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Comments on song "Naa To Kaaravaan Ki Talaash Hai"
V. Siddhartha on November 12, 2009
Manna Dey and Asha Bhonsle give an unforgettable quwwali, suffused with
their classical-trained genius. Thanks, Suhanee.
Glow of Hope on November 12, 2009
Popular and great Quwwali.. great team and orchestration .. thanks to team
of artists and Music Director - Roshan.
isaac moses on November 12, 2009
an astounding debate takes place, the party of women on one side, the men
on the other, exchanges on the timeless subject of ' Ishq ' with a truly
interesting dialogue expounding the virtues of love. Nine minutes & forty
seconds of exquisite vocal improvisations, a tremendous urge to join in the
hand clapping will overtake you.. but dont resist. If you know the words by
all means join in that's why Suhanee 2 uploaded this, to get all you guys &
gals to enjoy this Qawali Let's Go!
best1212121 on November 25, 2009
the sitar piece in the begining is awosome
himat gami on January 27, 2010
The most unique and outstanding Qawali sung in the hindi cinema.
appuis007 on February 20, 2010
can any one tell all the singers that have sung in this Qawali. I know few
Manna Dey,Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Shamshaad Begam, rehmat qaadri.
graphikamaal on February 24, 2010
Salute to these legendary artistes who created such treasure.
nageshprasad1 on March 11, 2010
Yes, This is an immortal creation by Roshan and Sahir. The singers are MOHD. RAFI, MANNA DEY, ASHA BHOSLE & SUDHA MALHOTRA
I dont think Shamshad Begum is there...
geeta123ful on March 17, 2010
very beautifully written and compose heart touching peice of music it made u to fall in love with the qwalis u enjoy in group as well as alone
Aditya Ghosh on April 03, 2010
Wonderful composition and singing, spoilt by overacting...
Ajay Bagepalli on May 10, 2010
Undoubtedly the best qawwali from a Hindi movie
seema faulkner on May 14, 2010
amazing, what a art, no words to express
Arun Kaul on July 04, 2010
neighbours369 on August 16, 2010
The best qawwali ever -- the incomparable genius of Roshan, Sahir, Manna
Dey !
Khemraj Kala on August 28, 2010
wow, what a masterpiece.. last limit of best i believe.. Crying is fine
but why this lady cries in such melodramatic manner..really strange
rahulvig78 on August 29, 2010
best qawalli ever, will always be a benchmark !

rahulvig78 on August 29, 2010
best qawalil ever, will be a benchmark always !
gulookaar on February 05, 2011
Soubhik Ghosh on April 05, 2011
Great composition,can anyone please let me know the names of screen artists?
Soubhik Ghosh on April 05, 2011
Tera ishq mai kaise chor du?meri ummr bhar ki talash hai.kya baat
Suhaas Paradkar on April 14, 2011
The best ever Qawwali, no doubt about that. The actual piece is about 13
mts and one can only marvel at the great master Roshan's orchestration.
Manohar Kalra on May 18, 2011
Uff, what a masterpiece.I bet any singer can ever sing any better than our
legend Mohd.Rafi, especially when Bharat Bhushan comes on the stage and
starts with an alaap and that alaap is the BEST part of whole qawwali. One
could hardly control his/her emotions on listering to that alaap and rest
of the qawwali sung by Mohd.Rafi. Hats off to the entire team for making
this milestone. God bless them all.
preeti dhawan on July 12, 2011
Ravindran220155 on August 16, 2011
The song posted here is not complete! If we play the complete song it would take 11minutes and 30seconds. Such a beautiful song but not able to listen completely. If somebody has the complete song can they upload it.
Can we get the complete meaning (in english) of the song.
noraq1987 on August 22, 2011
Happy to have netflix it has this movie and watch it a lot
siddhant kar on August 26, 2011
great combo of manna dey,mohd rafi,balbir,asha and sudha.above all music by
roshan.till day no 1 qawaali in film industry.
Siddharth Mishra on August 27, 2011
what a composition..what a lyrics..what a killer quawali..I am proud of
that i belong to the place these type of songs exist...
lazad87 on October 16, 2011
The tunes used in the barsat ki raat were in fact copied from Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, who was nusrats father. this qawalli "na to caravan ki talash" was copied from ustad fateh ali khans "na butkade ki talab"
Laila Azad on October 16, 2011
The tunes used in the barsat ki raat were in fact copied from Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, who was nusrats father. this qawalli "na to caravan ki talash" was copied from ustad fateh ali khans "na butkade ki talab"
rforrose01 on March 31, 2012
Did anyone notice, Lord of music entered at 5:28 ?
diehardrafisaabfan on June 10, 2012
This is simply great in every sense. Lyrics, music & of course the singers
brought together to create such magic. Manna Dey is without a doubt
underrated, but a brilliant singer. As Rafi Saab comes in at 5:28, this
song accelerates to a higher level of total brilliance.
rudsrandev on July 04, 2012
Rafi elevated the song to heaven
Zuker Vati on December 15, 2012
I wonder if this amazing tradition is still practiced. Of course, passe' in
so far as times are concerned - but it'd be nice to know if it's still
alive (maybe not well).
Indu Puri on June 18, 2013
Dil ishk jism ishk hai aur jan ishk hai Iman ki jo puchho toh iman ishk hai
Tera ishk hai meree aarju, tera ishk hai meree aabru Tera ishk mai kaise
chhod du, meree umra bhar ki talash hai..uff doob jaati hun main iski
gahraai me. kamaal hai!
Suhanee2 on June 18, 2013
Aaj aapko dekh kar dil khush ho gaya. Thanks for visiting Induji!!
Suhaas Paradkar on August 04, 2013
Simply brilliant.a masterpiece !!
Arun Kaul on January 15, 2014
No other Qawali can match this one.
SAIRA on April 15, 2014
Beautiful and Outstanding Qawali. Thank you.
deepak deshmukh on April 28, 2014
Best ever Qawwali displayed on screen.All the singers played their parts
very well, but Mohd Rafi's alaaps at places are the main features.The last
line shows volume of Rafi''s vioice.
TUFAIL HEERA on March 23, 2015
It is one and only TOP Hit Qawali in Films World. Certainly it is
outstanding and marvelous one. I like this superb post. It is a qawali song
which is as popular today as it was when released.Thank you so much for
very good and superb upload.
parbhu shankar purohit on May 23, 2015
unique outstanding incomparable Qawali of bollywood movies,written by sahir
sb, ,based on rag Kalavati,best compositon by roshan sb
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