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Comments on song "Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya"
butul8 on November 22, 2009
too good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
JawadAhmed11 on November 30, 2009
very nice song thanks for uploading dude
starvoice21 on January 04, 2010
Paheli Dafa Use Dekhkar Hone Laga Kuch Aisa Asar
Khudh Se Huvi Main Bekhabar Main Hoon Yahan Dil Mera Hai Wahan <3 <3
1711tammy on May 28, 2010
Gr8 Acting done by Urmila. The movie credit goes to her only..;)
LovelyCelina143 on July 02, 2010
I just love this song alot.WoW!
SAIFI148 on July 09, 2010
mePriyankaDolly on July 21, 2010
@SAIFI148 hmmm, i know is blind...n it makes u blind...but is it always worth it to get handicapped like this? i mean..investing such deep emotions on someone like this n then losing control of life...i know it happens without our wish but isn't there anything to bring such heartbroken ppl back to their senses?
lovable348 on July 23, 2010
urmila did a relly good job in this one!!! she worked really hard ...i feel really bad for her :(((( charater :(((( sad !!!!!
kiprose1 on July 29, 2010
pls tell me the name of the movie
cross00able on August 01, 2010
film name is pyaar tune kya kiya
afghangurll on December 26, 2010
I really need the sad version of this song... =( but i could'nt find it ... Can anyone help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
TheHumzie on February 04, 2011
shes absolutely smoking hot! Fit and healthy unlike the new actresses
zikriya25 on June 15, 2011
Urmila is great and is the most beautiful girl in the world..
I love you Urmila...Aah i dont know how to tell you about how much i love you dear.
Plz marry me.Hi you are my life dear.
dollybabeegak on July 11, 2011
i love this song very much thanks for uploading such a beautiful songs
dollybabeegak on July 11, 2011
i love this song very much thanks for uploading such a beautiful songs
abckhanxyzful on July 29, 2011
what a bakwaas is this indian selling their sisters
786slm on February 12, 2012
@Simmon46 i think the singers of this song are Sonu Nigam and Alka
malatariq on March 12, 2012
its true .love is blind n deaf n we act same like as it wants...touchy words..whenevr i listen this i feel great passion for my love..
hulk2rebelz on May 09, 2012
Urmila you are the prettiest and most genuine actress Bollywood ever have the most beautiful soul which reflects in you, your acting and i m sure life as well.all the best..:) Love u :)
khokar sab on May 13, 2012
Aisha Ali on May 24, 2012
Great great song
stramandavole on June 06, 2012
time..only time can heal..
saadukejaadu on June 12, 2012
I love this song! The movie had great music and was very interesting, but it ended too soon...
TheMidnightHatter on July 15, 2012
Anyone else here because of Isha from Jhalak Dikhlaan Jaa?
Mishit Merchant on July 15, 2012
its me..isha & salman performance was speechless
frankywolf on July 15, 2012
I'm here because of her :)
kimjabanog on July 15, 2012
i got back myself to senses. No one else but ppl can help themselves in this case. ppl around them can also help out. May be they have to compromise and sacrifice a lot in their life. I've had a big loss of two years in studies. Now hopefully i can concentrate.
sadia mitul on July 15, 2012
i loved this song whn it was 1st released bt many years later im hearing this song again for isha and salman
moinuddinrehmani on July 16, 2012
U stole my comment Sadia... i also wanted to say exactly the same thing... Awesome prrformance by them yaar... cant forget it
TheAliyah2312 on July 17, 2012
im also here bkoz of salman and isha...:)
pradeepmallik73 on July 18, 2012
I'm also here because of isha&salman.I love to see them together.
Kumar Dosi on July 18, 2012
Haha, we are also one of those :-)
rheaisgreat on July 19, 2012
No. I'm here because I love the song.
mariya gauhar on July 21, 2012
hehehe. ya em only hear b'coz of isha n salman
worldworld007 on July 23, 2012
i never thought this beautiful romantic song of urmila could be turned into a fantastic horror song by isha and salman !! both were awesome in their own way !! :)
sunnybhasin04 on July 25, 2012
hatts off 4 isha ultimate horror dance on dis beautifull romantic song... <3
KangarooBird121 on August 01, 2012
this movie creeped me out when i was a kid
Chandramita Roy on August 06, 2012
This song is related to my life..i just love this song..
isabellaa1885 on August 06, 2012
wow i didn't thought that almost all recent comments would be about jhalak. Isa and Salman are the best.
Oscar Peterson on August 22, 2012
old memories came alive after Isha's performance.
rheaisgreat on September 02, 2012
I'm here because I love this song. Not because of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa.
Farhan Saleem on September 26, 2012
it looks salman has true feelings for isha .but i would say deserves isha as his life partner
its say action says more than words
MrJattguy on October 02, 2012
mehrnoushjooooon on October 11, 2012
time is not a great healer, you just get use in the pain...
Wednesday Addams on November 10, 2012
Her character had borderline personality disorder. You're right, Urmila's
performance was outstanding
Asmar Khan on November 13, 2012
Nice and lovely song!!!!!!
ryujinjakk4 on March 30, 2013
Urmila has a beautiful ass
Subhaan Khan on October 24, 2013
fardeen and urmila were better in the movie jungle
Chandrakant Mahapatra on August 01, 2014
I feel Urmila was too good to be cast opposite Fardeen in this movie.
Santosh Rai on August 04, 2014
Beautiful song ! And Urmila is outstanding !
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