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Comments on song "Nagada Sang Dhol Baaje"
MsEvilone01 on January 02, 2015
which song is in the intro? can someone please tell me?
Hitesh Tester on January 16, 2015
i like this song .. most of time listen this song
Ayoosh Shoman on January 18, 2015
I love all indian culture ..the movies .. the songs ..thier clothes special
the Indian sari love you deepeka
sidux on February 22, 2015
There are references to ebola in this song 1:56 !!
farid uddin on March 26, 2015
vari naic song 
Sara Ibrahim on March 26, 2015
I love you deepika 
Lamyaa Malik on March 26, 2015
This song is so popular..
I have been searshing it for ages , aha.
camila ribb on March 27, 2015
Im looking for a indian video/song...its like a dance and a women sings
like in a party, and theres a woman(I think shes a widow, because she and
other women are hidden behind the curtains, and she and a man fell in love
for each other but they cant...any idea? :B
Duaa khan on March 27, 2015
بس مافي ترجمه للغنية بالعربي؟
Karena karenna on March 30, 2015
Priya Amarchand on April 01, 2015
I love it
Arwa on April 02, 2015
i love it
Siti Sari on April 03, 2015
Deepika padukone very very sweet, cute, smart
Mo Yasso on April 03, 2015
I'm obsessed with this song *__* even if i can't understand a word!!
VK malik on April 03, 2015
Bright colors combinations treat to watch > Good work by Bhansali >
choreographed very well with nagada beats !!
kabir hassan on April 05, 2015
Hi bollywood is very nice 
Horaa1234567890 Horaa1234567890 on April 05, 2015
احبك دبكا الجميله
Deepika Padukone 'Fans' on April 06, 2015
I love youu Deep <3 
Andreakalyan Andreakalyan on April 08, 2015
super dance of deepika
ionerus2 on April 08, 2015
Saludos desde México, muy chingona la rola, el baile, la ciudad y la
cultura India.
Ziggy Hussain on April 08, 2015
This was an absolutely amazing dance performance. Truly breathtaking
Shankar Desai on April 09, 2015
super song thinku deepik padukone
mallikanti mani on April 09, 2015
super super kirrak
Shaheen Beeharry on April 10, 2015
Is this movie any good? It looks nice and I've definitely just listened to
this song over 10 times in a row.
Teufel Teufel on April 13, 2015
Hammer Lied.
Hcch “‫نسيم الروح‬‎” نسيم‎ on April 14, 2015
Екатерина Бондарева on April 16, 2015
Meri favourite gana hai. So many sweet moments related with it
Rajveer Kaur on April 19, 2015
Just 4 once try listening to hollywood its much more cooler and
Sam jackson on April 22, 2015
god what a beauty , what a dance amazing
ashraf ali on April 29, 2015
الاغنيه روعه ايش بقي علشان فيها رانفير و ديبيكا
Johnny WW on May 01, 2015
bilal solo on May 01, 2015
wow levo Deepika Padukone
Imran Loladiya on May 02, 2015
nice song
gopinathan v on May 10, 2015
Wonderful song
‫رومل الالماني‬‎ on May 11, 2015
كان الفديو رووووووووووووعةةةةةة؟
Sara Torah on May 12, 2015
Deepika the Queen 
Enes Talay on May 12, 2015
shilpa dhruw on May 13, 2015
Dance and song awsome 
Milligrams other account on May 17, 2015
like the beats!!!
‫الورده البيضاء‬‎ on May 18, 2015
Fatima Majed on May 18, 2015
Best song ever 
LoLà AnàBiLà on May 24, 2015
44444444444444 <3
‫سمية عباس -somaya abbas‬‎ on May 26, 2015
Hsb Hs on May 26, 2015
احلي ب الآغنيه وكل شي دبيبكا(:
Rahaf Shami on May 27, 2015
الاغنيه بتجنن مع رانفيرر سينغ ودبيكاا

Aurora Boreale on May 31, 2015
Amazing !! I love this song and the dance too!!
Nani Quana on June 08, 2015
I love how in this version they enhanced the bass and the bass drum in the
background it really makes the song greater than it already is. Though the
full version of this song doesn't have the enhance like this version does,
may you please add it in? The full version would be even better with the
emphasized bass in the background. Please do this, every one loves feedback
and that's what I'm giving so please make a change to that video :)
Mhmad99 Mhmad on June 08, 2015
انا بحب كتير هل غنيه 
Mahawy World on June 11, 2015
Deepika best song I listen to this more than 10 times. 
‫احمد الحسن‬‎ on June 11, 2015
اسمه دبيكا حلو

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