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Comments on song "O Sathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jina (Female Version)"
anushkapatel on November 01, 2007
the expressions of this actor are marvellous He is truly the great amitabh bachchan
viruskhan on February 21, 2008
starting words reminds me of zunaira
viruskhan on March 16, 2008
starting words reminds me of Zunaira
viruskhan on April 05, 2008
these words in the start reminds me of Zunaira
viruskhan on May 24, 2008
these words in the start reminds me of Zunaira
viruskhan on July 03, 2008
this song reminds me of zunaira
babakalayani on July 10, 2008
touching song.i fell sad now.imsssss
samforever321 on July 20, 2008
this the first indian film i watched 25 yrs ago when i went to surat, india. classic film.
viruskhan on August 02, 2008
This song reminds me of Zunaira, whereever u r, i just wanna say " i still love u and will alwayz wait for u and will alwayz love u"
nevillenirani on August 09, 2008
There are several pretenders to the throne, but he is the real King, Badshah and Shehenshah of Bollywood.
ploeppetje on August 14, 2008
this is his own voice dude,LOL

Kishore voice would be more beautiful of course coz he was the real singer
but Amit is proud of his own voice, you will find lots of songs that he sang them himself, that is one of the thing that make him the real king
heru1966 on August 22, 2008
I love this song, it's warm and peaceful.
yashwantrajput on August 27, 2008
Yes iam agree with u...b'coz second Amitabh can't come.if Lord Ram is single person of Idole of Lord i.e.Amitabh Bachan is also a school of acting...
obavva on October 14, 2008
this song reminds me of raj.!!!! i liked him and will always do .if only i had the courage to speak to him.!!!!
obavva on October 14, 2008
This song reminds me of raj..i liked him and will always do...if only i had the courage to own it up.
obavva on October 14, 2008
This song reminds me of raj.i liked him and will always do.if only i had the courage to own it up...It hurts to care and not show it.How true!!
Yossarianyahoo on October 21, 2008
so when he is giving the dialog there are only two other people in the room - the director Prakash Mehra and the cameraman. Prakash Mehra always referred to this scene as one of the most intense performances ever portrayed by an actor because there were tears in mehra's eyes as AB ended his speech!
thisismywebsite on November 20, 2008
so why didnt you tell raj?
sidco123 on January 17, 2009
At 3,30 ,love her reaction to when she recognises her childhood song. Great acting
ZunairaShadab on March 21, 2009
zunairathe stating words are exactly wat i wanted to say to u , i love u where ever u r and will alwayz wait for u
rajaismyname on April 04, 2009
KK had a tremendous control in his voice, what a beautiful sound and vibration !!!!!!!!!!
naitikakshara on May 23, 2009
amitab is the best love this song
Mangopumper on June 02, 2009
im sorry but Amitab wasnt the best. I think u will find Pele was better..he scored more goals.
sukhster09 on August 06, 2009
In love or not you can totally relate to this song its so warm and heart touching thank you for sharing:))
x1x111 on August 07, 2009
old days in school. watching movies were like an event. Nice to be part of changing time
shineyemraan on September 26, 2009
amitabh's speech too and his emoting and acting was topnotch
the song semed like really sang by him
2030sat on November 27, 2009
Am completely agree with u but don't know why the people can not feel the difference between gold and iron.
bunza bun on December 12, 2009
This is the song my first wife and I danced too. Divorced one year later!
Not a day goes by withour regret. Patience is truly a virtue. x
salasmann on December 16, 2009
@ggaurav I totally agree with you. Now days movies are being made to target Uk , Malaysia, and south Asia market not Indian market. Most of the money producer covers from UK and South Asian market. There are many people who praise him not just because of talent but because they are from same religion. If you go in Malaysia any city and just say you are from India especially from Mumbai. They go mad and welcome you by toe of heart because you are from SRKs city.
Saharsaifullah on January 19, 2010
amitabh is undoubtedly THE BEST!!!!
codefunkingmonkey on February 07, 2010
I was 10 when i saw this movie. 2 day i am 42 and this movie remains in my top 5 movies of all time.
kumarsujeetdas on February 19, 2010
Thanks dear for uploading this heartthrobbing song. Guys i literally cried when i heard and saw this song today at You Tube. I just remembered my childhood memories; as far as know, i went with my mom and dad to watch this movie. I was just 4 and half. Now, i m 36 and really no comparison with BIG B and Kishore-das Heart Touching number.
arun328 on February 26, 2010
Amitabh -------- No body can deliver dialogues like him.He is god of film industry
uksoulstress786 on March 04, 2010
@greatguy546 can't you get back together?? x
bunza bun on March 13, 2010
No not now. Mar
bunza bun on March 13, 2010
No not now. Marriage is a socially imposed condition on us anyway. You
can't be in love with someone your whole life. If you look at your own life
there will be things which you would hate if someone else did.
abroshahid on March 17, 2010
wah. kiya baat hai yaar in filmon ki. What a music, What a singer, what an actor. This is truly a timeless classic. Gone are the days now.
abroshahid on March 17, 2010
Same feeling with me. Im 37. I watched this on video tape in those days. We didn't have Indian movies here in Pak in those days. Well the song really makes cry.
azadkirti07 on May 24, 2010
What a combination !!!! Kishore da sang this song with so much intensity, pain - and the way Amitabh performed it on screen is equally marvellous. Well, I do not want to even compare Amitabh with any other actor of old & new generation. If you have to name one from Bolywood - Its Big B and then many good actors have come and will come.
keshavatn on May 27, 2010
Heart touching singing by Kishoreji...
ab12best on June 04, 2010
awasome and wordlessssss..
auk765 on September 18, 2010
Kishore rocks. Great song.
Kishores voice touches your heart.
dogar882 on November 13, 2010
amitabh aj bhe is age mein bhe shahrukh ka papa hai
SPICYKAPU on November 22, 2010
i love that brill film..
nilsingh7 on December 25, 2010
very good song is ab i like amit and then can people amit kumar sonkar for lucknow
kav172410 on December 27, 2010
love this song! its 2 good
sabina1166 on January 20, 2011

u r comment is absolutely correct
sabina1166 on January 20, 2011
I think "O sathi re " KISHOR KUMAR's best song. the movie is also good enough. Amitabh bachchan is my all time favorite hero.
mpadalax on March 01, 2011
11 people who disliked this song have no Muqaddar...
indycar123 on April 12, 2011
The 2 undisputed kingS of bollywood . "Dilip Kumar & Amitabh Bachan" . their accomplishments speak for themselves and they kept us in awe and on the edge of our seats and they entertained the world ... "beautiful song" .

Muhammad Ali . x

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