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Comments on song "Naina Bole Naina"
sx42007 on January 25, 2009
Wonderful song. The initial Alap by Asha was just extraordinary. She did in her own style. And the orchestration!! it has been completely changed by the Maestro. There are very few musicians who does that depending on the mood of the song. Another one I notice is ARR. He reused "baba neeku mokutha" in Swadesh with completely different genre.

Tamil Nadu is really blessed with great directors and musicians!!
RAJfromGOA on April 11, 2009
Lovely song.thanks for posting. though the tamil one is better ;but the hindi one is stereo recording where as the tamil one was mono.janaki and sir illayaraja was at peak when it was composed in tamil.
halimali on April 29, 2009
I love Asha Bhosle, but I prefer the original Tamil version in everything, singing, atmosphere , picturization and of course SRIDEVI!!!
Fullmoongirl090 on April 29, 2009
Asha Bhosle is cool
beatiful video
hildytnt on April 29, 2009
Good video. Nothing like the Tamil version but good nevertheless.
nuetro78 on May 02, 2009
-Asha has given her best but not even close to Janaki..especially the intro. The tamil version is awesome.When did this movie release?.
Unknown090981999 on May 27, 2009
I love both the versions, Hindi and Tamil. I actually first saw the Tamil version ( thanks to Halimali ) pictured on Sridevi, it was very powerful and it gave me shivers. Now seeing this version, I think it's very powerful and amazing as well. But maybe I prefer the Tamil one. Amazing song!
evadaitenakenti007 on May 28, 2009
heera looks really cute in this movie
thanks for the upload
machakare on May 28, 2009
nice but nothing comes near tamil version. it simply the best. the tune it self .the tamil version make you sleepless. the hindi not bad ..only the background music...downplayed.
irthemes on June 06, 2009
A very rare video indeed. Thanks. Personally, the Janaki amma's original is so deeply ingrained in me that I am unable to shake it to welcome this version, even though this one is greatly sung by the living legend, Ashaji.
ForMusicVijeya on August 03, 2009
Thanks a lot dude..I was dying to find this. My friend has the audio cassette of this album 12 years,,,but then he lost it...

I am very happy to find it in youtube..Thanks from bottom of my heart.
ngootha on August 15, 2009
tamil version was really good compare to hindi
deepaliagashe on October 29, 2009
Thanks for uploading this song. I had heard the Tamil version growing up. I love Illayiraja's music and of Asha Bhonsle singing.
vkzone on October 30, 2009
thanks a lot dude..i was searching for this movie song forever..thanks again...can u plz upload the movie..
Harivenur on February 23, 2010
I thought Asha couldn't do justice to it
umeshmaslekar on March 21, 2010
When I was studying in 12th in 1996, I saw this movie 'Aur Ek Prem kahani".I really liked this song and sing some lines of it yet, but did not find this song on youtube,on searching about Ilayaraja on wikipeddia, I read about this movie and my memories refreshed, I search this song here and got it.Thus I got my favourite song after 14 years.Thanks to uploader, youtube and wikipeddia.
AthmanAKS on June 09, 2010
Appa...i think now atleast some people have understood that Asha or Lata are not the best just bcos they sung for bollywood...
inder19852000 on August 20, 2010
Please hear " Kaatril enthan geetham" sung by Janaki. Then you will see the difference. Janaki is a singer who matched upto Lataji & Ashaji. As Bollywood is more famous, hindi singers are also famous
Mohsin Ali on September 23, 2010
thnaks for upload.. a gr8 movie...
chandrashekharjain on November 21, 2010
Ilayaraja is the best.
I did not know he gave music to Hindi songs as well1
ramils on November 26, 2010
This is such a beautiful song... ofcourse Janaki's version is better.. but I am from Delhi and dont understand the lyrics...

Thi smovie was premiered on TV (in Hindi) and this song stayed in mind forever since then.

Thanks for uploading this.
bittuyx on December 19, 2010
awsome song, listening to it after 10+ years.. thanks for uploading...
ramils on January 03, 2011
: I agree that the intro by Janaki is like 10 times better than this one. But the lyrics I like in this song (because I cant understand Tamil...else I am sure it is much more beauiful in Tamil version).. But we cant compare poetry in 2 languages... Each has its own merit..
martiantraveller on July 03, 2011
I always liked Asha more than Janaki. But in this Song, I dont know Why she sounds comparatively less interesting than Janaki's version.
snowfallonciders1 on July 05, 2011
this is a karnatic raga.. S janaki is a mastreo.. no wonder Ilya Raja prefers her most of the time.. Asha jee is good but handsdown , janaki jee is the winner.. i would listen to her songs any time of the day... i am Proud that she is TELUGU and from my home town :)...
hotbooy1976 on September 03, 2011
Thanks for uploading tseries. These are so beautiful songs. timeless.
Kumar Nath on December 08, 2011
Ashaji is undoubtedly a good singer. but in this song it is Janaki amma who stuns everyone. she simply rox. her expressions were beyond explanations... its sad dat she is yet to receive Padma awards.
Good Samaritan on December 15, 2011
Dear listeners, you'd understand this is a Ghazal and not a Karnataki Raaga based song. And that's why the difference came here from the original one sung by S. Janaki.
murthy23 on December 31, 2011
Nice singing. At least one to 1.5 notes lower than Janaki's original tamil version
heygbn073 on February 08, 2012
This is actually a tamil song.. Katril endhan geetham..." from 'Jhonny-
Rajinikanth, Sridevi
arr729 on March 03, 2012
: SJ recorded this song in 1980 - when she was 42 years old. Asha sang the Hindi version in 1988 at the age of 55. The difference in the rendering is due to the fact that Asha was much older.
WFSthemovie on March 27, 2012
Critics take a hike. People who are commenting comparing Ashaji's rendering with S.Janaki don't you realize that the situation of the song has changed completely and rendering has to be different? One is heartbreaking (Tamil) and Hindi one is tender and lighter not heartbreaking. It is same tune, ghazal touch or not, it is two different moods/situations. It is credit to Raja and Asha that they make the lighter version work well
sunitha805 on December 01, 2012
raja sir decided to remake it
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