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Comments on song "Pyar Par Bas To Nahin Hai Mera"
bhuumiputra on July 09, 2009
Its wonderful feeling when we watch zagal king is acting and singing his
own song.. kahin aisa na ho paon mere tharra jaye aur teri marmari bahon ka
sahara na mile, ashq bahate rahe khamosh siyah raaton mein , aur tere
reshmi aanchal ka sahara na mile... wah wah bahut lajawab ... keep it up..
Parag Samant on August 04, 2009
Just beautiful... the poetry is half the song and then, Talat does the
rest, with Asha! O.P. has, for a change, given great slow music, instead of
his usual catchy fast numbers
nagdaking on October 12, 2009
waah ..talat sahab have very sweet voice...thanks for uploading such gem...
meerutwala1 on February 16, 2010
kitni gehrahi hai en alfazoo me. aur ye awaz.
ambindia on February 20, 2010
the song consists of excerpts from sahir's long nazm, mata e ghair. 2 more
stanzas were recorded in asha bhonsle's voice but probably did not feature
in the film soundtrack. it would be excellent if someone could upload them
as well.
ambindia on April 19, 2010
@nickkohri found it . thanks very much.
SebastianAndrew1 on June 08, 2010
I LOVE mp3iffy it WORKS just google mp3iffy.
Ijaz Tahirkheli on November 24, 2010
Talat sahib singing one of his all time greats,poetry is just
wonderful,thanks for uploading this mastkalander sahib please upload
is a singer who is not for masses but for classes,i think his ghazalz nd
geets songs r for ever.
Suryakant Vora on December 30, 2010
talatji not acted in so many films but wherever he acted he acted better.
but he blossom in poetic rendering the song and mesmerised old filmy song
lover all over the world. that no one can forgert/ his contri. wil be
remembered by one and all filmy song lovers.
surinder50 on February 08, 2011
@drsmvora65 Talat ji was a bad actor. when he insisted that he will only
sing for those who will give him acting roles did his career vanished. Mind
you for me he was an average singer with a limited range. But that is a
matter of choice.
saffrontea1 on June 06, 2011
@surinder50 You need to have proper appreciation of fine music.
saffrontea1 on June 06, 2011
Respond to this video... You must have concrete in your ears when you
listen to music.
surinder50 on June 08, 2011
@saffrontea1 it is better to have it in my ears than in the
you.learn to appreciate and respect a different views. your views are
not final on all subjects.
Ijaz Tahirkheli on June 22, 2011
Geeta Jain on August 01, 2011
bahut sundar,excellent!!!
Rajinder Nayar on October 09, 2011
Bhai saab yeh gaana dekh kar lagta hai mere pasandeeda gulokar TALAT sirf
achhe gulokar hi nahi the woh ek umda kalakar aur achhe actor bhi the un ki
jitni filmen bani hai bahut hi lajawab hain Talat ji amar rahen
Mohammed Iqbal on October 14, 2011
actor also talath mahmood
Nisar.p NIsar.p on January 24, 2012
very nicce song thanks for uploading
Mani Menon on May 19, 2012
Talat was quite a good actor too. And he looked so suave and debonair!
mastkalandr on May 20, 2012
Bahut hi sahi farmata aapne..Bandhu Thanks for sharing this touchy melody..
mastkalandr on May 20, 2012
Friend !.. You are welcome.. Thanks for sharing..
mastkalandr on May 20, 2012
Friend !, Truly said about legendary Talat..looked so suave and debonair!
Thanks for sharing this timeless classic..
raqib56 on July 09, 2012
you said it a year ago now, and i say it today, will always repeat, yes
it is indeed the best eternal love song, its enough listen to lyrics, melody
asha ji and talat saheb, is there any other way t eternity ??
Satish Shetty on November 30, 2012
Talat Mehmood though a good singer tried to become an actor.However he
failed to become a good actor.This has affected his singing creer also.dont
be greedy.
mastkalandr on November 30, 2012
Well said.. Thanks for sharing this soulful melody..
Bimal Shastri on December 16, 2012
well today i have uploaded FOUR MORE SONGS .Please be kind enough to
review those songs and send me detail comments.Thank you once again THANK
mastkalandr on December 27, 2012
You are welcome..
akhil grover on June 17, 2013
Its classic.I wrote that to a girl whom I was wooeing ...when I was only
mastkalandr on June 17, 2013
Truly, a timeless classy .., Thanks for sharing your golden memories with
this touchy melody.
Chandrasekharan Nair on September 25, 2013
Lovely song of talatji and ashaji. Nice to see talatji acting. Thanks for
sharing it
Sreedharan Champad on January 10, 2014
Hai! what a sweet song!
Prerak Vyas on January 11, 2014

मेरे ख़्वाबों के झरोखों को सजाने वाली...
तेरे ख़्वाबों में कहीं मेरा गुज़र है के नहीं?

पूछ कर अपनी निगाहों से बता दे मुझको
मेरी रातों के मुक़द्दर में सहर है के नहीं?
Neil Mehta on May 03, 2014
Surender Bhutani on June 15, 2014
The real composer of this amazing song is Khayyam Saheb who was compelled
to sell this tune to O.P. Nayyar. Khayyam was short of money at that
time.This was told to me by Meena Kapoor, wife of Anil Biswas.

Dr Surender Bhutani Warsaw (Poland)
Lalit Velkar on August 24, 2014
Best regards for all Melody Makers
ramesh babu on August 31, 2014
Kya zaadu hy re pyar..
angandhe on July 24, 2015
OP was too egoistic a person to do any thing of the sort. the story seems a
bit too far fetched
mozheart on October 17, 2015
I think the female voice's humming accompaniment was brilliant.
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