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Comments on song "Radha On The Dance Floor"
Namrata Purakayastha on October 07, 2012
so cute,,,,, specially sidd
Asawari Puranik on October 07, 2012
There's nothing in it to become sooo serious..!!! It's just a song guyzz!!
sudipta choudhury on October 07, 2012
4:21.Lol that expression! xD
MsLizzie50 on October 07, 2012
Nafeez, Respects to you, Sir.
MsLizzie50 on October 07, 2012
And our God has never taught us to wish wrong things for ANYONE!!
Unka jo hoga, Bhagwan dekh lenge.
Rajesh Kumar on October 07, 2012
dance song very nice music
yash222100 on October 07, 2012
kyon bhai, krishna ki raas leela yaad rahi, mahabharat bhul gaye? jo paap karte hain unka winaash bhagwaan khud karte hain. mahabharat mein shri krishna ne yahi kia. shishupaal ne sau gaaliyan di shri krishna ko lekin ek bhi aisa shabd nahi kaha jaisa aaj unke baare mein dushprachaar kia ja raha hai. har roadchaap majnu ko krishna ka naam dekar vishnu avtaar shri krishna ka apmaan krte ho, aur kehte ho ki chup chap seh lein? hazaaron salon tak gulaam rehne ke baad bhi akal nahi aai.
yash222100 on October 07, 2012
shri krihsna ka in majnuon se comparison unka apmaan hai. aur 100 galiyaan dene ke baad jis tarah unhone shishupaal ki gardan dhar se alag kar di, usi tarah jab apmaan mein had paar kar loge to ye poora civillization khatm ho jayega.
frinjel yavy on October 07, 2012
ohh varun is lookinf so handsome nad he acts yu varun..<3
MsLizzie50 on October 07, 2012
And LOL mujhe unki Raas Leela ki bhi yaad nahi aayi.
Maine unhe sirf paap karne se roka.
Remember, each word from our mouth comes back to us!!
Even if we are not wrong, kisiko shraap nahi dete.
mindfreakbeware on October 08, 2012
yeah lol they should cast you ! :P
Sahil grover on October 08, 2012
finaly we have our own expressionless kristen stewart !

DilSeReify on October 08, 2012
lol you had her a long time ago in Katrina Kaif silly lol
Deepak Rathod on October 09, 2012
What an awesome song after years.
Souvik Pal on October 10, 2012
Katrina can look really dumb! :D
IndyenRtist on October 10, 2012
She looks sooooo hot..NOT! 4:21 hahah
princess jan on October 10, 2012
siddharth siddharth siddharth... i'll be only watching this movie for you he is so hot
kimjabanog on October 10, 2012
lol but as kats improved i wonder if she can
nadiya begum on October 11, 2012
siddharth u soooo cute love u .♥
TheNtdv on October 11, 2012
Radha uff alia bhatt is the best...!!!!!
Priyanka Choudhary on October 12, 2012
similar to maiya yashoda from jootha hi sahi
ZaynMirror11 on October 13, 2012
I know right... WHY??!?! :P
Sarirtha Dawn on October 13, 2012
lol... i guess kirsten stewert's sister..
ZaynMirror11 on October 13, 2012
the 1sttttt part spoilt the song according to me ~_~
thesrj20 on October 13, 2012
i listened to this song only because Mr. Udit Narayan had a few lines in it.. Miss his memerizing voice.. Come back Sir.. But LOVED THE SONG..
0025Shankar on October 13, 2012
The3 of them r awesome. And the song is great
Nupri13 on October 13, 2012
now i know when SRK comes.. lol all throughout the song I was like...I don't hear Udit Narayan...that sounds like Shekar... lol and boom ending Mr. Udit Narayan. Should have guessed he would be for SRK..duh now that I think of it! lol :P
dizzy chick on October 14, 2012
some good looking dudes... disco diwane ahhhaahhha!!!!!!!
*thumbs up*
raveenamurali on October 14, 2012
yes she doesnt even noe 2 use her eyes
saghan gorkha on October 14, 2012
alia,varun siddharth wow u guys r great
pzlate25 on October 14, 2012
oh common! Have you seen chikni chameli!? Katrina is much better than her, in expressions at least!
pzlate25 on October 14, 2012
omg the two guys look so yummy!! :P Just gonna watch the movie for varun and siddharth!
sunnyfrancis01 on October 14, 2012
I think the part Udit Narayan sang is for SRK...
sweetshazmin on October 14, 2012
Varun is so hot and beautiful n Sid is so cute n alia is adorable
shali100 on October 15, 2012
alia is truly an expressionless girl..just dancing that's it..boys looks better..
ArshiLuvify on October 15, 2012
omg alia is sooo expressionless.i dun like her :/
ArshiLuvify on October 15, 2012
4:50 is this where shahrukh comes in or is he not in the song anymore?? O_o
Vaibhav Chachad on October 15, 2012
Radha song simply rocks in 21st century
pzlate25 on October 15, 2012
the person lip syncing on udit narayan's voice isnt srk but rishi kapoor! (saw it in the making of the song) :P
pzlate25 on October 15, 2012
omg guys spare alia! She's only 19! I'm sure she'll get better at expressions!
fraddi on October 16, 2012
u havent seen the movie yet.
vedzstar on October 16, 2012
Cool song bt aali is so dumb n expression less
Larissa9TV on October 16, 2012
Varun wins the trophy and Sid wins Alia =)
Alankrita Shome on October 16, 2012
is it just me or is Siddharth simply the CUTEST guy on earth?! :D <3

080899au on October 16, 2012
No offence to the people who like this Alia girl... but i think she's not all that
shaila khan on October 21, 2012
THanx for watching.:)
amba355 on October 22, 2012
can u upload oder songs also plzzz
shaila khan on October 22, 2012
which song..?
amba355 on October 23, 2012
ishq wala love and d scene wer alia maks varun jealous its missing from all
d movie part uploaded on youtube
amba355 on October 23, 2012
ishq wala love and d part wer alia maks varun jealous
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