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Comments on song "Rahi Manva Dukh Ki Chinta Kyu Satati Hai"
vikified on June 11, 2009
another gem, the more i listen to Rafi Saheb the more and more i wanna hear
him. Awesome composition ocne again and such a great control over his
bpranjal on June 27, 2009
you should watch it once. otherwise you will never know what exactly the movie is. you need to go through the feelings watching it for yourself.
bpranjal on June 27, 2009
i am sorry, i was not able to understand your definition of great acting. i have seen EVERYBODY in the theater with eyes full of tears while watching this movie, and you think those guys acted just OK ! how can a simple black n white 1964 movie can engross people so much ? its their superb performance, and of course, the songs !
Julie Mango on June 29, 2009
what an awsome video...remember the whole sad...
alemoh on July 08, 2009
I absolutely agree with you. They were fantastic in acting. I don't
understand why some people feel they have to put down others to pay a
compliment to another. This was a tear jerker but a great movie on
friendship. :)
qasmalli on July 15, 2009
when i first listen this song, without being used to i liked it .

if some people don't mind, no doubt, no one equal to Rafi Sb. king of classic.
Anishack on July 23, 2009
i Love the songs from this movie just wish i knew the meaning of the words
donkeyboyzs on July 25, 2009
both of them are beggars. one of the guys his sister became rich, and refused to recognize him when he he cries.then his blind beggar friend sings...dont be sad my friend, sadness is our friend, it always has been...happiness only visits us and then leaves... i am your friend on this journey..i'll be there for you. thats the jist of the song..its very poetic and sung by a very talented man
nishu786r on July 28, 2009
Wow rafi jii ne kiyaa andaaz se gaya hai,,,superp
wonders2050 on July 28, 2009
Its a god gifted voice.God blessing his soul.Long live Rafi saab.Thanks 4
uploading this song.
Srinivasan Channiga on July 31, 2009
Mouthorgan in interlude music for 2nd stanza is played by R.D.Burman
HKaur0123 on August 01, 2009
--actually Meena is the sister of the blind guy (Mohan), who is the one
singing and the point where she's embarassed to recognize him is later in
the movie... --here crutches guy (Ragu) is crying because they asked a rich
little girl (whom they consider a little sister) to borrow 60rupes for
Ragu's school fees and the girls brother throws 5rupes at them calling them
beggers & yelling at them to go...***That's why Ragu's crying & Mohan
consoles him singing in this song...
HKaur0123 on August 01, 2009
@Donkeyboyz---my explanation of this song is a response to "Donkeyboyzs"
who wrote a situation which happens later in the movie actually, not on
this song... The meaning of song lyrics are: Rahi manwa dukh ki chinta kyu
sata ti hai-->"My (friend/partner) in my walking paths, why is saddness
worrying your heart" Dukh toh apna saathi hai-->"for sadness is our friend"
Sukh hai ik chau dhalti, aati hai jaati hai-->"happiness comes and goes
like a shadow"
he kk on August 04, 2009
Oh ! What a Melodious voice & soft music !!! ""Beauty lies in Simplicity"".
Vajeea on August 08, 2009
beautiful movie with even more beautiful music!
narinder kahlon on August 12, 2009's only rafi sahib
kiddo kiddin on August 15, 2009
lp's 1st hit movie . though 1st one was parasmani. which was also fair hit
. majrooh sultanpuri had wrote beautiful lyrics and of course har dil aziz
rafi sahab ki awaaz
sssteveo on August 16, 2009
Rafi saab was a Legend No one can get that sadness and sweetness in thier voice like him
7sam1 on August 22, 2009
why not u f kin guy talk about those two actor brothers
7sam1 on August 22, 2009
I am not against Rafi but u have to make a balance on ur statement song is
not only because of rafi but of course because of those two brothers
jazzchillbee on September 03, 2009
such a inspirational and learning song gr8 voice rafi sahab nd ausum movie
i loved it
Shabir Rana on September 15, 2009
dukh ho ya suhk jab sada sang raha na koi phir dukh to ap na hiyeh wah wah
rafi saab
fozia777 on September 26, 2009
Thanks for original nice quality of the music.
