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Comments on song "Oye Lucky Lucky Oye"
cocomousse on November 22, 2008
this song is so in my ipod rite now!! hahahha...
chwaqas on November 30, 2008
lucky tup gya kandaan, chak leyaaya tv gehnaaa swad aa gya ustad ji .
Tarandeep Pannu on December 01, 2008
munda ambarsariya oyeeee...
XeroXic on December 05, 2008
chak de phatte!

punjabi ganea ne bollywood ch!
sikhfreedom on December 31, 2008
don't you pepz think he looks alot like Dhamendra - although he is
dhamendra's brothers son. I think bobby and sunny look more like my phowa
thats dharamendra's wife by the way originally from Gandhwan Phagwara.!!!!!
luckeyman59 on January 01, 2009
i love these kind of films in bollywood
vithikarahul on January 04, 2009
this is the great movie i have seen in bollywood its different. thanks
Sarabjit Singh on January 08, 2009
yeah, he does resemble Dharmendra.
2fan on January 25, 2009
there is a song in the background when young lucky rides with the chick on
motor bike .. has some awesum beat can any one tell me whats da song tx
indianboyinusa on February 06, 2009
Good Movie. Abhay Acted Really Well.
haroonsabha on February 07, 2009
hi i like comment and i like you by the sounds of things
boom180180 on February 24, 2009
lol thats my nick name is lucky thats wat my family calls me and they kept
reminding me of this long
jack23kairon on February 24, 2009
Just great ,Deols keep it up ,Tusi Punjab di shaan ho
donofnet on March 05, 2009
thats tu raja ki raaj dulari
koolwater786 on March 19, 2009
this song is all abt human nature..we keep on running after our desires n wishes n thus never feel contended !
HASSYAM1 on March 20, 2009
im free finally,im so happyyyyyy,
isfahaan on March 27, 2009
am not sure wot my ova frends ova ere tink bwt dis song buh i fink its a wiked song..wont bore u even if u hear it more dan million timez.i luv da way he sayz oye lucky lucky oye...
0ldm0nk on April 13, 2009
Agree with mjben0407. Appearance can be deceptive. I think it was the best movie to come out in 2008. Most bollywood movies treat audience as overgrown kids. This one is different
True Indian on May 01, 2009
Love this Song ...haha
True Indian on May 01, 2009
22 Ji Karo Translation Ehdi .! Mainu Pura Gaana Ni Samjh aya ... :-(
Ayaz Mangi on May 06, 2009
Sujith S on May 10, 2009
guys, can anyone pls tell me the meaning of CHAIDA MEINU... nice movie and
all songs are nice... i love punjabi songs...
Sujith S on May 10, 2009
guys, can any one pls tell me the meaning CHAIDA MEINU.. nice movie, nice
songs.. punjabi songs rockz..
Faysal Syed on May 21, 2009
oye lucky lucky lucky oye k mai punjabi aaan te aye gaana enjoy kar sakdaa
waaa oye lucky lucky oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wow another milestone in punjabi hits
junglipullow on July 09, 2009
A B C D Chaida Mainu Vadi Biddi Chaida Mainu Ctvv Chaida Mainu Lcd Bhi
Chaida Mainu Laal Murseri Chaidi Mainu Laal Kila Bhi Chaida Mainu Haa Haa
Chaida Ho Ho Chaida Mainu Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida
Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida Chaida
nnaik123 on July 12, 2009
Wah bai Mika! Ki gana ee.Aasli punjabiyo wada... Eee salakha aandar wali
baat matt kari yaar!!! Aasi baar ee tik aa...
nnaik123 on July 12, 2009
Chaida menu means, "I want". LCD vi chaida menu. "I want LCD too".
mikeromeocharlie on July 27, 2009
Thanks for rating!
pwincessFuzzy786 on August 13, 2009
i only lyk da oye lucky lucky oye bit.. lolll itzz nyc..
Raja Ayaz on August 18, 2009
chaida means "i need it"
MrThreptin on August 22, 2009
Very Nice!!!! !dud malahi kukkar burger shurger oye
00nlove on October 30, 2009
i watched this movie cuz of abhay deol ..he is so cute with his sweet
dimples adorable
crescendoclub on November 08, 2009
begali chal plate badal de oye thats so so true delhi language
mohitsandhu on December 11, 2009
kisne bola jaate ki shaadi main nazne ke liye ohhh
Javaid Afsoon on December 13, 2009
Oye Fantastic
TheImranshahid on April 19, 2010
i dedicate this song to paki president
jaffersardar on July 27, 2010
abhay deol ..awesome actor
15mxkumar on September 12, 2010
aa jo ji apna e garage ee

Savitha Rao on October 30, 2010
I soooooooo much love Abhay deol, he is ur perfect average next door
neighbour guy :)
Simrit Bajwa on October 30, 2010
Love abhay.. this movie is really good never get bored watching it
Vela knightrider on January 12, 2011
@bsbs1986 don't worry small budget film were successes and big movies
failures last year 2010
MrPunjabideep on March 06, 2011
I just made a new playlist, which contains mix of hindi/punjabi songs. One
of the best songs. Try them out. Search for Desi songs or Desi songs 2( I
made to). Also there are rap songs, Rnb, Etc. playlists.
MultiTatasky on May 16, 2011
old lady: kon?
lucky: chai jee mai hoon.. lucky!
old lady: acha (expression of relief)! lucky...
old lady: Lucky????
Gurnihal Rai on July 20, 2011
rocking song ,i love it,abhay is awesum act in the movie.
Gurjot734 on August 17, 2011
What a punjabi song and a cool song about a car getting fixed

yasiraslam84 on December 10, 2011
This is the very most under-rated movie of all time in the history. only if Amir Khan was hero in the movie this movie could have achieved oscar instantly!
MrXStark on May 29, 2012
oye lucky lucky oye - title track!
King Wajid on September 28, 2012
Wow I thought this was Oye Lucky Lucky Oye 2!!
DEBASIify on September 28, 2012
DEBASIify on September 28, 2012
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