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Comments on song "Pehli Najar Me Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya"
hardlife14 on July 05, 2009
india doesnt need paki singers.
paki singers need india...
from noor jehan to nusrat, rahat,fuzon,kashif,
atif,junoon etc etc...
coincidence381 on July 07, 2009
this song is big slap on the faces of those who criticise atif
escrox974 on July 09, 2009
l'm loOve it ! the song is beautifull <3
flamencog on July 09, 2009
r u talking about atif aslam as really really good???
flamencog on July 09, 2009
BESURA ATIF!!!! he is for bollywood fans who just dont know anything or just anything about music...
WiLdLyFanTaStiK on July 10, 2009
do u know math lool.when he died he was 50 he mj was august 29 1958
do the math lol
not 85
zaynah55 on July 10, 2009
dat's wat I said!!! He was 50 not 85!!! U shld be tellin 'nygujjar' to learn math not me!
WiLdLyFanTaStiK on July 10, 2009
oh myyy bad luv i was meaning to write to nygujjar but sum how i ended up writing to u my bad srry about that
nygujjar on July 11, 2009
is obama da new president of usa? what happened to bush?
DeWolfeMP on July 13, 2009
haha yes Obama is the new president.
aparnak002 on July 15, 2009
geeeez 3 million?? wow i love atif aslam! so does my 80 yr old granny! :)
akshaye khanna is soooo underrated damn.
fiza220 on July 16, 2009
hey its a very lovly nd romantic song lov it
luckylemon54 on July 17, 2009
Yeah! I remember this song from delightful girl choon hyang
infamousgt320 on July 17, 2009
wut movie is this from????
33ganga on July 18, 2009
the best song for me in film race
brilliantmynd on July 19, 2009
All that matters is that Bush the Doosh is gone.
brilliantmynd on July 19, 2009
LOL this nygujjar fella is one hella dumb.
Aerozo86 on July 21, 2009
wooww very niicee sonnggsss i likke it...
BabiiLove28 on July 22, 2009
amazin song
awesome movie!
qainaat on July 23, 2009
i love this song i cant stop heraing it and zarra zarra touch me
TheKawita on July 25, 2009
saalay paki gatay haiN khoob ,
Yay tow manna paray ga
napjess on July 25, 2009
i agree. music is universal.when it comes to music i dont really care what the media or some celebrity tries to tell me. only whether i like it
samiabul on July 25, 2009
great great song, thanks Atif.
marcosreis526 on July 26, 2009
muito bom este vidéo, pena que eu não entendo o idioma, más gostei muito.
Ruqq on July 29, 2009
I love this song cause of my niece she is jst 7 and sings beautigfully. The way she says, Baby i love thanks for postin this song and remindin me of my cutie pie.
thanks alot.
harryrajan1978 on July 30, 2009
its a lift from a korean song
tatianedad on August 02, 2009
eu quero assiste o filme !!!!! gostei da música belissima !!!!!!!!!!
São luis -Ma - Brasil
amitfour on August 02, 2009
they have very less things to be proud of.LOL thatswhy they get angry when u say music is universal and undermine the singers contribution..let them be proud of him..dont mind giving a crying small boy a will make him happy
Ichelle6969 on August 03, 2009
I love this song although i don't understand but i think it's very touching...
when u just look at the video clip you understood it.
Keep it up...
A very good song...
rosaleenlaughlin on August 05, 2009
whoever you maybe getitright. i did get it right however you are very wrong that you are so limited in your manners and education.. maybe you should consider returning to school!!!! x
RedChilliezz99 on August 05, 2009
i love this song!!!!!! nice work on it lolzz!!!!!
GajiniKiller on August 06, 2009
slow dancing on the night of ur wedding...perfect
star4galaxy on August 06, 2009
damn kaif looks so hot! she's like the natural beauty!!!
blakatu on August 08, 2009
Atif Aslam is a genius.. MAN HES EPIC!
ninanasreen1 on August 09, 2009
Love this song!! Soooo romantic!!!!
mrchoongting1 on August 09, 2009
Love This Song,But Guyanese Trinidadian Version is Better!
harrysayerschica on August 10, 2009
my cousin and his wife danced to this song at their wedding. it was adorable :)

love this song <3
aparnak002 on August 12, 2009
wow love this song!!! but 4 million hits? wow!!!!!!!!!
loveatifaslam on August 13, 2009
u no in saregama episode abhijeet the singer called atif lame singer.

wish i cud slap tht man wot he thinks of himself

love atif
hyderabadboy20 on August 17, 2009
you are a dumb as*!
you know that?
999tota on August 20, 2009
sal(the great) song acha to ho ga akhar "ATIF ASLAM" NE GA YA HAI
khan300892 on August 20, 2009
its such a nice song, cant stop listening to it, i always listen to it. atif sounds terrific, awsumm.
lchelle6969, u can check other people videos of dis song with english subtitles,so u can understand it. thanks for the upload.
henashaf on August 22, 2009
Nice Song and beautiful Voice too...
yaalii1 on August 23, 2009
Iam fasting.I fogive you for your nonsense...
pinklili00 on August 25, 2009
wow this is a great rendition of the korean song Sarang Hae Yo. very nice. ^^

and why the hate. just spread the peace. :)
sabeennaqvi13 on August 27, 2009
i too agreee with u 'hugga4u'..

this was the policy of others of which we r fighting till noww ..
misakisheraz on August 29, 2009
Great Rock/Modern pop singer - real deal amazing melody and just superb
astalivista121 on August 29, 2009
Salay Indo bi gatay hain khoob
yay bhi tow manna paray ga :D
yousufkhan0 on September 01, 2009
Atif did famous this song, Not Korean,
orthsurg on September 15, 2009
thanks hugga4u for nice comments if we understood that long before may today our young generation was in no need of going abroad for job
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