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Comments on song "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Tum Rahti Ho"
sjalcapricorn on October 22, 2010
Absolutely magnificent song and lyrics! When we have songs like this, why
should I even bother about Western stuff IMHO?
vkshitiz on November 04, 2010
14 dislikes ????
hasan ahmad on November 16, 2010
i love this song
AslamMasroorAnsari04 on November 26, 2010
saajan sajni on November 28, 2010
Kya geet hai kishor kumar ka-- amazing- aisa pyar bhara geet bahut kam sun
ney ko milta hai - dhaarm paa je ka jawab nahi Rakhi ke sath-- lovely jodi--
surtigal on December 09, 2010
beautiful song
Joe Abram on December 19, 2010
... i would like to dedicate this to all lovers of this "SMS era". ha
Prakhar Gaur on December 20, 2010
16 dislikes strange to me
thescorpionking2020 on December 21, 2010
such an awesome song
Rajeev Tulalwar on December 23, 2010
brilliant direction by vijay anand.i like mardana dharam and rakhees
khandeel on January 02, 2011
Super Quality .Perfect audio and video quality . Evergreen song . The 70's are filled with such golden songs, that will never be forgotten. Thanks for sharing.
Ali Raza on January 12, 2011
love u kishore da, your voice is touchn=ing us
LegendMighty on January 22, 2011
Check out the background music of mission impossible theme at the climax of
the movie. Rakhi had a mission "impossbile" to fight against villain
Shatrughan sinha... LOL
MrPunjabicanadian on February 04, 2011
@priya2663 "Jeevan Meethi Pyaas Yeh Kehti Ho" means (Life is such a sweet
thirst(pleasure)) NOT jeevan mitti pyaar ; LOL btw i know you mean meethi
when you say mitti but when you write it , it sound funny ! lol
vaadaenmacchi on February 09, 2011
dharmendra was one of the best actors to come out of bollywood.
exceptionally good comedian in chupke chupke and sholay..
thebadboybrothers on February 17, 2011
one of my favourtie oldies:) x
VIJAY RAJ on February 21, 2011
what a song i love this song Pal Pal dil ke paas
VIJAY RAJ on February 21, 2011
what a song i love this song Pal Pal dil ke paas Raki looking very kut
guide pawan on February 24, 2011
my choice,kishore best for dharmendra & our indians like music
Prince Devendra K Choudhary on February 26, 2011
wah dharam ji wah
Mujtaba Khan on March 03, 2011
love this song ..
Imran Cader on March 17, 2011
What a song. Brings goose pimple to the body just listening to it.
crimescene08 on March 19, 2011
why would you dislike such a beautiful song ?
Mohammad Usman on March 25, 2011
25 unlucky would never have a chance to understand what music is :(
Ch Yasir on April 06, 2011
great song yaar i love this song 03127441530
Ch Yasir on April 06, 2011
great song yaar i love this song
Ravi Terkar on April 12, 2011
Kishore Kumar is great...
Subhav Sharma on April 15, 2011
@priya2663 meethi pyaas
Subhav Sharma on April 15, 2011
@JovaShmele bad
bokojoo on April 16, 2011
imagine a jaat being
Rahul gupta on May 02, 2011
Aasu Khan on May 04, 2011
this song is tuch my heart
TheMegadealer on May 06, 2011
is video ko kisne dislike kiya be??
zainab Khan on May 21, 2011
pal pal dil ke paas tum rehtha ho
Vaibhav Patil on June 10, 2011
why these 23 ppls dislikes this video ? i think they dont like rommantic
Prasad Durga on June 18, 2011
Best song ever ! Kishorda rocks !
Shivani Dhawan on June 23, 2011
the 25 ppl who don't like this song are clearly a bunch of crazy ppl who
have a horrible taste in music..
Jayakumar Nair on June 25, 2011
Kishoreda.the greatest ever..
omerraees on June 28, 2011
kya hai koi gana is say behter ya kopi awaz ya andaz
Apvatar3000 on July 02, 2011
Infinitely too emotional a love song.Reminds me of the memories of all the
"love at first sight experiences I have had. in life...and one or
two..serious ones.Followed by heartbreaks.This song also reminds me
whatever happened to the indian song writers of "India" ??
therightgame3 on July 02, 2011
I don't think there was ever a better singer than kishore kumar. what
voice! what versatility! just immortal! this song is joyous, romantic and
painful all at the same time. i don't think anyone other singer could have
done justice
byomjan on July 07, 2011
@pahadig --you music illeterate.. The singer is The legendary Kishore
kumar.. cant you just recognise his soulful voice...
Aditya Kumar on July 08, 2011
mein saans leta hun...teri khusbu aati hai.ek mehka mehka sa paigaam
lati hai- Love this line <3
cher lloyd on July 16, 2011
reminds me of Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam. :)
Rizwan paks on July 22, 2011
hhmondol on July 29, 2011
its really nice to see the comments and every one is praising Kishore Kumar
for the song, i agree with them he has sung very well. But its very
unfortunate that no one has given any credit to Kalyanji/Anandji...for
creating such a nice tune. Kishore Kumar is not the creator he is the mere
renderer..but as a creator it's Kalyanji/Anandji's song. I know you wold
have talked a lot about Music Director if it were created by R.D Burman
because R.D Burman sales well ...
julian correa on July 29, 2011
brings back memories from NCC :)
swarnimpandey15 on July 31, 2011
@breezb i agree u
Sacchidanand Pant on August 02, 2011
@therightgame3 Are you forgetting a legend called Mohd Rafi? One should not
compare greats but really Mohd Rafi according to many had sweeter voice
than Kishor, Kishor on the other hand was more versatile. You are
of-course, entitled to your own opinion.
Naureen97 on August 04, 2011
Happy Birthday, Kishoreda!!!
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