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Comments on song "Mukhtasar Mulakat Hai, Ankahi Koi Baat Hai"
nkhan17 on May 02, 2012
Damn i have been waiting for this song for sooooo long...mukhtasar mulaqaat
mein hi mohabbat ho gayi thi...
rahmansyeda on May 02, 2012
Replay modee! lovee this songg! .singing away #mukhtasar now! Mukhtasar
mulakar hai; ankahi koi baat hai; Mausam yeh kehta hai..bheege andheron
mein dubki lagaatein
Neha Jaiswal on May 02, 2012
awesome. song. can't wait for the movie
TheShamrita on May 02, 2012
Also waaaay older :P, but priyanka looks also older then shahid !
Neha Jaiswal on May 02, 2012
this is in the 2012 year
mohannad maglad on May 02, 2012
awesome song!!!
R Das on May 02, 2012
was waiting eagerly for this song, it sounded awesome in the trailer, but
sadly its really really disappointing and quite average..
Yasar Khalid on May 02, 2012
Best of 2012 till now !!!
Priyankafanno1 on May 02, 2012
how boring could the song be and these two uff no chemistry
leah on May 02, 2012
Whats with all the dislikes? awesome song ! been waiting for it since i
heard it in the trailer. looving it !
ritika singh on May 02, 2012
awwwwww i love this song.. so mushy :)
mp3hungamaa on May 02, 2012
Just like priyanks's top says. "Music is good"
llJ613Pll on May 02, 2012
I'm not going to lie, the song sounded awesome in the trailer but this is
so disappointing. The vocals don't even go with the music beats! He's
singing in a slow and classical manner and the music is club-like and fast
paced. Sounds like a remix than an original. In the trailer it seemed like
there was so much potential but, sadly... this is just plain average.. if
even that..
xoxo7yed on May 02, 2012
after watching the trailer I was super excited for this song to come! the
music is so upbeat but the lyrics :/ aaah!! i hate this! i want a remix
version nowww!!
Chisel Bhatia on May 02, 2012
oh Shahid!!! you are gonna miss Pritam's music so badly in this movie...
nell221291 on May 02, 2012
Erm Danoninou why the -3? O.o
nell221291 on May 02, 2012
Dana! Tu l'as mis deux fois ton -3 are you serious?! You better come up
with a good explanation lol :-P
nell221291 on May 02, 2012
Loved it!!! Shayanka is defo one of my best jodi ever! Can't wait to see
the full movie *__* Pc is so adorable and Shahid looks so cute <3 <3 Even
the song is on repeat mode since they both tweeted the link this morning
votfor123451 on May 02, 2012
I m 305th viewer.
Tayymur Hassaan on May 02, 2012
expected too much of this track wen heard it in trailer .. song isnt bad
but dunno it doesn look like the one in trailer
basslat chami on May 02, 2012
wowwwwwwwwww imazing song
basslat chami on May 02, 2012
i loe you shahidddddddddddddddddddddd
Hana 2581 on May 02, 2012
This song is good but it doesn't sound the same as the one in the trailer.
Maybe it's a different version or something. Anyways love shahid- priyanka
Jodi!!!!!! They could be the next shahrukh- kajol
basslat chami on May 02, 2012
excellent song! The Shahid – the Prince from the fairy tale!
Tayymur Hassaan on May 02, 2012
guys this isntt remix .. its the same track that was used in trailer ..from
02:16 the same lyrics was used in the trailer .. disappointed :((
virensareen1 on May 02, 2012
lool cant wait for the next promo now
OneLuv on May 03, 2012
Lovee pc for everrr
naureennoni on May 03, 2012
na. its the song that will grow on you eventually
Shuber Ahmed on May 03, 2012
what a nice song
heersaletti on May 03, 2012
i find the song is different and ok. no problem :)
Mayank Sikaria on May 03, 2012
Change the Vocalist KUNAL KOHLI plzzzz, its still not too late.. :O
OMG!!! so very disappointed wid Sajid. :( Love the music though.
KamenRidyaa on May 03, 2012
High time directors look to Harris Jayaraj or Thaman for compositions.
Sajid Wajid are the new age Anu Maaliks.
Sahra Abdi on May 03, 2012
they look amazing and the song is please people STOP bad
negative about the song wish them luck i am not big fan of them but i like
Shahid for Vivah. good luck Sasha and PC
Rhythm555beats on May 03, 2012
indian tom cruize... bas zyada dikha karo movies me shahid...we all love u
Jeannie Saxena on May 03, 2012
Hmm.interesting song..din like the song dat much but enjoyed the two fav actors.wot else can I want????
DeepBlue on May 03, 2012
there is only one thing WRONG with this song - they should have used
SHAFQAT AMANAT ALI as the singer
FlamingDesire06 on May 03, 2012
the beats sounds like fish out of cast .the ;lyrics are so amazing i
wish they did better with the music too
suhail mir on May 03, 2012
this song is just a will be different from original mp3! but
still awesome songgg!
smartmnn on May 03, 2012
shahid makes weird film choices but i don't think he could say no to mausam
since it was his father directing it
RajkumarMondal568 on May 03, 2012
lovely super
RajkumarMondal568 on May 03, 2012
lovely super
smartmnn on May 03, 2012
Vidya balan is just in a league of her own, she's actually proven she can
carry a film on her own twice
CRAZZZZYMUNDA on May 03, 2012
music is GOOD!
Mohammed Kashif on May 03, 2012
Man What The F Are Vocals? Just Enjoy The Music Or GTFO :D
hala mohammed on May 03, 2012
nice song i like shahid dance
Samir Kesarkar on May 03, 2012
wasted 3 mins of my lyf.
ashapple on May 03, 2012
Pls Change the Vocalist Kunal Kohli...!!! this is gonna sabotage the whole
film and its pre image..!!! still its not too late..we loved the promo tho..
Zalim Bacha on May 03, 2012
whoz the singer ??????
muhammad mazhar rafique on May 03, 2012
starting music is similar to title track of london paris newyork.
Sarz216 on May 03, 2012
1:17 sound familiar to anyone??
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