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Comments on song "Rahi Manva Dukh Ki Chinta Kyu Satati Hai"
mohamedparvez on March 24, 2008
thanx rajasri for posting great songs from dosti
junglebrother69 on April 02, 2008
thank you for posting music that is what we are made of!
musixgyal on April 25, 2008
THank u so much for this song.. it's simply amazing
xx22az on April 30, 2008
where are like these songs now?
djkitz82 on May 26, 2008
its a peaceful song.its touches the soul
realjungkc on May 30, 2008
when was this movie made? this is an awesome movie and great singings by
mohd rafi.
jpandyaraja on June 07, 2008
approx 1964.
khiladisan on June 11, 2008
bhai sahab es movie ki tarah na kabhi koi mor na banegi ... en dono mahan
actoro ki jai ho .. jo aisa role kar gaee ... i watched this movie more
then 4 or 5 times ... but even now an not setisfy i want to watch it more &
more times as much as possible ...
slyester33 on July 10, 2008
What happened to the actors? THis film won national awards but they never came back to bollywood.
alemoh on July 16, 2008
I agree with you, and where are actors like this? Movies that fed the soul.
Fantastic movie.
786maq on July 16, 2008
its not just the actors but no one can like this anymore true
what they say "Old is Gold" ...superb lyrics and superb voice of Rafi saab.
Rejani1025 on July 23, 2008
one of these guys was in a new movie, not sure which role because I have
not seen the movie but it was called nanhe jaisalmer or something. I want
to seeee
sam14450 on July 27, 2008
Time has changed, this golden era of such songs and acting is gone for
ever. I wish it comes back and I live it again through it. Movies and songs
were the the big outlet for poverty / unemployment/ and other suffering at
that time. Going to movie with a best friend/s was the treat and humming
these songs was my outlet. Thanks for sharing and bringing such nice
memories back God bless you my friend. with best regards sam arora
nagdaking on August 06, 2008
what a voice...really amazing great...rafi sahab ki jitni taarif ki jaaey kam hai...he was one of the best singer ever born...long live rafi are still in our heart
amitsahrawat on August 27, 2008
this song just fills me with energy.. I just don't have words to praise this song... truly inspirational
pierre perera on August 31, 2008
what a great song. why can't bollywood produce this type of music & lyrics
now?. Thank you youtube for making this music available for us, the public.
Thank you thank you thank you.
kutchiboy on August 31, 2008
great song great music
i love these sogs
Wazirchand Bansal on September 14, 2008
aajkal aisi movie nahi banti every thing is fine rafi ki awaj ka koi nahi
sweetfiz on September 16, 2008
this is honestly the best movie i've ever seen
arunitab on September 26, 2008
You said it. I am just discovering these songs on Utube. and it makes me so
happy. thank you Utube. best thing my computer ever led to. sweetie
explicit180 on October 01, 2008
I have never seen Dosti but my parents did. I have heard them talked about this movie over and over again. These songs are truly masterpieces, I bet the movie was too. Thanks a million!
charlierss on October 15, 2008
Im lost for words even after all these years. Thanks for the video!
oldisbest on October 21, 2008
R I P Rafi saab, ur were and still are unmatchable, ur voice is immortal!!
kdrnkg on October 26, 2008
nat mastak hokar pranaam karta hun amar rafi saab ko. Your voice is truly
immortal and will stay for ever. He was truly a gifted singer and such a
noble soul too.
Youboob72 on November 10, 2008
I concur, I love Dosti! Thank you for posting these videos!!
kessaven on November 13, 2008
truely one of the best film i've seen on friendship immortal song and movie
Rafi is the best no singer compares to him!!
