting. Those were the Golden Days of Indian Cinema.
TheDesertsanddune on April 05, 2010
wah wah
thanks for sharing such a beautiful melodious song
it is sooo melodious and sooooooooo sweet it can cause of diabetes
wah bhai wah
yuanyuanyuanyin on April 09, 2010
- My dear friend, Thank YOU for your extremely kind words. I appreciate that very much.
May God bless you and take care.
swapss90 on April 14, 2010
yuanyuanyuanyin. u r a sweetheart. thanks for posting such videos. my family loves all ur uploaded songs... where do u get such classics that according to my grandmother are lost from her memory long ago and my granny is 75.
yuanyuanyuanyin on April 14, 2010
- My dear young friend, I have just made a long reply to your other comment. Pls read that to your Grand parents.

I suggest you something. Please copy these videos and keep them in your computer for your Grand parents to listen when ever they feel like. It is safe that way since our "life" here at You Tube is uncertain due to [false] copyright issues.

If you need to know ant easy/free/safe software, please let me know and I will tell you every thing.
May God bless all of you.
araniees on April 18, 2010
You should have added " Munawar Sulthana : Usha " , as that lady singing with Dilip is Munawar- Arani Apparao-Hyderabad-AP
Harvinder Bakshi on May 13, 2010
The songs are not being used for commercial purposes. Then why this copyright uncertainity for the song posted on YT? Anyway, thankx for posting this melodious oldie. Any song I want, I get it on your page. That's fabulous !!!
yuanyuanyuanyin on May 13, 2010
- Thank you my dear friend for your kind words. I am honoured.
Also thank you for expressing your views on a worthy cause.

What happened was that, after writing to many "authorities", big firms like Rajshri, Shemaroo, Ultra, Yash Raj etc were kind enough to change their earlier policies and NOW we can post their songs with their consent.

Now, the real problem lies with some mischief makers who claim copyright for unknown reasons!
Hopefully, we all will overcome that too!
Thank you.
sachinv on May 16, 2010
babul means dad/father and not father's house
yuanyuanyuanyin on May 16, 2010
- Thank you, my friend.
With the new set up at You Tube after their major update, even I can not make out whether you are replying to another friend. So confusing!
zeronamazi on May 21, 2010
Father's House is more appropriate translation even though it may not be the most accurate. Girls refer to their ancestral (father's) home as babul, but don't address their dads as babul.
sachinv on May 21, 2010
hmm.. i dont know about that. Babul might surely be out of fashion for addressing dads but babul is surely not father's house. Think lyrics: "Chhod babul ka ghar..." or "Babul ki duwaen leti jaa" So I dont agree with your statement that it is more appropriate. Also, dont know where you saw the ancestral home being referred to as babul (that is surely not something I have heard anytime before.
RealMusicKing on June 10, 2010
There was a Music Director named "Babul". Would it translate to "Father" or "Father's house".

The song is a superb composition of Naushad. One of his personal favorites along with all of us. Very romantic, very melodius and very Talat's silky voice-like. Yuan did it again. Where is she these days. I haven't heard from her all week. Don't tell me she quit. God I hope not. If she quits, no more gems online. Yuan, please don't quit.
yuanyuanyuanyin on June 10, 2010
- No my dear friend, I am very much alive and kicking! LOL.
Just posted a popular old musical [English] for a change!
tantejsuk on June 14, 2010
I would have thought, 'babul' meant something connected with childhood or birth home. Dad,father, mother, mom has nothing to do with it.
010904050 on June 27, 2010
I have loved this song since my primary school. One of our teachers used to sing this song in morning prayer sessions. I hope you all remember those days when the first thing in morning was whole school gathering for prayer before regular schooling starts. It was much later that learned that it was a duet!!
Thank you Yuan for the upload.
dancegalore on July 28, 2010
what a beautiful song, can i please have some one translate for me !
Sriram Sundararajan on August 01, 2010
superb song and great singing by Talat and Shamshad
abaswara on August 11, 2010
nice old favorite...

sheikhwaris on October 11, 2010
Magic absolute magic
Nasir Hashmi on October 20, 2010
taht is very good of talat mehmood and shamshad begum i like this song very
much in this song dilip kumar is very god
Aijaz Ali Soomro on October 23, 2010
What a nice song! my driver's dialing tune.
TheSagaranil on November 24, 2010
i cant tell about this song i feel like heaven. grrrrrrrrrrrrt song, singer, musician, salam to all of u. yuan tum sada raho jawan. thnx
vijay jamwal on November 25, 2010
O jadugar Talat itni mithas kahan se laye tum shamshad ke saath gaana gazab dha raha hai.
Transsiva on November 26, 2010
Haste hee na jaye kahi aankho me aansoo. What a song. Great feeling
halvskegge on November 27, 2010
@halvskegge correction. : fine song. not much piano innit, though. and it looks like the gentleman's makin' love to himself
halvskegge on November 27, 2010
@halvskegge correction. : fine song. not much piano innit, though. and it looks like the gentleman's makin' love to himself. .1:37 onwards
Vipin283 on January 03, 2011
One of Best songs of Talatji andd Shamshadji, also nice music in this. Thanks upload clear quality.
sunilpilani on January 19, 2011
everything is heart touching in this song.
NANDI KHANNA on January 26, 2011
BABUL minus dilip kumar&naushad had nothing much to offer but still it ran for 108 full weeks at bombays liberty cinema.
zainulprocess on March 21, 2011
wow both r shamshaji and talat sahab they sing this song exilent
Mansoor Charaniya on April 01, 2011
who is the actress?
GuleBachaa007 on April 05, 2011
wow.I can not get tired of this song..this is the best song I have ever heard..Talat Mahmood and shamshad begum two legends.thank, dear firend for uploading.
OLDMUSICLATA on April 23, 2011
Excellent song by Shamshad Begum and Talatjee.
ard1010 on April 30, 2011
Awesome song. Dilip kumar is young and lively. A madhubala or Nargis in place of this heroine would have taken the song to another level. Thanks for the upload.
Azharhashmi1000 on May 01, 2011
as you know about this song is very old but no body can say that is died because the old songs are never die always alive ..this kind song are very painful and killing feeling for us..
achulliyil on June 04, 2011
This is Munnawar Sultana with Dilip kumar
sabir esquire on June 12, 2011
This is my favorite song, plz visit us to see our video at esquiresabir chanel at
Thanks and Regards

Sabir / Chennai
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