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Comments on song "Moner Manush"
Anupam Enosh on October 04, 2015
Track of the month. 'Aamar moner maanush' khubi bhalo laaglo. Thanks for
such an awesome song...
Hetav Bhatt on October 04, 2015
Awesome composition. What a blend of bengali folk with a dissolved
translation by Javed Akhtar. Hats off!!!
joe parker on October 04, 2015
wowwwww awesoome..
Souvik Gupta on October 04, 2015
Satyaki da awesome,great stuff Anupom da
Shantanu Dey on October 04, 2015
Spellbound. awesome mix
#Bengaliana Rocks
Daisy Singh on October 04, 2015
I wish there was more of Babul! Amazing!
Barnana Sen on October 04, 2015
Only world is Oh my god.this is an another great composition in coke
studio..the arrangements are too good.
Anshuman Biswas on October 04, 2015
Love how the tension built up in the middle, leading to the beautiful
Violin solo !!
Abhishek Saha on October 04, 2015
Bengali Folk song Rock with Hindi translate Version Anupam Roy, Satyaki
Banerjee & Babul Supriyo
Subhajit Bepari on October 04, 2015
amazing.অসাধারণ অনুপম দা বাবুল দা
bappaditya chandra on October 04, 2015
Arunabha Mitra on October 04, 2015
darun .darun
Arunabha Mitra on October 04, 2015
hats off ...
Shohag Biswas on October 04, 2015
লালন সাঁই <3 great works !
Sazzad Saz on October 04, 2015
Amader Lalon
Alekhya Das on October 04, 2015
some people won't like it, but this is how fusion actually works. Well
Sir Casm on October 04, 2015
Bengali songs = Roshogolla. ^_^
Shantanu Mukhopadhyay on October 04, 2015
WoW aupam..a new blending essence of our traditional bong folk song &
soft-rock... a diff type of genre altogether...loved it.. fabulous..
Aditi Podder on October 04, 2015
Ritam Bhattacharjee on October 05, 2015
really astonishing
Cosmic Nightfall on October 05, 2015
Too sweet n soulful... khoob bhalo laglo :) but babul supriyo part could
have been left out...
Dipta Das on October 05, 2015
jst Asadharon. :)
Debanondo Das on October 05, 2015
মিলন হবে কতদিনে...।
আমার মনের মানুষেরও সনে...
অসাধারণ অনুপম দা বাবুল দা
Vishal Aaditya Kundu on October 05, 2015
Hetav Bhatt on October 05, 2015
Definitely in the list of best songs of CS4 India.
Arunava Banerjee on October 05, 2015
I think the Hindi part by Babul Supriyo has not added anything extra to the
song, rest of the song is simply awesome, by far the best baul fusion from
Coke Studio... The translated hindi song by Javed Akhter would be a good
separate track... Joy Guru Satyakida, khub bhalo...
Subal Mandal on October 05, 2015
talented music composer anupom roy and he should get much more
opportunities in national level
Sharanya Munsi on October 05, 2015
The attempt to bollywoodize the song with Anupam's hindi lyrics kills the
whole essence and also the purpose of Coke Studio.
Tamanna Tamanna on October 05, 2015
Uff... this is not done... not at all... i was so much into the first
part... why is it so important to experiment with everything!
Joyosree Acharjee on October 05, 2015
#Anupom da your song is always soulful &lovely . #Rabithakur &#Lalon love
both of you .
Kuntal Goswami on October 06, 2015
except the hindi pronunciation everything is soulful and amazing about this
Srijani roy choudhury on October 06, 2015
Heart hitting...we all pine to see our love.awesome execution.
Nilanjana Choudhuri on October 06, 2015
Ultimate vocals... loved all of them! So proud...
Soumayan Dutta on October 06, 2015
Satyaki Banerjee here has been a Gupi Gayen who just doesn't let the
listener leave midway. Splendid !
Kashyap Pandit on October 06, 2015
Finally a song that i like on season 4 .. After Piku's soundtrack anupam
roy's another master piece comes.
Sometimes I say Okay to myself without any reason on October 06, 2015
Satyaki da gola chhere gawar shomoy mood e eshe gele Anupam dhorteo partoh
na. Kothay Satyakida kothay banra Anupam.
Nilanjana Choudhuri on October 06, 2015
Its playing in loop...:)
Suman Samui on October 06, 2015
It's enthralling and beautiful rendition..
Anushri Banerji on October 06, 2015
awesome awesome just awesome anupam roy's music is so soulful
Subal Mandal on October 06, 2015
dam good
Nahian Islam on October 06, 2015
It would be more more soulful if no Hindi lyrics added on it.
Hassan Ali on October 06, 2015
waste of time
Jiya Sharma on October 06, 2015
it would have been more soulful if it was today in Hindi
Mirza Khaled on October 07, 2015
Nice compo... Lalon has lots and lots of song like this... We the bangali
should have take some this kind of step on fusion. To show the world
what we have...
Bangali folk song has really a different dimension. As its a fusion compo,
so be some person will not like but if anyone like the fusion work, then I
think we have to agree they made a good job.
Dipanwita Banerjee on October 07, 2015
awsmeee... good blending... I like all the part...
Debabrata Roy Debu on October 07, 2015
Rishabh Da Joy Rock ...Different Taste...
Nominal on October 08, 2015
'The Song talks about the separation of two lovers and their impatience to
unite' !!!!!! really ? dear Coke Studio ? please change your description.
Its not about worldly love. Its about the internal relationship between you
and your unknown creator (if there any). Lalon Fakir seeks that eternal
creator through his song and by 'Moner Manush' he meant this eternal non
religious GOD.
Sunita Ray on October 08, 2015
Excellent, loved it.
Sagar Sharif Kaiser on October 08, 2015
nice composition
Tanmoy Mondal on October 08, 2015
Awasome presentation. Really heart touching combination. Thanks to all.
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