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Comments on song "My Adorable Darling I Think Of You"
niko143 on August 15, 2006
i think dis song is very sweet and romantic...thx for uploading it.
devinurhariyanto on August 19, 2006
I love this movie
BabySash2006 on December 02, 2006
i luv dis song! soo sweet! thnx for uploading it
ami04 on February 16, 2007
dis song gives out memories
Kuwaitya4ever on February 25, 2007
i was in love with this song when i was a little kid ;p
Diana15xoxo on March 08, 2007
OMG i luv this movie so much...thnx 4 uploading it<3
halilooliyah on April 10, 2007
sum1 plz download da track haathon mein aagaya jo kal rumaal aapka 4 me i cant find it nywer :(
SashaKnowles on April 12, 2007
OMG you left out the best part: when raveena gets shot! the acting was so horrible and overdramatic at that part heheh
LadyKhan89 on July 07, 2007
love akshay & raveena!! my favourite!
thushari2 on September 03, 2007
i love this song,realy nice.
BeboandShahid4ever on September 10, 2007
yes my fave akshay couple too
BeboandShahid4ever on September 10, 2007
oh no my fave akshay kumar couple is akshay and kareena^^then akki and raveena^^
BLeeSHAH on November 14, 2007
I love this I me an wow! LOL Loven this song so much this is the very first time i listened to it! =D
Kuuloo on November 14, 2007
safe ali khan is trying to be micheal j. fox.
riverriz on December 03, 2007
this was my fav son when i was a kid.thnx for uploading and remindin me of my childhood
navmak84 on December 25, 2007
LOL!! My adorable darling..I think about you every night every morning..LMFAO!!
meenmk on December 26, 2007
a- adoreable
d- darling
h- honey
u- you
r- are
thts madhur my name
meenmk on January 05, 2008
thanx a lot
madhur means also sweet
NeoConsAreGay on January 05, 2008

The film industry was so weird then...funny, illogical - movies, songs and costumes!!
Than again ... it has memories!!
cruizer83 on January 06, 2008
a- adoreable
d- darling
h- honey
u- you
r- are
i- indeed!

That's madhuri... hehehe!!!
cruizer83 on January 06, 2008
anu malik singing = hijda asking for money on the roadside!
Xanisha on January 12, 2008
that scene was totally satirical, especially what happened after they both died ahhaha
ninafeisty on January 16, 2008
i Dont care wat ppl think of this song...
i like it...its a sweet song...
thehindugod on April 07, 2008
its cos those were the fashions in them days like now the movies will seen weird in 10-15yrs time.
n4s33f on July 02, 2008
they dont die, it was part of the play they were doing lol.
legendofmir2 on July 02, 2008
Never good thinks and musik never dont die, will heard our soons in next 2000 years this best songs, and will be great. Sorry if Internet are exist in this times, coz oil are finish in 10 years. But this songs are best@!
vibez2me on August 06, 2008
i lovveeeddd this movie...saif was adorable:D
Princess1074 on August 28, 2008
i luvvvvv dis song..its sooo cute n sweet:)
anyone knows where i cn get d mp3 of dis track?..i cant find it anywhere on any website :(
Princess1074 on October 28, 2008
ive found it ald..thanks anyways :)
bastibuzdar on November 21, 2008
Another copied song from Anu malik..copy cat
littlefairylovesrk on November 27, 2008
I love young Saif;D
Now he's very handsome, but fomerly he was soooo cute;D
lifenlove00 on December 12, 2008
lovely song! they're both very good in this video. raveena has a beautiful smile.
anyone have english subtitles? i would love to know what they say.
shabzyline98 on December 17, 2008
Haha Anu Maliks a right rip of con artist
fashion0900 on February 26, 2009
beautiful video and song. saif and raveena are so beautiful together.
sidkings on March 01, 2009
I've been looking for this a long time... I think it was 1994 last time I heard and saw the video
Brings back many memories..

Whats going on with those silver sleeves..OMG!! (",)
AdilAnwarBoxer on March 11, 2009
Anu Malik admitted it himself that he copies songs but he still does a good job.
fashion00900 on March 18, 2009
amazing performance. i love the song- saif and raveena were so cute together. :)
lifelove090 on March 20, 2009
saif and raveena are amazing in this song. anyone can make a translation, please? it worth to understand what they say. :)
fashion9000 on April 06, 2009
i love it! saif and raveena are so cute together. :)
bollylove90 on May 02, 2009
raveena and saif are so cute together. i love them!
AryanSaka on May 09, 2009
i always wanted to bang raveena tandon
feelthelove90 on June 11, 2009
i love this song. it's so sweet and the choreography is brilliant. raveena and saif are great! akshay.tu mera prince charming! :)
Vikki003 on July 05, 2009
i like this song, good old times.
coolreptile on September 11, 2009
brings back sooooooo many freaking memories, I think Saif did one of his best dances in this song! An example is from 4:44 to about 4:48, great beat with some great moves!
SNEHAJHA86 on October 07, 2009
anilkutty3012 on October 08, 2009
bro its not kumar sanu its dickhead anu malik
07fantasticgirl on October 23, 2009
this song is amazing...Specially the Moves.ABSOLUTELY fantastic!
spideyrocksss on October 29, 2009
i HATE THIS SONG! anu malik ko toh kuchh bhi nahi ata
frenzygal on November 22, 2009
nice song
what is this movie about?
apricotsandpeaches on November 29, 2009
im glad anu malik did sing this song
at least his english is better
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