Nepz Deep on December 08, 2008
Till now film like 'Dosti' hasn't been directed .One of the most saddest
hindi movie ever there in Indian Film Industry ! Hats off to the director
and each and every person belonging to this Film whether they are the
actors,singers and so on...
xx22az on December 27, 2008
sushil kumar acted in the movie - taqdeer with bharat bhushan in 1967.
anne1151 on January 03, 2009
Rafi i hope god will send you back on this earth.I miss you... i miss you .i love you ... please god send him back to us with his voice...
topcattc2007 on January 19, 2009
There has never been a movie made, apart from 'Jesus of Nazereth', that
touch my heart as much as Dosti. Every generation should watch such movie
to remind our selves that we need look out to the needs of others and not
just our own.
Hiten M on January 26, 2009
The wordings of this song are so good.All time true. I love this
song.Thanks a lot for posting this video.
Inatsikap on February 04, 2009
The brilliant Rafi Saab is the heart and soul of this movie. music
Directors LP and Rafi saab excelled along with a simple message of humanity
that turned low budget movie with unknown actors into a mega hit.
yaanai on February 14, 2009
what I love as a non-native Hindi speaker is the extremely simple, easy to
understand yet powerful lyrics. Do not get me wrong, I am mesmerized by the
fantastically musical urdu-rich songs too!
Sangamnath Kharade on February 15, 2009
very close to heart..master piece by rajshri production...
senikau786 on February 26, 2009
can someone tell me the name of the movie.really nice song
jBaNdDeMiLuVeR45 on March 14, 2009
This song is so0o0o0o0o0o touching! I watched the movie last night, and I
was at a lost of words! GREAT MOVIE, AMAZING SONG!
humayun khan on March 28, 2009
ja dat is echt goed en er zoveel mensen dat in zo een situatie belandt dat
we iederen kunnen weten en kunnen beetje lieve en kind zijn op anderen.
Rmehtacpa on April 12, 2009
What a message..And compare lycrics of those times to the one that
started coming out from as early as late 70s like..."Chaabi Khojaye
kamre me bandh..." ".Chay pe bulaya hai..." and the latest
one are simply digusting...
Bandev Ghosh on April 14, 2009
Hello friend..I just get a feeling that you are from Suriname ??? I can see
from your post...snce you appreciate a song like this would be great
if you can post in English or Hindi .even Sarnami Hindistani...shall
really appreciate this...regards..
Bandev Ghosh on April 14, 2009
whatever be the extent of machoism or tough hearted a man is ...cant help
shedding a drop or two .
humayun khan on April 14, 2009
i wrote actually at my first comment ""that is really good and that r so
much people in such a sad situation and we can know that and could be
little bit kind to eachj other""
jBaNdDeMiLuVeR45 on April 25, 2009
Mohd. Rafi was killed years after this because of a massive heart-attack,
it had nothing to do with jealousy, he was 55! One of the best India ever
deepakkumar220 on May 10, 2009
simply the best. That makes me happy and give me power to do as well . . .
bumbumwattie on May 10, 2009
Yes, I agree. oh how we wish to see this love in our every day life, we will not have the need for nukes etc, just love and kindness to our fellow man.
jBaNdDeMiLuVeR45 on May 14, 2009
well sorry...I just misunderstood!
Inatsikap on May 14, 2009
Rafi Saab - The best there was, Is and will ever be.
riazud on May 17, 2009
these two guys were immortised by this movie, primarily becos of Rafi sb'
immortal voice.. the acting was OK but not that gerat ... i maen lets face
it.. they were merely kids with no experience.. so still they did best.. i
wish to know why and how was Sudhir was killed and when? any one..?
kinisunny on May 18, 2009
The actor's name is Sudhir Kumar n i have been doing some research on whatever happend to both the actors. Sudhir Kumar is still alive and he produced the movie 'rama rama kya hai drama' and also acted in the movie 'nanhe jaisalmer'...however i dont know what his part was in the movie. But the other actor, Sushil Kumar (the crippled guy).his records are nowhere to be found...and his last movie was in 1967...
priyacqua on May 22, 2009
bt as far as i knw they were murdered...
aceji on May 31, 2009
I believe the MD for this film was Laxmikant-Pyarelal, but THE MOUTH ORGAN
pieces were played by R D Burman.
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