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Comments on song "Mukhtasar Mulakat Hai, Ankahi Koi Baat Hai"
Venky srk on May 02, 2012
dnt comment on pc she is born to be actress
Misszkhan1 on May 02, 2012
I even think the movie is like LPNY!
Hana James on May 02, 2012
@Atiebrahimi70 I agree
DrIndira Chakraborty on May 02, 2012
What a fantastic song !!SO FRESH,YOUNG YET SOULFULL & MELODIUS.Iam a grt
lover of this kind of melodius,light romantic songs which we will keep on
humming.The songs which stays with us.Beautifull,passionate,lovely
chemistry of SHAHID & PRIYANKA is a true add-on 4 viewers& lovers.SPREAD
Misszkhan1 on May 02, 2012
Song I like! picturization still gettin used to!
DrIndira Chakraborty on May 02, 2012
As every one is asking Mukhtasar means short,brief, by chance etc.Here
after viewing the video of the song it appears that a sudden,by chance
meeting which occured coincidentally is meant here.This song says that if u
r meeting a person somehow or the other co-incidentally then know that
something is there which is leading to these chance meeting.LOVELY CONCEPT
ks8can on May 02, 2012
he also cant be compared to salman who is much better than both and
brilliant :D
Athul Nandan on May 02, 2012
Awesme. !! Superbb !!
CRAZZZZYMUNDA on May 02, 2012
gulshan kumar on May 02, 2012
it luks like kismat konnection!!!!!!!!!!!
samar khan on May 02, 2012
Awesome! although it takes me time to like a song but i liked this
instantly Shahid and PC share v good chemistry look great together
wingsuiter101 on May 02, 2012
I like what PC does at 2:08!... quite natural
Kashif Butt on May 02, 2012
bad singing..nice tune..
prerna bundel on May 02, 2012
wat a song totaly love it
Sovan Sannigrahi on May 02, 2012
I love that song...waiting for the song release
manan bhatt on May 02, 2012
nice song... but not at that extreme to make people crazy...
MsSerious123 on May 02, 2012
Sounds like that song from KANK!!!! Anyone agree?
Ольга Венцель on May 02, 2012
magic melody!
gulshan kumar on May 02, 2012
@msserious123 no yaar KANK songs is so melodies nd good !!!!!...this songs
luks like song from kismat konnection!!!!..but d singer voice doesnt
match with shahid.@njjal yup mohit chauhan wud hav been better for
Hana 2581 on May 02, 2012
Good song but they should change the singer
DrIndira Chakraborty on May 02, 2012
Mukhtasar mulakat hai..ankahi koi baat hai MEANS a brief meeting
occuring repeatedly by chance.many things r left unsaid.Perfect
notes 4 the film as sometimes when u r truely in LOVE many things remain in
ur heart unsaid.What so even if u meet in 3 lifetimes?Still there will b
some things which will remain unsaid.What do u think guys?
asad ishfaq on May 02, 2012
really a lovely song as well as movie
Ольга Венцель on May 02, 2012
What place here Salman to the Shahid?. Your Salman should play already
fathers, instead of heroes of lovers! Shahid of bravo! Ukraine and Russia
love you!
Shahid Kapoor FC Peru on May 02, 2012
Shahid're so wonderful, do not know how we missed this your Shanatics, are
the best and always will be!!! We love you Sasha!!!
Яра Сочнева on May 02, 2012
Super!!!!!! Good Luck Shahid and Pryanka!!!!! All the best fo Teri Meri
Suchitra Malvankar on May 02, 2012
love this song. also cant wait to see this movie :D
Palwinder Sahota on May 02, 2012
@55sourv tottally agree with u!
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
shahid is any day better than srk. he can not b compared 2 Salman. Salman
is the most loved indian superstar.
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
shut up.salman is 40+ actor.but still he looks great so shut ur mouth..
salmaanb18 on May 02, 2012
Mixed feelings about the promo. The song is decent but it doesn't go with
the visuals. PC's lips and Shahid's hair were distracting (not in a good
sameerology on May 02, 2012
Vino sitas on May 02, 2012
where is this recorded? Really can't place it anywhere?
jessyy101ILY on May 02, 2012
i love it <3 i just wanna cry now
Hana 2581 on May 02, 2012
The movie looks good but the song is also good but they should have got a
better singer for the song Always LOVE shahid kapoor and priyanka!!! They
also look great!!! Together
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
good song.
Yasir Zaman on May 02, 2012
318 likes, 47 dislikes = 304 get it Einstein :P
mohima21 on May 02, 2012
Wajid of the director duo sajid-wajid, if im not wrong (:
mohima21 on May 02, 2012
Omg Shahid and Priyanka look soooo adorable together!! Can't wait to watch
the movie <3 Can foresee another superhit from SHAHID (: xx
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
tu jake apne srgay fans ko samjha...har kisi se problems hai srgay ke
chakko ko.ugly bandar hai srk..
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
salman is not manuulative like srk.neither he is calculative about his
career.may b that's why he has seen so many downfalls. srk pays media buys
awards & then insults other superstars.whats his problem.can't handle the
heat or what?? he is totally shameless loser..
aatikiakhandala1 on May 02, 2012
are u kidding me mate i wont compare shahrukh and salman.. both have their
fan following which is huge.. but shahrukh's fan following is far more than
salman you cannot deny it.. don't just count India... if u r saying he buys
people he cannot buy millions of hearts everywhere in the world..!
Amjad Shah on May 02, 2012
bakwas songs
Dimpu Vyas on May 02, 2012
looks not so promising..! Must be same old love story! break up and patch
Dimpu Vyas on May 02, 2012
why this Mukhtasar di Mukhtasar di! really bad song!
MayaMah on May 02, 2012
Song is Ok ... I don't like it much... n to be honest theres some bunch of
overacting in this song ...!!!! hope its only in this song n not in the
whole movie... otherwise priyanka is looking gorgeous (besides the
overacting) n shahid lookin way to hot <3
Hana 2581 on May 02, 2012
Why is everyone camparing shahid to shahrukh???? Shahid is good and
shahrukh is good. There's no need to compare them!!! Shahrukh is like a
league in Bollywood and even thou shahid hasn't done as many films as
shahrukh, he's already being called the shahrukh khan of this generation.
Aniket Deshmukh on May 02, 2012
Sourav Roy on May 02, 2012
salman has more fan following.people loves him.u can't deny that
MrDgain07 on May 02, 2012
Love the songs just waiting to watch the movie too excited :) lov ew shAhid
iron232 on May 02, 2012
Why on earth are you talking about SRK and Salman on here? GTFO!
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