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Comments on song "Piya O Re Piya Mai Wari"
Salih Khan on April 24, 2012
it's a lovely sad scene ... love it
hasanbarak on April 25, 2012
Ishq karne chalee hoo to ye jaan loo mere dostooo
Isme haste to sath sath hain par rote hain akeleee. HBk
Cutebb Angel on April 27, 2012
I cry wen i listen to this song :'( my boyfriend left me since 1yr 4 month
and am still waiting he return... i want him back koz really i love
him loads ... y it always happen the one u love go away :'(
Millicentfatehchand. Decruz. on April 30, 2012
pls film was super flop why lies and mythes .jennoveacting thaytsbit
nothing natural... jenn..
7776latifah on May 02, 2012
Cutest couple.. Mad for each other 
Waqas Afzal on May 06, 2012
i believe that true love is that love somebody and let him/her live how
they want. if you believe that they love you they are not going anywhere.
if not then let it go.
Waqas Afzal on May 07, 2012
i agree with you but its not necessary that what ever we want that we are
going to get it. it is really hard to consider that they are not with us. i
think we should enjoy the good memories and face the reality of life. its
hard but it is what it is.
Waqas Afzal on May 07, 2012
if you feel comfortable with me, you wana tell me what happened? but dont
share over here.
rehan01K on May 07, 2012
atif ur voice is amazing
i watched this movie in the theatre only and only because of ur songs and ur presence in the video
3917Alex on May 08, 2012
i have watched this movie , nice song
JotikaChand27 on May 08, 2012
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this song
Zubair Malik on May 08, 2012
This full movie at my channel's okay come n enjoy
immigreat54 on May 12, 2012
sweet movie, Ritesh n Genelia are good actors.. aur Atif to bas.. awesome
j96541 on May 16, 2012
i also remember of my fst luv its so tough to leave yur fst luv n go i dnt no if he luvs me or not bt i did ohh god so tough!!!!!!!!
SuperRosain on May 18, 2012
i remember you nd me seperated ...
so sad im,,,
miss u fahad
GimmeSomeHipHop on May 19, 2012
Why no Indians in my country look like this?
fareedxtreme on May 20, 2012
No matter how many times I hear this, it never gets old. And each time I hear this, I end up in tears... Funny enough... Atif and Priya's voice adds to the pain and the tear in the eyes of Genelia and Ritesh. I hate this song coz it brings up the love scars in my life. But i still love this song, coz "Dard mae jab guzrae hua palon ka mithaas aata hai, woh dard keemtee hota hai(In pain, when you reminisce the forlorn moments of your past, and when u find sweetness in em, its a precious feelin"
M MIZA on May 26, 2012
wonderful song
sheeeerayy on May 31, 2012
Abhijeet sunlay
tahan10s on June 04, 2012
why >> alwayss to cry aftr the time passs OHHH DIL:(
tooba rasheed on June 05, 2012
atif aslam <3 :)
Bebo butt on June 05, 2012
thumps up if u r in love <3
inayat486 on June 07, 2012
awww they are such a cute couple <3 and atif aslam just rocks!!!
Nilabshafai12 on June 09, 2012
i enjoyed this movie, soo funny!
PK FAN on June 11, 2012
with atifs voice? yes indeed
Bebo butt on June 11, 2012
oh no real love dear
Bebo butt on June 11, 2012
ATIF rocks
ali bhagat on June 20, 2012
ilove sonG nD aTiFf
dohimamun on June 20, 2012
really very sad song..
fahima Nomaan on June 21, 2012
Love the voice & love the song..
wasishah36 on June 30, 2012
Great yar maza agya super...
wasishah36 on July 01, 2012
Ye song na sunoon to neend nai ati...really love !t.
Chetan Vasita on July 02, 2012
Yar Dil garden Garden ho gaya!! <3 it :*
xxayshiaxx on July 04, 2012
there's beauty in every culture, so one should not generalize on certain standards of a one nation.
Martina Gibbs on July 07, 2012
good question
smart1016 on July 10, 2012
Its coz they transform themselves by following the other country's
culture.. :)
Sonal Singh on July 12, 2012
in faslo ka ye faisla kyu dil ne tere kr liya..naada is dil ki har khwish ruthi sapne hue h saare churrrrrrrrr...;(((((((((
Sonal Singh on July 13, 2012
i love you yogesh kash tum samjh paate hmra pyar..:(
Angel who.believes on July 13, 2012
haha! which country do you live in?
MABE LU on July 20, 2012
srinkanjan mandal on July 27, 2012
agar wo samajh pata toh wo tumhare pass hota agar tum uskey bina nahi
reheparehe ho den usko tarpaoooo ... wo khud ba khud tumharey pass aa
srinkanjan mandal on July 27, 2012
if u see indians they all look same .. this is our colour we r
lejareful on July 31, 2012
its because m not in ur country
mano mano on August 01, 2012
lovly song :)
nagdevkm on August 04, 2012
because it happens only in India ;)
Moosa Toor on August 08, 2012
lovely songs
Tinku Singh on August 08, 2012
motherdisneyqueen25 on August 13, 2012
You commented about it in the video of the song tum ho right? But some
creep removed it. Would u please tell me what did you commented?
Kish Mish on August 20, 2012
Atif MeriJan Yew Are Rocking Jigr Love You Mowhha
Zohaib Akhtar on September 12, 2012
nice song hard touching song.
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