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Comments on song "Pee Pa Pee Pa Ho Gaya (Desi Mix)"
Parminder Singh on February 03, 2012
man! diljit is looking bollywood will know how a REAL SARDAR
looks like :)
pinkrose332 on February 04, 2012
diljit rockzzzzzzzzz.
thefunkyone247 on February 05, 2012
what a party track :-)
thefunkyone247 on February 05, 2012
love the expressions on genelia D'souza's face. she awsome :-)
Sukhi Rajjar on February 05, 2012
diljit veera great. end veere end.. dunia te haini hor koi mere bai
Sukhi Rajjar on February 05, 2012
real dashing sardar in bollywood ... wah sadey sare sardar mundeyan di dhan
dhan kara ti veere tusi ..
Sukhi Rajjar on February 06, 2012
diljit bai da koi jawab ni. bas rabb mere veere dian edan hee chadtaan
Sukhi Rajjar on February 06, 2012
sanu sarey sardar mundeyn nu maan hona chaida diljit te .. bollywood ch
v hun real dashing sardar dekhn nu miluga. bai mai tere naal tan maan hee baut a sadey bai te.
ilucky singh on February 06, 2012
att song hai apne bai da... chak de diljit
ilucky singh on February 06, 2012
Diljit No. 1 punjabi singer .. sum ppl jealous about him
nisha singh on February 06, 2012
sounds betta with diljit singh in the song
Sale Counter on February 07, 2012
Brillant,mind blowing song yr i have no words for this bcoz diljit is rock
Sukhi Rajjar on February 07, 2012
diljit da koi jawab nhi. hun bollywood waleyan nu pata lagu dashing
sardar kinu kehnde a... sanu diljit di support karni an sareyan nu.
punjabi rocks.
Simranjeet Kaur on February 07, 2012
vowwwwwww.diljit is the most dashing from all them...diljit aa asli sardar aa.proud of uuuuu diljit...
shakira7505 on February 07, 2012
first 00:11 sec.. hahahaha
Sahib Rehal on February 07, 2012
munny0051 on February 07, 2012
Prableen K Rupra on February 08, 2012
luv this song. it is g.r.e.a.t.
manchahal2 on February 09, 2012
@htownrocket4lyfe1 answer to ur question is in this song.
watch?v=bG4eBdWPOPo listen to this song.
Sonu Serai on February 09, 2012
finaly asly jatt sardar in bollybood buraaa...
arsh123andarsh on February 11, 2012
i wish diljit wins the best singing award in bollywood
HARMEET SINGH on February 12, 2012
He can dance , sing and act ,.. he is a true punjabi and his voice rocks
all the way to every part of world.
Cheema Jatt on February 12, 2012
i don't like diljit much after his facebook video..but he made great effect
in this song..actually he shows bollywood that how sardar's looks
like,,thumbs up bro..keep rocking..and also try to make some meaningfull
songs in punjabi music too..
Cheema Jatt on February 12, 2012
i found almost all comments on diljit excepy genelia or i can
say "diljit u rockzzzz man"...
anurag sharma on February 14, 2012
Awesome Song..& Awesome coming Movie...:)
Taranjit Singh on February 16, 2012
dil khush karta oye mundeya
Taranjit Singh on February 16, 2012
dil khush karta oye mundeya
4jaysean on February 23, 2012
I love this song, I am obsessed with it ( : & Diljit is so cute! OMG. ♥
SominalTvTheatre on February 24, 2012
@primusfett Shut up man. Diljit is amazing! Better than what you could be.
Nave Gills on February 25, 2012
itsMeHelper on February 25, 2012
yea they are married :p Deljit Looks Cool
singhvik on February 26, 2012
daljit come to bollywood
Ved Pyakurel on February 26, 2012
Daljit Rocks on everything..dude you are too cool..
Ved Pyakurel on February 27, 2012
thumps up if you think daljit makes this song so much cooler ..
DeepTerms on February 27, 2012
A Sardar that can dance for Rab's sake!
kapil rana rajput on February 28, 2012
enjoyed it../
mann d on February 28, 2012
diljeet bhaji chaa gae ne. hv wchd d movie nd is realy gud romantic nd
comedy. genelia nd ritesh also did well.te diljeet bhaji ta bass 2 min ch e
gall bana gae love tht
ashpreet singh gill on March 01, 2012
Diljit is luking far better den ritesh...!!!! DILJIT ROCKZzzzz..!!!!! he
shld get film in bollywood..he acts vry well in punjabi film...!!!!
Jasveer Singh on March 01, 2012
nice song 22
Ved Pyakurel on March 02, 2012
DALJIT= PUNJABI POWER.. thumps up if you agree
anita rani on March 02, 2012
HEPPY WEDDING Ritesh & Genelia Deshmukh
anita rani on March 02, 2012
i like this song
Ali Shafiq on March 03, 2012
Love This Song, I wanna Be Sooo Drunk And Dance To This Song At Someone's
shrishti57 on March 04, 2012
i love the movie n love this song! i cnt stop listning to it <2
Zalim Bacha on March 04, 2012
@arsh123andarsh diljit is singer ?
arsh123andarsh on March 04, 2012
@icclcc yes he is
Yash Singh on March 05, 2012
wow Diljit bro u rocked ..u improve image of sardars . nahi ta sare
jahli jehe bollywood ch sardar ban jande c ... Akshay in Singh is
king , Tushaar in Chaar din ki chandni ! .made our look bad ! u r awesome
90's Music Channel on March 05, 2012
Pee Pa..: D
YovilleSingleRecord on March 05, 2012
my bro wedding coming up in Uk...n i m going 2 dance on dis song no matter
wat happen!!!!!!1
YovilleSingleRecord on March 05, 2012
Sorry YouTube i just broke ur REPLAY button ;)
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