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Comments on song "O Meraa Baabu Chhail Chhabilaa Main To Naachungi"
BanglaOcean on June 23, 2007
Tag should mention BANGLADESH too. By the way Runa Laila is a living legend all over South Asia including India and Bangladesh.
zoaibm on June 27, 2007
Thanks. Your comment is well taken.
zoaibm on July 20, 2007
I have listened too but dont have authentic confirmed resource.
tarar786 on December 15, 2007
The songs is from Movie named Mann ki jeet and It was shown on PTV in 1977 during Election transmission.
BelligerentPacifist on January 24, 2008
I think they mean qadam boasi>>kissing the feet, probably done in an
indirect manner by touching your hands to somebody's feet and then kissing
the hands. Its a gesture showing huge respect.
Klaus325 on April 05, 2008
Mumtaz, Anjuman and Rani were very great dancers. Much of their fame was
due to that
rahman91o on June 04, 2008
Dats Runa Lailas voice isn't it?
srkbaby on August 03, 2008
wow geil die kann gut tanzen !
surataminchacha on October 06, 2008
Is true that all this happened to shabnum? I never heard this and if it is
true why this happened to shabnum jee reply me bcoz she is so important to
surataminchacha on November 24, 2008
Kiran jee is that true that shabnum went through all that jeopardy that is
written in the comments by poissondelamer plz say it is not true bcoz I
cannot bear it.
zoaibm on November 25, 2008
Any proven record or news of this? do u have any? as i have never heard
this before...
KIRAN623772 on November 27, 2008
i wish it wouldnt b true but i heard like that thats y she stop making any more movies...well thats wht i heard god metter wht she is still the best and my princess
surataminchacha on November 27, 2008
I wish it would be a story and not truth.bcoz I love shabnum jee more than
my life.
azadsyed on May 31, 2009
pakmuzammal on July 24, 2009
wat a gr8 song
mahwish1 on August 28, 2009
What a bunch of lies! Extreme racism dripping from your comments. Shabnam
made a large part of her name and fame in Lollywood in Lahore. She worked
here till the 80's, even after partition of Bangladesh. It was only when
the condition of the films deteriorated and also because Shabnam was
getting old (only mother roles left for her) that she left for Bangladesh
with her husband. Warna both her and her husband made their careers in
Lollywood in Lahore. Stop spreading rumors!
OCRNATIONAL on October 03, 2009
indians copyed this ASWELL lol they make me laugh they have no creativity copy cats
dolkios on November 02, 2009
beautiful traditional indian song!! love it!
sabbirsa on January 02, 2010
But then again they have prodeced brilliant films like Sholay, Mother India, Black, Main Tulsi Tere Angaan Ki, Baiju Bawra, Pyassa, Sahib Biwi aur Ghulan, Mughal E Azam, Umrao Jaan, Lamhe, Hum Appke Hain Kaun, Zubeidaa, chandni Bar, Kala Pathar, Deewaar, Agneepath, Devdas, Do bigha Zameen, and soooooooo many.
sabbirsa on January 02, 2010
Jharna Basak even before joining Lollywood became a superstar with her first film Harano Shoor. So that is that. She did most of her work is Lahore but she was also right up there with superstars like Bobota, Kobori and so forth.
eenar kumar on September 12, 2010
when runa laila came to bombay in the 70s she sang this song on doordarshan
(government tv channel - it was the only channel in those days before
eenar kumar on September 12, 2010
also 'damadam mast kalandar' - the tv channel was forced to rerun that
programme over and over again due o public demand. for a short time she
became the belle of bollywood - everyone fell in love with her! there was
talk of her singing for hindi films...but then lata mangeshkar felt so
threatened by runa's popularity (both for her singing and let's face it,
her good looks) that she pulled some powerful strings and forced the
nightingale of bangladesh to fly back to dhaka...believe it or not!
8caligula1 on October 21, 2011
5 people who didn't like, don't know what music is...
MyKaempfer on November 17, 2012
It was from the film "Haar Jeet".
mrkinghas on April 05, 2013
She told this in sur kshetra
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