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Comments on song "Mitti Se Khelate Ho Baar Baar Kis Liye"
zentels on February 26, 2010
Good 1 heard this song first time like it :)
come2knowme on April 08, 2010
nice song..we too collected few melodies in come2knowme
karatelooks on July 21, 2010
one of the most beautiful songs by shailendra
rameshpuri1 on July 21, 2010
this is one of the most beautiful songs written by masterpoet shailendra. ,
rameshpuri1 on July 26, 2010
great song great music and great direction by amiya chakrvarti...see attentively how usha kiran looks above as if complaning to god that you made us from mitti and now you are playing with helpless creatures like us. made of mitti...shailendra was soul of shanker jaikishan's music.
Rmehtacpa on September 11, 2010
Though may not be one of my top most favourites, what caught my attention in this song is very light sound of the background flute precisely @ 1:26 then at 2.21 and then at 3.08 while completing the stanzas, the very flute is completely absent in the final stanza where is could have sounded @ 4.02 but no (except for very faint sound of piano instaed) and that was perhpas a signal that the song is ending. So knowledgable, dedicated, detailed and precise were the MDs and artists of those days.
parmar75 on November 04, 2010
@Rmehtacpa hats off to you sir. how precise is ur observetion.this clearly shows that u r quiet a knowledgable person in music. i salute ur sense .
parmar75 on November 05, 2010
the interlude music reminds the interlude music of juhi ki kali meri ladli. no offence both r composed by great shanker jaikishen .
softsoul123 on November 25, 2010
Parmarji in SJ's compositions you will see it in so many films. In Awara the background theme music is so melodious with 'O basanti pawan pagal .'.
Rmehtacpa on November 28, 2010
parmar75 on November 28, 2010
@softsoul123 that for sure dear . SJ's was a class of its own. no one can match their skills.
BharatGul on December 02, 2010
One of the most moving complaints to gods from a helpless woman about her unfair fate. Lataji vocally and Usha Kiran visually tear our hearts out. The soft flute seems to be sobbing in commiseration with Usha Kiran. Thanks for this beloved post.
kchopra4080able on December 06, 2010
God has given a certain capacity to humans: of complaining a heart out at one time and also of deliriously thanking Him for His blessings at the other. But doing it in manner of Usha Kiran and with a voice of Lataji, even He would sit with a rapt attention and assist out as quickly as possible. Or so one would think.
rameshpuri1 on December 09, 2010
this beautiful sad song from patita the outcast,was written by of the greatest songwriters of hindi cinema shailendra..the film was directed by amiya the song usha kiran addresses god ..she copmlains and laments that made us humanbeing from fistful of earth and then uou are playing with claytoys..what a remarkable creation this song is
ShahYasin on January 11, 2011
A nice song ,a complain from God by a poor helpless woman

ShahYasin on January 11, 2011
A nice song ,a complain from God by a poor helpless woman
Thanx for sharing this rare song

nnilima1 on March 31, 2011
thanks for uploading this lovely song.
arjay4419 on April 04, 2011
Thanks the lovely song retrieve the old memories some one who loved this song and passed away so many years ago came in and leave a message of her ever lasting love
rameshkuruganti1 on May 02, 2011
Dear Arjay Sab!
I am 68.I do not know if you are older or I am. But when you said the song retrieved your old sad memories of some one who loved this song and passed away, it retrieved memories of our beloved father and maternal uncle who were lovers of old songs. Do not misu/s me; if have no objection, I request you to share your cherished memories of your loved one. with me, like an autobiography Let us be friends. until HE calls one of us earlier Ml ID
Rajendra Oza on August 08, 2012
"Toote huye khilaunon se pyaar kis liye...?! A marvelous upload as always
my dear friend Uday ji !! An excellent rendition by Lata ji and very
sentimental lyrics by Shailendra ji. A great composition by SJ. Thank you
so much for the full version of the song along with Hemant Da's "Raghupati
Raghav Raja Ram..." and the accurate lyrics. A unique upload in your
inimitable style ! Regards, "RK"
sarlata20 on August 08, 2012
Dear UDAY Ji. Extremely beautiful song with very touching lyrics by
SHAILENDRA Ji. Dear LATA Ji sings brilliantly with so much feelings of Dard
USHA KIRAN JI gives full justice to this very sad but beautiful song with
her excellent facial expressions. M.D. Shanker Jaikishan Ji 's another gem
for music lovers. Your video presentation is as usual Brilliant.
Thanks.Thumbs Up. Bless you. Sarla.
mastkalandr on August 10, 2012
Truly said..every one in this song is classy this song's lyrics always gave
me immense peace whenever and where ever i heard this divine song... Thanks
my dear friend Rk ! for sharing my small tribute to..
mastkalandr on August 10, 2012
Well said..everything in this touchy song is classy.. the singing ,the
lyrics and as you have pointed out facial expressions of the actress Uaha
Kiron.. Believe me dear friend this song always gave me immense peace
whenever and where ever i heard ..,Thanks liking and appreciation..
mastkalandr on August 10, 2012
It's my pleasure.. Thanks for sharing my small tribute..Enjoy
Ravindra Mathur on May 22, 2013
Simply Superb..
Ajay Bhuta on July 25, 2013
Superb heart touching song of Lataji n I heard this after vary very long
time n for giving me opporchunity for hearing as well as good video watch
of this song Mastkalandr
Srinivasan Channiga on September 17, 2013
Parallels with 'Suno choti si gudiya ki lambi kahani' of Seema (1955)-
another great by the same duo.
Suresh Lotlikar on September 18, 2013
Thanks a lot Mr mastkalandr for your brilliant video.The song and the music
leaves me in a trance whenever i listen to it.Pl. keep up the good work.
mastkalandr on September 18, 2013
You are welcome, Thanks for sharing.
mastkalandr on September 18, 2013
Truly said.., Thanks for sharing .
mastkalandr on September 18, 2013
You are welcome, Thanks for sharing my small tribute..
Srinivasan Channiga on September 19, 2013
Thanks mastkalandr ji.
Jagjit Singh Ishar on October 08, 2013
Heard this Lata ji Hemant version after a long spell. Usha Kiran wailing in
anguish over her lost chastity in the movie. Nice composition.
mastkalandr on October 08, 2013
Thanks for sharing.
DR ARTI SAHAI on August 08, 2014
the scenario of present times
love this song
thx for upload
DR ARTI SAHAI on January 30, 2015
lov this .
DR ARTI SAHAI on March 02, 2015
international women"s day ..8 march ..respect 
DR ARTI SAHAI on March 17, 2015
hope people get the meaning of this superb song
DR ARTI SAHAI on April 06, 2015
a great favorite of mine 
DR ARTI SAHAI on May 22, 2015
kitna sach
DR ARTI SAHAI on June 20, 2015
no comments on this exquisite one ?.its a favorite i can never
DR ARTI SAHAI on June 27, 2015
vasudev kowlagi on July 16, 2015
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