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Comments on song "Raat Ne Kya Kya Khavab Dikhaye"
Parvaiz Akhtar on January 06, 2010
Best singer of 1950's .. what a matchless sweet voice with poetry to match.
God bless you Talat Sahib.
Bhupinder Pujji on January 09, 2010
Dilij kya baat hai is gaane ki salilchaudhry jee ki dhun Talat saabka kamaal
bashir shah on December 18, 2010
chahaji tallat just best singer of 1950's, no brother he is best singer of
all times
SOPAN TOPAN on April 14, 2011
simply the best
Dee Thakore on June 11, 2011
As salil da style you can hear tune of ..."Jhoome re neela ambar..." Just
as in Madhumati song ..Aaja re pardesi you can hear tune of the song...
ghadi ghadi mera dil... an interlude of the two tunes...a great music
maestro. As always it pleasures to see you up load.
bashir shah on June 12, 2011
rat aor khawab, ankhh khhulna aor sapna totna THE BEST IDEA AND BEAUTIFULL
mastkalandr on June 13, 2011
@derubala ..Happy to see you with a nice comment .. I am absolutely agree
with only i have uploaded said song "Jhoome re neela ambar..."
Salil Choudhary was one of the greatest musical talents India ever had. A
man of many talents.A master multi-instrumentals ..,a gifted person. Thanks
for sharing a small tribute to legendary salilda
KHAN1561 on June 16, 2011
beautiful heart touching and lovely song thanks
mastkalandr on October 05, 2011
@Janaky23 ...Thanks for sharing a timeless melody...
TheRajsareen on November 05, 2011
sheer magic of silky voice mesmerising the soul and mind..the
magic spell of Talat ji .. it is just so loving and haunting yet so
subtle.. yeh khoobi hai unki i mean Talat ji... he still dwells in my
jigar and soul...
kumar steve on January 18, 2012
love this song live Talat sab.
dinkar rao on February 22, 2012
one of greatest Indian singer
mastkalandr on February 22, 2012
@dinkarrao1 ..Well said.. Thanks for sharing my small tribute..
Bhajanpremi1 on February 22, 2012
Talat Mahmood Sahib had such a sweet melodious voice. He may not be with us
but his songs will be with us forever. Even the music in songs was so sweet.
mastkalandr on February 27, 2012
@ashwinkumar10 ..Friend !.. You are welcome..Thanks for sharing my small
tribute to the Gr8 Salil da..
nisha Patel on February 27, 2012
thanks for sharing this song and the vedio..i had heard this song when i
was thank uuu rjnisha [london]
mastkalandr on February 27, 2012
@rjnisha ..You are welcome.. This touching song is my favorite too.. Thanks
for sharing this timeless classic..
mastkalandr on March 20, 2012
@asha1053 ..Well said ,i love this song too but end part of this song is
soul touching especially music of genius Salil da Thanks for sharing my
small tribute..
purutoke on April 06, 2012
Everything in this song is Top class! i.e voice, lyrics and Music.Talatji
we really miss you!
Montymonty10 on June 03, 2012
Beautiful song,please put some more songs from this movie.
mastkalandr on June 03, 2012
Sure i will ..please wait..
Montymonty10 on June 03, 2012
Looking forward,Thanks.
Vijaya Babu Kudaravalli on June 20, 2012
very popular till date.nice song.thanks for uploading old melody. vijay
kumcha3 on June 23, 2012
Touches your heart;very soulful singing by a soothing sweet voice.
dinkar rao on June 25, 2012
i was lucky to meet him in cleveland and be in audience
mastkalandr on June 25, 2012
Well said.. Thanks for sharing this timeless classic..
mastkalandr on June 25, 2012
Truly said.. Thanks for sharing this touching ,soothing sweet melody
mastkalandr on June 25, 2012
You are luckiest person indeed.., Thanks for sharing this timeless classic
,soothing sweet melody by the Gr8 Talat
Shabbir K Rangwala on August 13, 2012
There wasn't, there isn't and probably there won't be any substitute to
Talat's silken voice. Not to miss out Salil da's magical music.
Saraswathi Seshan on September 26, 2012
thanks . It's so nice to hear these melodies when alone ...don't need
any company... be oneself, music, good envoiremen...t one forget the
worries . Its a boost
hamed baber on December 10, 2012
It is one of my faverit #2 song
mastkalandr on January 01, 2013
Truly said.., Thanks for sharing .
mastkalandr on January 01, 2013
Friend ! You are Welcome , I have experience ..,It gives positive energy.
Enjoy n stay healthy.
mastkalandr on January 01, 2013
Indeed! unique timeless melody.. Thanks for liking.
nisha Patel on March 05, 2013
very beautiful and original song and nice and simple lyrics as well thanks
for sharing nisha patel [london]
mastkalandr on March 06, 2013
The rhythm of the song, the lyrics and the music have intoxicating effect
.., I love this touchy melody . Thanks,friend ! for liking my small tribute
to the immortal artist..
maulikdoshi007 on March 07, 2013
kya baat bol di . its my eve of my birthday , i dont live in india . away
from frnds and family . so celebrating the night with this song . Nostalgia
mastkalandr on March 07, 2013
Is nayab nagme ne aapko apno ki kami mehsoos na hone di , aapne khush hokar
birthday celebrate kiya..yunhi khush rahiye , Happy Birthday wishes.. from
Mastkalandr Have blessed day.. Enjoy
maulikdoshi007 on March 07, 2013
Thank u sir for ur wishes
alifbatatha jahakhada on April 01, 2013
very beautiful song
Surjeet Singh on April 30, 2013
Haniff Mohamoodallyha on July 04, 2013
Have you ever loved some one so deeply,and hanving done so; you
suddenlylose them also lose track and sight of them? ?Then they appear in
your dream only to haunting you with the same love again!You then wake up
to confront the reality that this is fact a dream .Every one goes their
separate ways in this wild world.Allyou are left with memories ,pain in
your heart and an emptiness that no one can fill.and if this is so-- THEN
aurelius210 on July 11, 2013
Salil Chaudhury - Shailendra - Talat Mehmood. What a divine confluence.
Tejkrishen Zutshi on February 21, 2014
i can sacrifies every thing on such type of songs.
Mahmood Khan on February 24, 2014
this is the unforgettable voice of late TALAT SB.
Sunil Mehta on March 05, 2014
One of my alltime favorite songs - velvety and melodious . Unparalleled in
the melody world.beautiful song sung by talat ji. A great singer.
H.K Bugti on March 20, 2014
can sacrifies every thing on such type of songs Talat 
Dilip Kapasi on June 23, 2014
good song..also listen to Talat Mahamood's rahi matvale from Waris
Vinubhai Parmar on July 19, 2014
Marvelous Singing.
Subhash Kothari on August 13, 2014
This one is one of the beautiful solo of Talatji. Shailendraji's wordings
are immortal. I like this song.
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