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Thumb Song Heading Singer Composer Lyricist Actor Film (Year) Category
screen shot of song - Khoya Khoya Chand Khula Aasman
4.53 - 2835 votes
Dev Anand, Waheeda RehmanMoon Songs, Romantic Songs, Masti Bhare Geet
screen shot of song - Yaad Kiya Dil Ne Kahaan Ho Tum
4.52 - 3653 votes
Usha Kiran, Dev AnandRomantic Songs
screen shot of song - Hai Sabse Madhur Woh Geet
4.51 - 1120 votes
Usha Kiran, Dev AnandSad Songs
screen shot of song - Andhe Jahan Ke Andhe Raaste
4.50 - 1087 votes
Dev Anand, Usha KiranSad Songs
screen shot of song - Achchha Ji Main Hari, Chalo Maan Jaao Na
4.47 - 1551 votes
Dev Anand, MadhubalaRoothna Manaana, Romantic Songs
screen shot of song - Dhire Dhire Chal, Chaand Gagan Me
4.44 - 1644 votes
Dev Anand, Mala SinhaRomantic Songs, Moon Songs
screen shot of song - Chand Phir Nikla, Magar Tum Na Aaye
4.44 - 1166 votes
Dev Anand, NutanSad Songs, Intezaar
screen shot of song - Mitti Se Khelate Ho Baar Baar Kis Liye
4.44 - 1031 votes
Agha, Dev Anand, Usha KiranSad Songs
screen shot of song - Chhod Do Aanchal Jamaana Kya Kahega
4.42 - 1476 votes
Dev Anand, NutanChed Chad Songs, Tareef Songs, Romantic Songs

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