motabbirh on September 27, 2009
very nice song, so touching
shabrat27 on October 06, 2009
Rafi ji ne muijhe deewana bana diya
pity not hear with us.
jammyjo610 on October 30, 2009
gajjarji you are right movie and story is very important...reason i guess people are talking about the singer is because it is a song posting not the movie
rafibhakt on November 12, 2009
Rafi's voice is of angel's voice. God Gift
wonders2050 on November 18, 2009
Amezing voice. every words are meaning ful. thanks 4 uploading.
salim ahmed on December 02, 2009
this is must watch movie released in 1964,produced by tarachand barjatya
(grand father of suraj barjatya),for you peoples kind information both the
stars of movie ANDHA and LANGDA were murderd after the movie become super
hit,its misty until now who killed them,it is advised to keep napkins with
you while watching movie to wipe your tears,believe me guys one of the best
movie i ever saw.
azul azul on December 03, 2009
i think best songs is this in mr mohammad rafis list
Jagjit Singh Ishar on December 23, 2009
butiful song composed y laxmi-pyare n divine sweet voice of mohd rafi make
this song immortal. butiful orchestration n arrangement. the mouth organ
has bn played y gr8 r. d. burman.this is gr8ness of r. d. burman that at
the peak of the fame n being suxesful n famous music director, after being
approached y laxmi pyare easily accepted 2 play harmonica in their
orchestra without hesitation. where these gr8 people hv gone.
jayshri1023 on December 25, 2009
Dear Dr. Sanjayji.. Merry Christmas.. u really sang very good.. as usual ur
singing is fantastis, n i really like to hear ur singing.. also u have very
good choice. Sukh hai ek chhavki dhalti..1st time is different than 2nd
time.. the 2ntime was perfect.otherwise e'thin else was correct.
Malleck1 on December 25, 2009
Sanjay is a top singer, my friend.. He feels and lives the words coming out of his breath.
Respectfully. Malleck.
jpandyaraja on December 29, 2009
@salashme are sure these actors of DOSTI were murdered ? do you have any
idea why..? pls let me know...rgds jr
salim ahmed on December 30, 2009
yes they were murdered, i really dont who and why?
Rathar100 on January 06, 2010
all time song beautiful music and excellent execution in movie
Harry J on January 19, 2010
@jpandyaraja , probably because the then top superstar was scared to lose
his seat...I heard that rumour too...don't quote me on it ;-)
Harry J on January 19, 2010
@HKaur0123 .:-) Changa hai .
SALMAN on February 07, 2010
soo nice amazing
LaggardInLove on February 12, 2010
This makes me feel better...
sonny19xx on February 14, 2010
This is my favorite of all the songs in Dosti. Thanks rajshri
shazia iqbal on February 20, 2010
Rafis beautiful voice...this song makes me sooo sad! All of this films
songs were good! Hey I've just read the other comments below...were these
actors really murdered?! Oh my God! now theres another thing to make me
feel sad about this song now!!
Punjabilad60 on February 22, 2010
A very beautiful song full of emotions and reality. Thank you.
xx22az on March 01, 2010
all the songs from this film are my most favourite songs,and the actors,and mohd.rafi sahab.
MRASK on March 25, 2010
No one can match the eternal voice of RAFI
Adv Ganesh M Alandikar on March 29, 2010
zindagi ka kadawa sach aaj bhi sochane ko mazboor karata hai Ganesh
Ahmadmalik6 on April 03, 2010
I love this movie and I am 14
inappro on April 19, 2010
How does Rafi do it? Take a bow, Md. Rafi saab!!!! You are the example of
perfect harmony and exceution in every song...You are still Alive long
after you're gone in hearts of millions of fans :)
bregoji on April 21, 2010
Rafi saab lives in hearts f millions of peoples
xx22az on April 21, 2010
@bregoji , mohd.rafi sahab will always live in our heart and soul.
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