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Comments on song "Mohabbatein Lutaunga (Winning Performance)"
roshaniiii on April 22, 2007
he is tha best!! and soow cute much better then Amit Sana. Abhijeet rocks!!
eash khatri on July 11, 2007
roshniii If u feel the voice and talent then Amit Sana is much better
eash khatri on July 11, 2007
roshniii If u feel the voice and talent then Amit Sana is much better
prince jonas on October 21, 2007
this was the best song for me Abhi u was great and i think you deserve to
win Idian Idol,it took away my depression...i always wanted to meet u. I
went special to see your show in South Africa at carnival city
Boksburg...but you have changed.
B4A2 on January 04, 2008
Abhijeet should have sung this kind of song in asian idol...I'm sure he
would have won
phulrakata on May 03, 2008
the most deserving indian idol ABHIJEET SAWANT. just PERFECT. his singing,
his looks etc,,all perfect!! this is called an IDOL.
AmirMullick on May 11, 2008
Abhijeet is truly an idol. He loves everyone, he is nice to everyone, and
he is the best person who has ever been given a high standing in life from
nowhere, and yet, still a nice person.
nileshsth on May 27, 2008
you have amazing voice,abhijeet rocks
artist1402 on May 31, 2008
type Abhijeet Sawant then go through Abhijeet first album; the video
quality is not that good but this song rocks
Rea Patel on June 04, 2008
he is so cute,and is a very good singer!
Shefanie Guman on June 05, 2008
i looooooooooooveee this song reminds me on my best best best friend Shenaz
we used to listen it non stop every morning on the way walking to school
janice2394 on June 25, 2008
he has a wife? he look so young!
janice2394 on June 25, 2008
edit to the last comment, i just noticed: he looks* so young and he has
such a nice voice!
sangeeth666 on July 03, 2008
can any1 plsss send me da karoake for dis song???:S!!
flowerscent on July 18, 2008
thanks djheavymettel, my fren 4 ever,nice to meet u
hudanaaz on July 23, 2008
nice song...and he is a very good singer
charmyshah001 on July 31, 2008
it is frm abhijeet's album sorry i dont no the name of the album:)
Rabia Nasim on August 21, 2008
where can i find thiss songg? whats it called?
Kunj Patel on September 20, 2008
Oh swear dwon dis is too sik . i listened to it lky 100 times . best song i
wud say
Kunj Patel on October 04, 2008
the bst bit is wen both of them starts singin toghther . Too sik man .
thnks riky ptel for uploadin .
shaizyglobaldolphin on October 26, 2008
please watch the most beautiful song.Kahan Mile Woh typing
mahmoodkhanvideos on search.
shweta bedekar on December 20, 2008
i love this song i was looking for this video for very long thanx for
putting this
Navneet Khera on January 28, 2009
Isn't this abhijeet's own song? I love it! So wonderful!
vachalh on January 31, 2009
he has really sung very melodious
inuyasharoxs05 on February 16, 2009
Navneet Khera on February 19, 2009
By far one of the best songs and best singers I have ever heard! Both are
keepers! When I am in a bad mood, this song can totally lift up my mood!
ranabimlale on March 02, 2009
wow love it abhijeet.
Hana Kay on March 10, 2009
oh i luv this song he has such a good voice ahhhh luv u
cabby124 on May 29, 2009
omg i was looking for this like forever god i love this song and abhijeet
thanks for posting...
khan on January 12, 2010
what a nice song, im luvin it
Kaniz Azad on January 30, 2010
rlly awesome <3
eisobki66 on February 27, 2010
good song.
varsityjonasfan on May 16, 2010
omgg he's got the world's amazing voice <3 abhijeeeetttt
Incognito6543 on May 18, 2010
he's quite hot, too :)
Raju Maharjan Shrestha on August 12, 2010
awesome! song beautifully sung.. some body post composer and lyrics of this
ribsnorter on August 13, 2010
i used to like amit sana more when i followed it yrs back .but now after
hearin them again, i realize that tho amit had a fantastic voice, the thing
that made abhijeet better was the fact that there was a lot of soul in his
songs ...
raatri1981 on November 13, 2010
All d assertion of any struggling but sincere person has been expressed
here! amazing new song of that year, i m sure! i heard it many
Bhavee Seechurn on June 01, 2011
15 dislikes???duh...
napour on June 20, 2011
he is voice of chamar...good to see people are doing well...Proud to be
Abha Sharma on August 12, 2011
India Idol 1 was by far the best season..remaining ones have been ok
kinda... i love how Abhijeet lets Amit sing along with him towards end and
how both of them were lifted up by others..
Bijay Rai on September 01, 2011
i like this songs guys
Bijay Rai on September 01, 2011
i like this songs guys
suhweety on December 22, 2011
Love this song !
Bijay Rai on July 20, 2012
i like this song
Varsha Singh on September 09, 2012
Does anyone know the name of his first album ? Please tell me (" ",)
tanvi agharwal on July 28, 2013
i am listening to this song in 2013 at the time when he was singing i was
in 2 class and now i am listening too this song lovely song love this
Nishtha Bhushan on August 21, 2013
Abhijeet is a best singer.awesum song my!!!!
Nishtha Bhushan on November 05, 2013
Har song motivate karta hai. Songs se zindagi beat ho jati...superb song
...hats off sir..
Ishita Sharma on April 19, 2014
Love abhijeet Swant soo much specially this song ❤️
Harshad Rathod on June 01, 2014
plz improve quality yaar!!
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