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Comments on song "Pardesi Pardesi Jana Nahi (Version I)"
sOoSAD on January 11, 2007
sOo in love wid this song!
truthrising on April 14, 2007
Simply Magnificent. Indian song and dance, sure isn't what it used to be, not so long ago.!! Wow chick, you're simply equisite!
nyindiangal on May 18, 2007
PLEASE DONT READ THIS!!!-copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours
aapkikhushi on May 20, 2007
plz upload aaye ho meri zindagi main..FEMALE VERSION (the marriage scene in
the movie)
Paddybhoi on June 10, 2007
yip i second that aaye ho meri zindagi female version is the bettr one! meri sati meri sajun (as shed sing :D )
madzz88 on June 22, 2007
awesomeeeeeeeeeee song!!! loveee it!
chwaqas on June 26, 2007
waah ji waah
ormarian on July 07, 2007
Yabancı, yabancı gitmek yok
wouldbeking123 on July 07, 2007
look at her swigging the booze straight from the bottle -classic!!. by the way the older chap with karisma is vivek oberois dad, suresh
LvDaMuzic on July 09, 2007
we are all just travellers :) travelling with the wind :) nothing assured
:) we should have heart to give away things close to us :) because even our
life wont ask our permission when leaving :)
freak123456789101234 on July 11, 2007
hahahha had to read that like 10 times till i got it
laujforever on July 12, 2007
can someone load this movie plzzzzz..
borednow on July 15, 2007
what is this song about? what does pardesi pardesi jana nahi mean? is this
movie good? what is it about?
IdyMary on August 07, 2007
Is it true? Surejh Oberoi is Vivek 's dad? I love this movie ...Bebo is
sooooooooo sweet here.
astha45 on August 12, 2007
ha h ah ah a so funny
Navidra Hardin on August 24, 2007
this is one of the best songs in bollywood!!
zaara139 on September 03, 2007
You mean Kareena??She's not in it is she?
zaara139 on September 03, 2007
Thanks alot for uploading this song i love this film and Amirs just amazing!
Ruman14 on September 11, 2007
Fleeez jana nahin fardesi fagol.
alemoh on September 14, 2007
The dancer was excellent. Both dancers stole the show.
4dearfriend on September 19, 2007
ma fav sung & da danceriz also gr8 luv all
4dearfriend on September 19, 2007
lol chalow nahi jathi aap ke saath hi rahogi aab smile and be happy
brandnewstance1 on October 04, 2007
i have this movie great song
Xplosivedynamite on October 12, 2007
i remember listening to this as a kid.. hoping that it would happen to meet
one day... however it diddnt happen.. ahh well what can you do that life.
Life to asi who bhi
kasim hayat on October 12, 2007
i used 2 sing dis trak as a kid :p
AlishaB on October 12, 2007
Who didn't? lol
kasim hayat on October 12, 2007
i still sing along wiv it haha
AlishaB on October 12, 2007
haha . me 2 I use to try and dance it like the girl in the video. I miss
those days :)
LTF85199 on October 20, 2007
Wish i can understand the lyrics!
manu babu on October 20, 2007
pardesi pardesi jana nahin muje chhod ke foreigner , foreigner dont go and
leave me pardesi mere yara , vada nibhana foreigner my friend , keep your
promise muje yaad rakhna kahin bhool na jana remember me always , dont
forget me
prince jonas on October 21, 2007
wat a pleasant movie to watch remember my passed keep eloping from my a stranger still lov the song and movie..would watch it over
and over im a pardesi now..
hollywoodslut on October 29, 2007
If anyone can upload this song with subtitles..i will love you forever
shafi chowdhury on November 13, 2007
that woman who drinks looks like a zombie. and the other girl looks like my
married cousin Jenny Apu from Toronto, Ontario
Quisyfrottesypique on November 18, 2007
Have you told her?
veryhothorse on November 19, 2007
Although I am Arabic and can't understand the language but I cried when I watch this clip, I saw this movie from long time, it is perfect song,music,and very touchable.
Quisyfrottesypique on November 21, 2007
This was the song that played everywhere we went in India in 1996. I love
Bollywood, but when I finally saw this movie I was disappointed: Who fights
with a baby in his arms? See it: It's very unbelievable.
babyjo60 on November 29, 2007
hey ne1 know who dat dancin gal is,shes pretty
sonica2006 on December 01, 2007
hey babyjo06: i don't know her name but she is the daughter of yester years popular actress Mala singha.
babyjo60 on December 01, 2007
hey thnx 4 de infrmation..
column658 on December 03, 2007
Did you know China ready start war with India. What did India do to China?
EliteXtasy on December 04, 2007
Arrgh! The video keeps jumping!
Romario Faria De Sauza on December 11, 2007
I love this song I used to sing it when I was a kid and sitll do. thanks
for posting it.
jannah98 on December 19, 2007
what does this song title means in english??
EliteXtasy on December 20, 2007
Oh, and by the way, "desh" means "country" but I think you've figured that
out already.
MD1amel on December 21, 2007
thanx alot. this song makes me cry. i loved a girl but she is very far from me. this song touchs my heart.
spacekangaroo on December 21, 2007
and the award for the most irrelevant comment goes to.
boilingpresent on December 25, 2007
I was lucky enough to be in India when this movie first came out-you couldn't get away from the song, played and sung everywhere by everyone!it was the soundtrack to my visit it, thanks for posting it
truthrising on December 28, 2007
Ah Yes!!! Talk about a real song and dance! Thanks A Million!!!
truthrising on December 28, 2007
What is the name of that sweet dancer? Now that's what you call talent and entertainment!!
shabaana1 on January 05, 2008
true bolly movie at its best

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