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Comments on song "Mysore Se Aayee"
yourdeadmother on January 02, 2014
raghu dixits voice doesnt have much depth to it. hits notes but thats about
Iranna Gorabal on January 03, 2014
Watta a joy watching RDP :) Just too good..
ABHIJEET PATIL on January 03, 2014
you rocked 
amit agarwal on January 03, 2014
Simply awesome... love the flute part
jimit darji on January 03, 2014
awesome..can't wait for full episode.!!
P Prakash on January 03, 2014
supr hai bhai
P Prakash on January 03, 2014
kha the tum aajk tak.
Komal Janghel on January 04, 2014
It was February first week back in 2008, he performed in IIT Guwahati
Alcheringa. Since then I am his big fan.. Awesome songs.. <3
Kushang Shah on January 06, 2014
4:35 to 5:25, whoa...Flute and other instrumental rendition reminds me the
music given by an international "The Corrs" band..Simply Magnificent...

Mr.Raghu Dixit - Where were you before? Such a power packed voice quality
you possess...Hats off to you!!!
Kritarth Srinivasan on January 10, 2014
Seems a lil weird without them jumping on stage like they always do for
mysore se aayi :D 
Vishal sharma on January 14, 2014
Only one word .. AWESOME
Piyush Soni on January 25, 2014
ooo biyooo khullee pesse ni hai aage badoo
Ritu Sharma on January 25, 2014
ow some.
Neelam Chandiramani on January 28, 2014
This flute player is the player god bless him my blessing to him too good
Bikash Sah on February 03, 2014
Raizada Vishal Datta on February 03, 2014
i guess they are the heaviest rock band i mean literally. ;)
mahabaleshwar sutar on February 11, 2014
Ajay Singh Rajput on February 15, 2014
this is one of my personal fav of all of raghu dixit project songs.
this was the song that made me a gr8 fan of raghu dixit
yashwanth yash on February 25, 2014
Superbbb Sir
very nice beauty
yashwanth yash on February 25, 2014
Superbbb Sir
very nice beauty
Prakash Deb Roy on March 16, 2014
Wonderful accompaniment of the Flute
Luke kottayil james on March 24, 2014
This guys way too loud man!! Some one has to control his mike or he shudnt
be miked at all
julian correa on March 31, 2014
\m/..\m/ i saw raghu dixit project live in blore !!!!!!
RoHit Rohit on April 24, 2014
Proud to Be an Mysooorian!!! 
Ajay Motah on May 12, 2014
Lovely band and i love their music style...
Faisal Yahya Ahmed Khan on May 16, 2014
0:23 dumb crowd... 
Abhinav Bhattacharjee on June 04, 2014
Mind-blowing performance. Infact I would go so far as to say this is the
best song performed in MTV Unplugged. So much energy and feelings. 
Deepender Singla on July 06, 2014
The guy on flute is pure genius.
ammy lawit on September 23, 2014
this is my frist time i heard ur name raghu dixit .. but your perfomance is
the best perfomance among all unplughed season ... even more better than
sanu nigam n a r rahaman... you re best...
Chandan Adhyapak on November 25, 2014
Pradeep Kumhar on December 31, 2014
raghu dixit the best band performer ever

Murali Madupu on January 12, 2015
all the artists of your arecesra palyed great with your lyriucs and song of
c00Lify on April 02, 2015
Divine music !!!!! this band rocks
Avisek Pradhan on April 14, 2015
this guy has a magic in his voice..simply awesome
Avisek Pradhan on April 14, 2015
lovely music..please visit darjeeling
Avisek Pradhan on April 14, 2015
and the flute...m numb
Deepak Eapen on May 04, 2015
Groovy stuff..
sparsh turkane on May 24, 2015
Love this song 
KIRAN KESHYAGOL on November 21, 2015
superb Raghu sir
Richa Shah on December 10, 2015
enjoyed performing with you raghu sir at my school ! :)))))
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