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Comments on song "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Tum Rahti Ho"
Somajit Mohanty on February 01, 2012
har shaam aankho par teraa aanchal laharaaye har raat yaado ki baaraat le
aaye main saans letaa hu teri khushabu aati hai ek mahaka mahaka sa paigaam
laati hai mere dil ki dhadakan bhi tere geet gaati hai pal pal dil ke paas
tum rahati ho..
algoseer on February 07, 2012
timeless poetry!
Simran Das on February 12, 2012
awesum... juz cant stop listening to this lovely song
Rinki Duragkar on February 13, 2012
this is surely my most fav ,romantic song .love this song .so innocent and
pure .
aamir adam on February 13, 2012
Dharmendra ji tusi great ho, we love you
surajcalifornia on February 13, 2012
61 People don't know what real music is
Sinanaidu Venkat on February 15, 2012
one of favorite songs...will remain forever in my heart.
Ankita anks on February 15, 2012
i love listening to it..
test5091 on February 16, 2012
My dear friends, thanks alot for your appreciation. I am so glad to know
that my last comment had deserved three tip-tops.
test5091 on February 16, 2012
@rinkidxb I do agree with yours.
yupelatube on February 17, 2012
kishorji's timeless song from yesteryear that will be relished more and
more with each passing year as the current crop falls by the wayside. Thank
you nature for synchronising my timeslot with this era
joyce james on February 17, 2012
Only people with no heart can dislike this song. I am sure those who disliked it do not have the courage 2 hear it again because they know that it will melt their cold heart.
Purnima R on February 20, 2012
my fiance loves this song so do I too its one of my fav i dedicate this to
him , he is my life and means the world to me. he is the best peson i have
TheAshok1959 on February 21, 2012
beautiful song,, beautiful lyrics,,, beautiful voice,,,awesome,,,,love it like it
Shashi Singer on February 21, 2012
Please post your comments on my version of the song (in the above link
replace v=AMuRRXCuy-4&ob=av3e with v=qPSD5A3Xlik) Thanks, Shashi.
Lata Jethwani on February 23, 2012
@joycekjames true
MrLetmerockify on February 23, 2012
From this song.. I Hav learnt How To Flirt.. :P :P Jokes Apart... Beautiful
Song ND Great Voice.. Kishore Kumar ROCKS.. :)
Shashi Singer on March 04, 2012
A beautiful song. Would you like to hear my version of the song? I know its
very difficult to emulate Kishoreda, but I have done my humble bit. To
watch the song, click on my name below and in the "About sashisp's channel"
section, you will see a link. Click on it and see the song. Do remember to
submit your feedback since I do need to know if I am doing good or bad.
Also, please share the link with your family and friends too. Thanks, Shashi
Vengalil19 on March 06, 2012
Even ptsunami washes everything off, these songs will never die..what a
lyric, composition and singing!!!!
veenodhavle on March 08, 2012
feelings that u were never away from me .vinod
vinod24674 on March 09, 2012
I Love this song.It haunts me day & night.What a great music & lovely voice of dear ,Very Dear Kishore kumar.
Bhuwanish Kunwar on March 10, 2012
my fav... best ever..
joy m on March 12, 2012
Great song.. :)
Shubham Pasari on March 12, 2012
By hearing this song i remembered my brother and his wife who are Just Married
Dipak Patel on March 13, 2012
i listen this songs when ever i get chance to remember her, she was my dream girl in 1972-75
her name harsha karia from mahuva bhavnagar.
dipak a dream boy of his past
veeraadi on March 17, 2012
look at dharmendra's walking style his right leg goes outer way
MyKaempfer on March 23, 2012
Written by Rajinder Krishan and composed by Kalyanji Anandji.
Nova sin on March 28, 2012
Music transcends any border.
Ashay Tulalwar on March 29, 2012
हे गाणे ऐकायला जेवढे छान आहे तेवढेच बघायला ही मस्त आहे.याचे श्रेय डायरेक्टर
विजय आनंद ला जाते..विजय आनंद ची कोणतीही गाणी बघा पाहताना तुम्हाला आनंद
वाटेल. कंटाळ येणार नाही..हे गाणे कितीही वेळा पहिले तरी सुंदरच वाटते...आणि
हो गाण्यात राखी पेक्षा धर्मेंद्रच छान दिसला आहे...
mohit goyal on April 01, 2012
very fine video in just 240 pixels one of my best songs
mohit goyal on April 01, 2012
oops i mean to say favorite.
humesh317 on April 04, 2012
I'm 23. This song is 39. Its my favorite song of all time.
ZEESHAN01051214 on April 12, 2012
parul Shende on April 21, 2012
arjunprop on April 24, 2012
one of the best ever song . .
Shivam Chanana on April 24, 2012
the annotation on this video is some respect to this song
Enctypt on April 24, 2012
what nice handwriting that I cant read.
Thej Wagle on April 25, 2012
Sangeet Bhagwan hai,Bhakti hai,junoon hai aur atoot bandhan hai-Like this song, jise aaj kal ke MD nahin jaanenge.
It takes me just 1min to compose & lyricize a song with meaning + quality, below, it took <1 min for the lyrics with Music.

Jasbaaye dil bayaan karun kaise, ke unke khayalon mein khoyi hui hai jaan,
dil, dard se ubhar aaye toh mulaqaat-e-alam mein jasbaat ko karenge izhaar--bayaan.


If aam aadmi like me can, why cant bollywood existing talents do?
mkasura1 on April 26, 2012
mkasura1 on April 26, 2012
Saurabh Kumar on April 27, 2012
the golden godly times \m/
theverygr8 on May 02, 2012
pal pal dil ke paas tum rahte!!!
magi untamed on May 05, 2012
Thumbs up for listening to this song in 2012..
kurian samuel on May 06, 2012
if today is 2099 May 06, i guarentee u people will stilll vote likes for this song. ;-)
MsWonderfullyweird on May 14, 2012
Best song by Kishoreda!!
i hear this when i was 14-15
i'm 19!
stili <3 it
chandssss on May 23, 2012
Very nice song kishore daa well done always
MegaKshitu on May 24, 2012
One of my fav song.Dharamji bade sone lag rahe hai iss song mein.Kishoreda's voice make this song more special
Sunil Tambe on May 25, 2012
Every one connected with the making of this song has done extremely well !
Vijay Anand's imaginative picturisation is just superb , it has made this
song a memorable
ravi1779 on May 26, 2012
Love this song..makes me wanna fall in love again😜
sudhir sehgal on May 31, 2012
very nice song and a great voice
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