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Comments on song "Pyaar Teri Pahali Nazar Ko Salaam"
hearthackers on February 13, 2008
simply the best, i just love this songs, thanks for the post!
gkvirk on May 28, 2008
The movie name is "EK DUJE KE LIYE"
SwissGalaxy on June 14, 2008
I lik this song n sply this movie is very close 2 my heart bcoz its the first movie of my life --i went to see with my parents when i was very small .
chamanlal111 on July 01, 2008
this is very sweet and very heart touchable sibg
rakkmishra on July 08, 2008
she was soooooooo gorgeous
LivingFree75 on July 13, 2008
All songs from this movie are really; really cool...I absolutely love
them!!! Thank you for uploading! It's full of awesome memories Who is the
singer, plz???
kantreddi on August 09, 2008
The song was shot in Vizag, so beautiful and so refreshing.
xxxdancing4u on August 22, 2008
luvvvvvvvvvv..this seems tht this song makes me feel tht i miss sumone special who came in my life just for a second and went away forever..
touch my heart slow tht even if i fall in love nobody knows..
ananya7ananya on August 24, 2008
pankaj5656 on September 03, 2008
maximamini on October 19, 2008
i like this song very much
mparveez on October 25, 2008
how true this is. hats off to the song writer.
ytubee666 on November 22, 2008
i love allthose people who love this song!!! lovely song!!
PoojaP14 on December 16, 2008
dude its sad they die in the end
shuub9 on December 19, 2008
such a great song nowadays u can not find such songs in indian movies
Shaikhausaf on December 22, 2008
i love this song so its a love === romantic song
Ritul Pande on December 26, 2008
Poetry & Composition at its best
boyishness on January 05, 2009
kya baat hai bhu khoob !
Arup Nag on January 13, 2009
16 years...what an age.God knows how many time we fall in love in that
age. Superb piece of work.why such songs are not made nowadays?
toxic0teen on January 23, 2009
very true...rightly said!!!
LaBoniitaa on January 24, 2009
Can someone plz rtell me wich movie this song is from? plz
Jalah Khan on January 26, 2009
the movie is tere mere beech
sanyayforyou on January 27, 2009
you are wrong
at 16 years, we fall in love only for one time and that love we never forget till the end of our life
Arup Nag on January 27, 2009
May be you are right..but I still fall in love regularly.even at this
age of 37..LOL
toxic0teen on January 27, 2009
at 16, for most people its the first time they fall in, its special, its naive, its straight from heart, least materialistic.and probably the person remains in our heart for the rest of our life! lollll
mankupipi on January 27, 2009
i fell in love at 18...when i was young, i was waiting to turn 16..and when i did, nothing happened :( i was kinda disheartened..all this hype in the movies..i laugh at it now
dtmitta on January 28, 2009
ek duje ke liye..
dtmitta on January 28, 2009
no its ek duje ke liye
Jalah Khan on January 29, 2009
thank you for correcting me, i got mixed up with the song
dtmitta on January 29, 2009
u r welcome can happen to anyone
dawoodabrahama on January 31, 2009
dil ki dard... dard main pyar...pyar main dard
dawoodabrahama on January 31, 2009
salam salam salam main toh kuch bhi nahin likh sakta. iss gane main itna
dard hai ke jo bhi likho woh kam hai
kkinjal5 on February 01, 2009
wt muvie is dis song frm??? plz help me sum1.
ashmit12121 on February 08, 2009
great song to sacrifice ones life for love
rahilanaz on February 10, 2009
woh kehte hain na woh jawani jawani nahi jis ki koi kahani na ho is
ganey main dard ha har insan ko jab bhi woh apne mazi apne andar jhankta ha
ek dard mehsoos hota ha jo aankhon main ek dard ki namii ley kar aata ha
..great song ..yadaon hi barsaat si aagayi song sun kar ...
sonusonu89 on February 13, 2009
waqi mein bohat nice song ha Kamal Hassan ki ye movie bhi bohat hi achi ha
HKisBest on February 27, 2009
This song is my life. I daily listen this songs so many times.
sajid shaikh on March 02, 2009
my teenage luv song
drakendrones on March 04, 2009
1 word for this song----PERFECT. lyrics+voice+music+actors.
mazizfan on March 09, 2009
Haunting movie, haunting TUNE.
salmankhan4lyf on March 10, 2009
woww sik tune thnx
nazar1415 on March 25, 2009
i like her madness
milte rahe hum .
saagar mein utne wali har lehar ko salaam...
jisne hume duboya us dagar ko salaam...
nigodi .hnar ko salaam.
enemy of love is not parents but fear, ego, and all mind problems restricting true love of the heart
ShexcBaybee on April 03, 2009
can anyone tell me how to download this song? sikk tune love it x
gkps5251 on April 12, 2009
One of Lata Mangeshkar's best songs of all time. Maybe the best. Brings
back fond memories. Thank you, Lataji.
pravinpa on April 22, 2009
We have all the technology in the world today but still aaj kal aise gaane
nahi bante. :( Awesome lyrics, awesome singing. Hats off!!
appu1990drak on April 23, 2009
YugVrinda02 on April 26, 2009
that is soooo meant for YuVi.
shidapastool on April 29, 2009
yeah i agree viv u ,,its awsome man,,it,s wicked,,life time favourite
angel3195 on May 07, 2009
dis sng iz realli nce n iz used in tujh sang preet lagai sajna srama on star plus. it iz realli sweet wen it is plyd 4 yug n vrinda!
Prashanth Jana on June 09, 2009
can any1 tell me which beach the film was shot? it isnt any goan beach, i'm
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