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Comments on song "Paiyada"
indecoler on August 24, 2013
Insanely amazing song!!
Sudip Basu on August 24, 2013
Thanks for this awesome track. Feels like Trance to otherwise non descript
Pooja Sreeram on August 24, 2013
Swatin Shetty on August 24, 2013
what a voice!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Patmore on August 24, 2013
Awesome vocals, and free from the unnecessary Western and filmi singing of
the other previous songs. Sax was a nice touch too.
Shirish Malhotra on August 24, 2013
clarinet ;-)
Arjun Singh on August 24, 2013
Beautiful expression of sorrow :-))
Chris Patmore on August 24, 2013
Thought it was a soprano sax. My mistake. Should have read the credits.
tony thomas on August 24, 2013
Arunaji is one of the amazing today´s carnactic vocalists
Parthiban Manoharan on August 25, 2013
what raga is this?
Arvinder Singh on August 25, 2013
It's definitely not puriya dhanshri :-)
0x0MuGeN0x0 on August 25, 2013
Sounds like ahiri.
Vivek Rana on August 25, 2013
its nadanamakriya ragam
vidiyall on August 25, 2013
whatever Ragam it may be - it brought back the agony of centuries, I was in
tears listening to her nodes - she is just awesome as usual! long live
Aruna Sairam.
royalemj on August 25, 2013
after listening I had to call my mum in India for some reason..
Saptorshi Basu on August 25, 2013
its expression beyond words can describe.
Aseem Deshpande on August 25, 2013
Can we have Kishori Amonkar on this show?
Savyasachi Hebbar on August 25, 2013
One can't explain how beautiful this rendition is.
agamdilawari on August 25, 2013
Prashanth Ashokan on August 25, 2013
Aruna Sairam Madam seems to have been blessed directly by the Gods of
music. Not to forget that she has worked on her voice over the years.
Simply astounding
MultiShakki on August 25, 2013
close your eyes n feel the pain all around u...
Rational mind on August 25, 2013
wow!!! that would be awesome. apart from her Rashid Khan ,pt. Ajoy
Vasudevan Narayanaiyer on August 26, 2013
Wow, Ram.what a melting compositon...Soul / tear
shedding musical number...well composed, superbly rendered by
Aruna ji in her inimitable style...well co-ordinated, synchronised
and heart moving rendition by the team of Ram..Keep it
up.Ram. Incidentally what is the name of this Carnatic based
Raaga..close your eyes, hear this number and one can feel the
divinity...God bless you all..
Vasudevan Narayanaiyer on August 26, 2013
Thanks Vivek Rana. I thought it as much but I was not very
sure..Admire your knowledge.
tony thomas on August 26, 2013
I like to see carnactic stalwarts like Balamuralikrishna and Yesudasji too!
Gaurav Sharma on August 26, 2013
Mind peace :)
Parminder Gill on August 26, 2013
Divine voice... well produced by Ram Sampath
Balasubramaniam GD on August 26, 2013
This definitely was a better attempt than the Sloka withnAruna
Ajay Purohit on August 26, 2013
Soulful & extremely deep ! In fact it catches up exactly when you crave to
Abhishek Jeksani on August 27, 2013
so happy to listen to ancient telugu lyrics on cokestudio .. one of the
best compositions of cokestudio
mayank tewari on August 27, 2013
amazing song.!! ram sampath had done a great work.!! coe studio
tony thomas on August 27, 2013
Amonkarji said in an interview she doesn´t like fusion and also she won´t
go abroad to perform
sudarshan narasimhan on August 28, 2013
Anita Kumar Shankar on August 28, 2013
Mind numbing!
Aseem Deshpande on August 28, 2013
I'd take Arati Ankalikar Tikekar. She's mainsteam enuff?
Sandhu Sahab on August 29, 2013
Thanks I googled Aruna Ji after this and spend rest of day listening to her
Kevin McLeod on August 29, 2013
Very deep.. and yes, i cried.. !!
tony thomas on August 29, 2013
"Sri Krishna - Thaye Yashoda by Yesudas", Yesudasji´s carnactic songs will
take you to another world.
Pratik Varma on August 29, 2013
Kudos to Ram Sampath fo adding a western texture to very classical piece.
Very bold and the best of Coke Studio so far.
Nilam Gohain on August 30, 2013
One of the most talented and powerful composition by Ram Sampath...
Jay on August 30, 2013
divine..I can feel the pain even though I don't understand the words
gtm2k on August 30, 2013
you wait wait wait , and then it all opens up at 5.09 nicely done !
Rohith Kaushik on August 31, 2013
For once, there is something sensible coming out of Coke Studio India!! I
guess the reason why this is pretty good is because its mostly Aruna
Sairam's amazing work and a minimal involvement of the sad bunch in the
house band... Quite a nice piece to listen to late in the night..
tony thomas on September 03, 2013
Arunaji said in an interview that it takes 15 years of training in
carnactic music to be a debutant on stage.
Vignesh Gouthaman on September 06, 2013
Excellent rendering
Harry Merchant on September 07, 2013
the best by ram sampath. aruna ji is surely a delight to b watched ..
sad dis hasn't dat much views as compared to kattey
sajjan sarkar on September 09, 2013
It's in the video description
desigulal on September 09, 2013
Ok looks like Ram Sampath received a good beating on his behind for his
aigiri nandini mess...LoL. In Payyada he has managed to stay away & the
result is so nice!
barrav123 on September 09, 2013
Kudos Aruna Ji. And bravo to coke studio for bringing such classical greats
to the the coke studio audience. This my first time listening to Aruna
Sairam & I know for sure it won't be the last!! Fantastic composition Ram
James Bond on September 11, 2013
Had ny1 observed 1 thng?? If u starting feeling it,Tears r coming from no
where,taking mind into a diff state! Magic! Classic indian music magic!
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