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Comments on song "Piya O Re Piya Mai Wari"
Amin Katib on March 06, 2012
49th viewer! :D
Anas Rashid on March 06, 2012
i have no words!!!
sinceritymaters on March 06, 2012
Atif,Ur Voice is Truly incredibly awesome!Masha’Allah! Atif,Ur superbly
unique voice always directly reaches hearts& ur intensely emotional
passionate singing makes ur all sung songs so much melodious!Ur really
gifted with excellent talent with expertise in all fields &Ur truly devoted
gentleman! Further More,Atif,U have extremely handsome &decent peace-loving
personality!U Coordinate with Priya jee so well during singing, like
always!Entire teamwork is marvelous! Atif &Tips are always amazing!
Pazhashirajaadarsh on March 07, 2012
i have seen GOD THROUGH SACHIN and I HAVE heard his voice through ATIF
Adnan Masood on March 07, 2012
nice song pyaaro
Shell Mj on March 08, 2012
atif aslam you always touch my heart :)
Divjot Singh on March 08, 2012
0:18 O My my , the filming is phenomenal! And the lights , the music!! <3 :D
avinash rao on March 08, 2012
nice song...
avinash rao on March 08, 2012
1 of the my fav song.. piya o re piya
Saransh Bhatti on March 08, 2012
awwwn they make a really cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee couplee ;D <3 lovedd this
Siddhant Satoskar on March 08, 2012
9 Dislikes by Abhijeet and deaf family
Downloads 4 Djs on March 12, 2012
Piya - (Mashup) - DJ Chetas
CoolShashank1000 on March 12, 2012
Happy birthday Atif and Shreya
harbirsingingdancing on March 14, 2012
this video was so emotional :(
harbirsingingdancing on March 14, 2012
atif aslam looks like bruno mars like if you agree!
jenisha31 on March 16, 2012
i am in love with version of the song. though it is sad god true meaning
and amazing heart touching. Gosh you can just see and hear emotion on
atif's voicee. Amazing! and the girl part. damn. amazing!
Alicia Raizada on March 16, 2012
@madhur360ify wth ?? NOO
yasir6304 on March 17, 2012
play now at the right side of the video has spoil my taste and love for
that video :-(
Reya Kabir on March 18, 2012
@RajakarSLAYER You feel such way caz he side the "rules" of singing set by
human n makes his own :D
4276hacker on March 21, 2012
awwwwwwww love this <3
Devil Jin on March 22, 2012
Really touching song. Atiff rocks.
Zoey Bear on March 22, 2012
makes me emotional
Md nazish ali on March 24, 2012
atif is great
Sakshi Karnawat on March 25, 2012
Genelia is too cute .. and Riteish's and her chemistry is AWESOME !! <333
Atif's voice is mesmerizing...!! Totally in love with the song. :]
KING Aamir on March 26, 2012
great atif.
Sadhika Burman on March 27, 2012
just lurve it!!!!
anith Chand on March 28, 2012
I love the song really touching and sad. I pray and hope and wish to god
that this situation doesn't come In riteshes and genelias real life. They
may be hubby wife forever
mishika rai on March 30, 2012
Heart touching song..luv u
lolipop on March 30, 2012
i cry wenevr i saw dis..
lolipop on March 30, 2012
atif gonna rock bollywooooood
azeem zami on April 01, 2012
nice song's
aami shibu on April 03, 2012
wow... fantastic...
Sarwan Laghari on April 04, 2012
nahin hota kisi tabeeb se is marz ka ilaj, ishq la-ilaj hai zara ehtiyat
shaheenbibi1 on April 05, 2012
wow nice song it ze superb song

milansha on April 06, 2012
Lovely indian song n indian music by Pritam ...Priya panchal is far better than Atif ..atif voice is ok but not better than Rahat or any other indian singer .! Indian movies n indian MUSIC rocks .. subhanallahh Jai hind
milansha on April 06, 2012
Atifs voice is not the most good .. he is mediocre singer than KK Sonu Nigam , Zubin garg , Arijit singh .Clinton cerejo Naresh Iyer or kamal Khan etc .. Indian singers are the best and so in india music
milansha on April 06, 2012
priya panchal has sung the song far better ! what a nice voice Priya Panchal ..Atif voice is so so .. Some other singer would have done more justice.Nice indian music though !
Adnan Shamsi on April 06, 2012
Umair Iqbal on April 06, 2012
wah wah awesome song luv u atif
Arisha Usmani on April 07, 2012
really heart toching song mind blowing owsum... this song really made
me cry
Harsh Patel on April 09, 2012
this song is just awesome!
krystle kaur on April 10, 2012
this songg just touches ur heartt
Misszkhan1 on April 12, 2012
WHY 37dislikes?? some people i tell :P
kanwal967 on April 15, 2012
this song relates to in so many ways and i love this song one of my fav :)
kanwal967 on April 15, 2012
i know so true
SK Baloch on April 15, 2012
Ishq karne chala hai to ye jaan le aye dost Isme haste to sath hain par
rote akele hain..
s8mishra1993 on April 16, 2012
I know right? I think they dislike just for the sake of it! I mean who can dislike this song? every single thing is perfect about it:)<3 love atif<3
Jaimin Patel on April 20, 2012
awassome man... atif.. n couple looks tooooooooo rockk...touching
ne0da on April 23, 2012
Cool movie, Funny and a Heart Warming entertaining and the lead actress should come with a special warning because its quite impossible not to fall completely in love with her during the film.
Vivek Loitongbam on April 23, 2012
awesome song.!!!!
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