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Comments on song "Raat Akeli Hai Bujh Gaye Diye (Jo Bhi Chaahe Kahiye)"
mjinuk on May 07, 2009
I like this song from my childhood, I like Tanuja.
When Kajol came in her first movie, I watched it as only due to Tanuja's Daughter movie. It is pretty song
riazud on May 13, 2009
asha is the greatest.
she can have her slippers under my bed any time.. love her
TitanYa315 on July 09, 2009
us Indian women are much hotter than our Indian men, I mean temperature, physically, sensually, we are don't you think?
786maq on July 09, 2009
I beg to disagree. you may think your hot but Indian men are VINADALOOOOOOO and too hot to handle.
nrawtani900 on July 10, 2009
omg...she looks bomb..trying to have dev anand fell for her...listen to the lyrics...amazing
samadbaksh on July 25, 2009
loll, kajol looks so much like her mother
sanandadatta on October 12, 2009
Tanuja is better than Kajol..
namitamathur61 on October 31, 2009
This song always makes me smile...I feel the only other actress who could have done this with equal finesse and aplomb in those days was Mumtaz..just my views!
atulks on October 31, 2009
I agree with you fully. Mumtaz could have given the same expressions. I think keeping her potential in mind Vijay Anand gave Mumtaz a lifetime role in 'Tere Mere Sapne'.
nawabshaukat on November 09, 2009
This COMPOSITION of DADA BURMAN JI has influenced his son PANCHAM to that EXTENT that his rest of his muzic career was INFLUENCED with this PARTICULAR song and later he made lot of compositions with lot of SIMILARITY with this composition SPECIALLY with aasha ji and helen songs SORRY TO PANCHAM DA FANZ 03332604292
needi51 on January 19, 2010
Dev Anand; the naughty gentelman! hats off!
xoluvsjbandicarlyxo on January 20, 2010
this is easily one of the best clipping I have seen in my entire life. I saw the movie some decades aback but seeing Tanuja perform this dance sequence now certainly unleashes the libido in me.
aspmusic on January 24, 2010
Tanuja was hottt... sensous.
rengas98 on February 18, 2010
Tanuja looks so cute and playful in this. She has so much charm grace and humour. Dev looks more amused than seduced.
ahmedhemani88 on February 21, 2010
Salute to Burman dada for matching the music to the situation so well and Ashaji's sensuous voice has made this song an immortal
khanpreston1 on February 24, 2010
purana song hai likan hai zabardast
1bawang on July 11, 2010
one of the love song that im very crazy with
candyperfumeboy2 on August 28, 2010
@sanandadatta Tanuja may be vintage beauty, but acting-wise, I believe, Kajol is an excellent actor - perhaps better than her mother. She can exhibit histrionics that very few can.
cherrybrandy04 on September 06, 2010
tanuja is way prettier than her daughters for sure but kajol definitely made it bigger than her mom!
sonny19xx on October 07, 2010
good song from SD Asha duo. tanuja dances well and beats her daughter kajol hands down . period. thanks shemarooent. but top score to SD and asha for making this song a legend. dev as usual is doing what he does best - that is nothing.
neilmohan84 on July 09, 2011
my god what a beautiful song...
Ahmed Faisal on July 17, 2011
dudes this is amisha patels mom , not kajol'
sunitajee777 on July 18, 2011
hahaaha its kajol's mom...
daisyflower6910 on July 24, 2011
she is the mother of kajol very beautiful ,but she dont have get very much roles,she is even prettier than her doughter i think
achilesjames on July 27, 2011
this song still super hit my favorite...i play this song when rain start at night around 2,15 am i enjoy this song alone cooking pasta for me .
Kashyap Gajjar on August 13, 2011
watch bhoot bangla... u will see what a pretty girl she really is
divinetiming888 on August 19, 2011
love this song with passion
paresha2010 on September 08, 2011
i like this song tooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
narendrahshah on October 15, 2011
One can see ALL the typical mannerisms in this song !!!!!!! No wonder then that Kajol is immitating DA so well.
Coucoutchicou on October 16, 2011
The mother was prettier than the daughter perhaps because she literally "kept her nose" and developed her personality instead of relying on plastic surgery...!
sameer verma on December 12, 2011
one of the most sensuous melody.all time hits.imagine this at home hahahaha
gangakrishh on December 16, 2011
All GFs need to learn from this..
dragonbane44 on February 27, 2012
might be so but Kajol's still a better actor than her mother. In any book.
spartanvijay on April 26, 2012
SD Burman da's great music.
faceman163 on May 18, 2012
And I thought Kajol had a big butt.. Her mother's is double her size lol
namita341 on June 05, 2012
were these old music directors some kind of aliens , such melodies ,unbelievable,just want to hear them over and over again
Ambika Kohli on June 28, 2013
my all time favs.
HASMUKH SODHA on June 28, 2013
my fav song thanks for uploading
Biswajit Biswas on July 04, 2013
thanks for uploading
DR ARTI SAHAI on October 19, 2014
an evergreen lovable song ..awesome
after a long time listening to this yet .
thx a ton
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